Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Jan. 9 1st prison in Kenya today


Ministry Partners,

Today started early as we have an at least 2 hour drive to get to Kisii to meet Chaplain Edward who will take us to the first prison there.

Now that we are in Kenya, donkeys are everywhere.

Today, the roads on the drive here were especially filled with speed bumps and jarring more than usual so by the time we got to Kisii I had to take something for the pain in my right hip. That, along with an intestinal issue made it a tough drive for me.

Edward easily found us and we followed him to the women's prison where I had visited a number of years ago. Today, we found 220 women and 10 guards there. The O.C. was very nice and said she had met me before at another prison. The two women chaplains who met us outside the prison entrance were also so very nice. When the women were asked how many had heard me speak before only 4 said they had. About 30 min. into the crusade we were asked to stop as the women had to return to their rooms to be counted.

After they returned and I was in the middle of leading then in the prayer to receive Jesus as their savior the demonic attack I received was a surprise to say the least. I have led that prayer over 350 times with over 180,000 receiving Christ as savior but about half way through the prayer, it was as if my mind was empty with no memory of what words should come next. I stood there silent for about a minute asking the Holy Spirit for help and then the needed words returned and the 225 prisoners and guards finished the prayer. 

When the ladies sat down I felt they needed an explanation so I told them about the radiation damage to my memory banks due to a tumor in my skull and that it was VERY clear to me that Satan did not want them to receive God's free gift of salvation today and he tried to stop me from completing the prayer with them. But God loved them so much that he restored what Satan tried to rob from me so they could finish the prayer.

I am so thankful for Edward, Alfred and Aaron as they did not intervene and proceed without me as they just waited before the Lord with me. Satan has tried to make me embarrassed but I chose to focus on the victory of it all through the Holy Spirit's faithfulness to me. 

At the end of the crusade we handed out scarves and the women put them on as soon as they received them. I am a bit sad as there are only a few scarves left.

At testimony time one inmate, who caught my attention from the beginning as she was so intent on watching me, said I came just for her because today she is free. As tears ran down her cheeks she said her husband had abused her so badly that she and her brother had killed him. He now is also in prison and his 3 children and her 4 children are with her mother. After watching the object lesson about forgiving an abuser even if he is dead she knew she needed to forgive him, release her anger, and forgive herself setting herself free. I asked her her name, hugged her, kissed her on the cheek and told her I would be praying for her. Please pray for her.

It was too late to do the second prison when we finished so the decision was made to do it tomorrow along with the third one that is also here, 1 Convicted and 1 Remand.

Edward had already found us a place to stay for two nights so we did not have to drive around finding one. But the construction that is going on upstairs hopefully will end by bedtime.

The tile shower floor makes me nervous when it is wet so I asked for a plastic basin so I can sit on the shower floor and wash up, not the best but works well for me. They also brought me a fan to help cool the room, hopefully I will sleep well tonight. 

When they came for me to order dinner I asked if the beef was tender and was told, "Not really", so I ordered pork ribs and they were tender and very good. Aaron had a hamburger and fries, Edward had Tilapia and Alfred had fish stew.

Please pray for:

  • The Holy Spirit would soften the hearts of the prisoners for the gospel
  • A fresh anointing for the team 
  • Healing for Alfred, he's struggling with a cold
  • Health would remain good for the team

That none would be lost,



  1. So thankful for the Lord's hand upon you. Praying for your hip pain and health for the entire team. For all that received, that their roots would go deep.

  2. I am thankful the lady prisoners prayed and God helped you in the rough time. I hope you sleep well and have good food. Praying for health and safety from today and beyond!! It's getting colder here and most likely into freezing weather on Friday with possible snow or ice. Hugs and blessings, my friend!!