Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23 .......

Ministry Partners,

Goodness that 3 hr. + nap on Sunday really did the trick, I woke Monday feeling like a new person of should I say my old self ......... raring to go.

The events of the last two weeks has taught me to be more flexible than ever and reminded me big time that I am not in control of anything which allows me to experience God's peace more than ever as I rest in the fact that He has all things under his control.

Working with the authorities here has been a blessing for sure but has also proved interesting to say the least. IRM has been asked to help the men prisoners who had everything destroyed in the fire at their prison. Originally we were asked to help by providing blankets but that changed to 1,000 trousers to which we spent the afternoon, with the Rep. we were given, trying to procure the items but found that not that many were available. 
 Stacks and stacks of bundled clothing but not enough trousers

And although we did find the 2,000 plates and cups that requested item has been changed and we are now to take items to the Women's prison on Wed.

After doing ministry in the 1930 Prison tomorrow we are to take the Gov. Rep. with us to purchase those items, whatever they are. I'll let you know then what we actually purchase and how many.

For me, a person who likes to eventually have a plan the yes/no/yes/no, up/down up/down up/down, go around Mt. Sinai twice and then go in reverse makes it very clear I am not as flexible as I thought.and God wants to work on my flexibility character!!!!! And all the while He's doing that he is smiling and I am too!

Today we did have our meeting concerning getting IRM registered as well as checking out other Guest Houses in the area for possible use for next years team if God brings us back but failed to find anything suitable in our price range.

We stopped by the open market for me to get just a couple of items for friends and one of the Rwandan women sales people recolonized me from shopping with her in previous years and greeted me with hugs, laughter and the broadest smile ever. When she found out I was 70 last month she told me to pick a necklace as her gift to me. I was reminded again ....... this is a country of relationship first.

On the way back to our Guest House it was too late to have dinner there so we stopped along the way to get something to eat and as we sat down I just couldn't help but take a photo of ........

 the absolutely beautiful chandelier that hung overhead 
and although I did not order any I noticed they had Lamb on the menu. I have never seen that offered here before.

I will post again when I can but the next four days are extreamly busy, I added another new church to speak to in the evening after speaking at the Women's Prison on Wed. and every day through Friday will have lots of distance travel.

Thankful for all of you,
That none would be lost,


Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 22 -

Ministry Partners,

Yesterday morning provided some unscheduled challenges that I watched the Lord display His faithfulness to and gave his grace to cover.
In the afternoon events changed for me as we had a brief meeting with Pastor Geffory from Uganda. He is coordinating the 3 weeks ministry time there. I had also been looking forward to and had expected to attend a village wedding but decided to speak at the village meeting (crusade) hosted by Pastor Peter and Merculie instead of going to the wedding.

 Pastor Peter & Arlene
Much as I was a bit disappointed to not attend the wedding the reason I am here is to share the Gospel and reach the lost for Christ and when I saw villagers responding the the Holy Spirit's call to salvation, I knew I had made the right choice.

Today provided a new ministry opportunity as an American man staying at the guest house where I am is starting a Biblical Institute here and he has connected IRM to the fundamental churches he is associated with. We have been invited to an additional number of their churches but time will not allow, it seems, but for the one today.

I spoke at a Pentecostal Church called, Deliverance Temple, which is a small church of about 300. Following the 3 hour church service the Pastor said the women of the church really wanted me to have a day with them but I had to defer to the very tight remaining schedule.

As we were leaving the church I spotted a very elderly woman walking alongside the road and I asked Philbert to stop the van as I got one of the few scarves I had and a tract to give to her. It was evident that she had dealt with a severe injury to her face during the Genocide.
She appeared surprised  at being given a beautiful soft free gift.and kept saying, "Murakoze (thank you)".

We went to lunch in town and when I returned to the Guest House at 2 pm I decided to take a brief rest as I was quite tired but found myself waking up after 5. I guess I was more tired than I thought. I don't remember taking any afternoon naps on past trips so today provided another "first'.

Tomorrow, I will be having a Rwanda team meeting with Pastor Peter, Alfred and Bishop Alexis to make final arrangements concerning IRM's NGO application that has been before the gov. for some time. The new laws were finally voted upon and set last Sept. so it is now time for us to move forward. Bishop Alexis thinks that at this point it should only take a few months to finally be officially registered.

Tomorrow we also have more errands to run in the morning and in the afternoon Prisca will take me to check out three other guesthouses. I have stayed at this Anglican guesthouse since 2007 and I just want to get an idea of that else might be available.

It's hard to believe that there remains only one more week of ministry here in Rwanda but the week ahead will be very busy with general activities and travel as well as Prison ministry at the 1930 Prison, Kibungo Women's Prison, Butari Prison and Mpanga Prison. These are the last four of the total 8 we have been approved to enter.

Every day here is not only a walk of faith but one of total dependance on God as we watch Him provide for us as well as pour out His power. God has been/is faithful in equiping us to do all He has called me here to do along side our Rwandan partners.

Please continue to pray for us and all the remaining ministry. Blessing upon all of you.

That none would be lot,


Saturday, June 21, 2014

June 20....

Ministry Partners,
The time here is going so quickly but then it is because we are so busy trying to keep up with the daily changes.

When partner, Foursquare Pastor's Juliann and Zebedee, Alfred, Jane and I got to the van after being inside Rilima Prison I was so blessed yesterday when Juliann and Zebedee both spoke about the impact of what they had seen God do inside and their renewed and accelerated desire to partner with and work alongside IRM.
Arlene & Rilima Warden

The men prisoners from the burned out prison were there and few of the prisoners who remembered me, it was like being to a new prison. Pastor Zebedee did a wonderful job leading the prisoners, who wanted to receive God's free gift of salvation, in the "sinner's prayer" while I followed our same program format of object lessons, ending with the call to pray forgiveness over someone or yourself.

Pastor Zebedee was unable to finish praying as he broke down in tears, A VERY unusual thing for here, when he was closing our ministry time before leaving the prison. Juliann then shared from her heart adding that her husband, also a Foursquare pastor, wanted to start serving alongside us in the prisons.

Alfred and I have booth agreed over the last 10 months that we were going to watch God pour out His power on this trip as never before and he has but we did not realize that we would watch Him pour out His power, by way of a renewed commitment to IRM, in the hearts of those He had already call to partner with us a number of years ago. They are really catching the vision for themselves !!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to see what transpires for these tremendous men and 1 woman of God.

Since today was visiting day at the prison we were unable to hold our crusade until 3. As we were concluding, the Head of Security, who received Christ as Savior at our crusade three years ago, appeared as said some very nice things about IRM to the prisoners.

By the time we left the prison it had gotten dark on us again for the lengthy trip home. The Police stopped mot only us but a whole bunch of vans and large buses and all traffic - everyone. As we were waved over, Alfred stepped out of the van and asked me if I had my passport - everyone would have to show identification as they were looking for someone. Just as I said, "Yes, I always carry my passport.". Alfred said to get back in the van as our van as I saw the policeman waving us on.

Ii was the very same policeman that we encountered the night we returned from our visit with Alex and he had recognized the IRM sign on our van door and this "musungu (white person)" face! Yep, this is a country of relationships and sometimes expectant ones.
 Unexpected encounters are always fun!

Tomorrow we will take care of business in the morning with a meeting involving two of the pastors from Uganda concerning our ministry time there.In the afternoon at 2pm there will be a Gospel Meeting Crusade at the IRM office for the surrounding area until 6 pm.

Blessings to all of you for your faithfulness to this ministry.

That none would be lost,


Thursday, June 19, 2014

June 19.

Ministry Partners,

Sorry I have missed posting for the last two days but they have been days far to long and Tues. night I was only able to sleep two hours. Yesterday for the first time ever I took a far back seat in the van as we made the 2 hr. 45 min drive to the Youth Prison I was able to rest before holding a crusade there but we did not arrive back in Kigali until after 9 pm. It rained hard and I mean hard, it reminded me of a snow white out in Oregon. I am so happy we have such a good driver that keeps us so safe. Not enough time to catch you up for the last two days but must tell you about one story from yesterday.

On the way home from the youth prison we (7 of us) stopped at Alfred's sisters home just to say hi and bless her and her husband's home. She served us some delicious food we did not expect and soda's. Before leaving we were praying and at one point the husband said he was convicted of his sinful life and he wanted to receive salvation and become a Christian.

What a special gift the Lord gave us as we listened to him pray the "sinner's prayer".
Goodness, do I have lots of stories to tell when I return.

After not getting any good sleep the last couple of nights it finally caught up with me last night and I slept well until 6:20 this morning.
We had breakfast and devotions at 7:30 and the van arrived along with, Prisca (the woman who would translate for the Woman's Conference today), Pastor's Zebedee and Pascal (our Partner Foursquare Pastors), joined our team to go to what was formerly called Gitarama Prison. On the way we picked up Jane from Rwanda Correction Services.
The ride to the prison was less than an hour but as I saw the clouds I was reminded about what happened the only other time I was here in 2009 and began to pray for no rain.

When we first arrived the Deputy Warden graciously welcomed us while we could already hear the men singing inside and we waited while they brought the women into the common area that was only partially covered. 

We had been previously informed that this prison had caught fire in the men's section and although the common meeting area appeared the same as I had seen before the effects of the fire were oh so evident.

Alfred asked how many had seen me when I was there before and there were only a few.

They sang some worships songs to open our time and the I began to preach. Just before I was going to give the invitation the downpour began and since the outskirts of the area were not covered and the rain on the tin roof make the noise so loud I stopped as those on the outskirts ran for cover.

Alfred started praying and then began singing which the remaining prisoners picked right up on. Since where the women were seated was covered they all stayed as well as over half of the men. I just couldn't help myself, I left where I was standing and went to their area and began to greet them followed by getting within their group while we sang and just had to be there as there was space where I had originally been standing for a few women and men to African dance as we all praised and worshiped God............ for well over 30 minutes until the rain stopped and I could continue.

I finished my message leading up to the invitation and Pastor Zebedee led them in the pray. I followed with the object lesson the Holy Spirit gave me on them now being a child of the King which made them a Prince or Princess. It's hard to explain what an impact that lesson has had everywhere here.....I will have to do it for some of you when I get home.

I finished with talking about forgiveness and led them in the powerful "Forgiveness Prayer" that the Holy Spirit gave me in 2005 on my first trip here.

Jane, Prisca and I then left with the women to go to their area for a brief 1 1/2 hr. women's conference while Alfred set up our battery operated sound system and then left to be with the men as Pastor's Zebedee and Pascal who had already began the teachings for the men's conference.

At 3pm Alfred appeared to tell us it was time to go but the women prisoners asked if we could stay longer and when they realized we could not they asked us to please come back and said that they loved us!

Before leaving the grounds Jane wanted us to see the pilot program they are doing with children of the incarcerated women. No longer do children stay with their mothers until they are 5, now they are only allowed to stay until they are 3 and then they must go live with other family.

What darling, precious, well behaved tiny children. They are doing a wonderful job with this program.

On the way home tonight we were stopped again by police and although they wanted to see what was in the back I handed them a tract as soon as I could and they never asked Philbert for his papers or our passports but one responded as he started reading the tract, "I hear you have been to the prison to tell them that Jesus loves them:, and as I smiled and we started to drive away he added, "I need to hear that too". Only in Africa....... how I love this country!!!!!

It felt strange to be back in Kigali by only 5:30 but very nice as Alfred and I were able to carve out time to go over ministry details. While events change moment by moment, and I am NOT exaggerating, it has kept us hopping so that :things" continue to run as smooth as we can make it.

Tomorrow we are to go to Rilima Prison which is no longer a prison for both men and women, now it is only for men.

I cannot thank you enough for your continuing prayer covering.
That none would be lost,


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 16 -

Ministry Partners

Such a busy day today with preparing for the ministry ahead.

First thing in the morning we went to the IRM office to visit with the children who come to the take Religious Studies. Kinyarwanda, English, math and ect. are taught.
Goodness it was amazing to see the level of math that these children are doing and the clear English that they speak. I had a great time with them and before leaving I gave each boy a sm. metal race car, while the girls were given a small wooden dressed doll made by a man from the Singles group at Rolling Hills Church. 
When I first met Alfred he was the youngest headmaster of a school in Rwanda so he was right in his element today.

Trying to even find another sound system was interesting for us while Alfred went to the dentist. I finally picked one that was far nicer than what we had for about the same amount that we paid for the last one. This one has 3 mic's, and will take a stick so we can play music as everyone is gathering. Alfred is having fun figuring out how to use all the features and see how to use my headset with it. After seeing it another man where we are staying wants to purchase one for his ministry. 

We went to see Alex, who lost his father two weeks ago, and had dinner with him and his two brothers. He lives quite a distance from town so it was very late, after 10, as we drove home. The police roadblocks were out and they not only stop you but set out spike strips to make sure you stop.

At the first roadblock the minute one of the officers walked up to Philbert's, our driver, door and asked for his papers I gave Alfred a tract to give him. The officer, with an AK47 slung over his shoulder, stood and read a portion of it, looked at us and said, " Your pastors so you couldn't being doing anything evil, go."
When we were stopped at the second roadblock we again gave the officers a tract and the one responded, "Even though you are preaching to me the bible says, "Give unto Ceaser what is do to Ceaser, so I have to check out whats in the back."
We went through both roadblocks without showing our passports. Only in Rwanda would a gospel tract work in place of a passport!!!!

When I finally got to bed at 1 am I was definitely ready!!!

God's provision and care is so evident every day here and there is far to much to write about but I hope you are getting a glimpse of the goodness and faithfulness from the Lord that we are experiencing. 

Thanks for your continuing prayers,

That none would be lost


Sunday, June 15, 2014

June 15 ......

Ministry Partners.

What a marvelous day worshiping the Savior with the 700 Rwandans at Kamashashi Parrish. It was amazing to watch and listen to the 4 very large choirs rotating as they each did two songs before I spoke and the same after I spoke.
One of the pastors who does not speak English asked me, through Alfred, why I liked so much to hear them sing when I did not understand the words. He smiled and nodded in agreement as I told that believers have the same Holy Spirit and in worship language makes no difference. The Senior pastor speaks very little English and the third pastor, a personal friend of Alfreds, speaks very good English. I did the object lesson about being a child of God, and Jesus being the King of King making us, when believers, a Prince or Princess.
I used one of the young women who had just received Christ as Savior to put the royal, gold lame, robe on and a crown. As I was talking two men with high powered cameras appeared in front of us taking photos. I am trying to get a copy! We watched God pour out His power again today as the Holy Spirit ministered to the hearts of the precious people.
These 3 pastors and 1 wife took the team to lunch where the Senior pastor  told us, "Many pastors come and speak but none demonstrated the genuine love for them that you did". He said that's why the women leaders, of the 400 women, had a brief meeting after church and agreed that if I could make time they wanted me back for a conference. Alfred told them how tight our schedule was and I said it was something we could all pray about for next year if God brings me back.  I am thankful that they were able to see the love of Christ that God has poured into me.

Alfred and I are both looking forward to seeing what God will do with today's events. We found such favor with everyone today that perhaps an expanded Rwandan partnership with these wonderful pastors is in His plan. I can't wait to see what will transpire.

There was no afternoon rest as preparations needed to be made for tomorrow. We will spend a short time with the children at the IRM office then head to town for some supplies, followed by a visit to a young man who has been a friend of Alfred's for a long time and a friend of IRM for a number of years who just lost his father.

The duffel bag developed a 6" slit in it so I did a bit of mending on it before we had company,

Alfred's beautiful sister, husband and 3 month baby boy came for dinner and a brief visit.

I am tired tonight so it's 9:30 and time for a shower and lights out.

Blessing on all of you from all of us.
That none should be lost,


Saturday, June 14, 2014

June 14 - Remera Prison

Ministry Partners,

After 70 entrances into prison facilities and speaking to 1,000s and 1,000s of prisoners I must admit that I was nervous this morning as I was seated inside the prison. It had been 11 months since I had spoken to a group of this size, 3,000.

The woman from the Commissioners office, Jane, met us there and did a wonderful job introducing our team after she first grabbed a rhythm instrument and joined in with one of the choirs. She is a tiny thing who looks 21 or so but told us she is 30. She is a christian and so bubbly, I really like her.

 Arlene & Jane

But oh how I enjoyed the 2 choirs of men that sang songs of worship. I cannot explain it but once I heard the powerful men's voices years ago it became one of the things that blesses my heart every time I come. At one point, before I began to speak, Alfred led the prisoners in a worship song and once again Jane joined us on the platform bringing a rhythm instrument for her and one for me. God was smiling for sure as he stretched me out of my box and the prisoners must have enjoyed watching us join their worship time, at least it seemed so by their smiles and even broader grins.

They seemed to really enjoy the new object lesson for salvation, Eph.2:8-9, the one for being a child of the King, a Prince, and the one for what it "looks like" when we don't forgive. I am so thankful for the new object lesson materials that the Holy Spirit gave me to use this trip and for the results we watched him bring today.

The Rwandan partners as well as I have experienced a battering from the enemy for a number of months and we all claimed that it was evidence that we were going to see God pour out his power on this trip like never before. Jesus has the victory in all IRM does and He has the victory in my life and each of our partners lives. The enemy knows he has no victory in our efforts but he is so stupid that he thinks he can convince us otherwise......... we have kept our focus on Christ and we know the truth, the victory belongs to the Savior!!!!!

Like Nehemiah who would not come down from the wall but rather he stayed focused on what God had called him to do so are we. That was important for us to remember today when we were informed first thing this morning that one of our partner pastors had some difficulties and would not be able to minister with us this year. And then this afternoon we were informed of the robbery at the IRM office, done by a trusted security guard. Here are some of the major things that were taken:
  1. The office computer and copy/scan printer - purchased by Alfred
  2. Our battery operated sound system
  3. Lg. tubs of supplies I had intended to use this year
  4. A 100 church seating chairs
I am so proud of our partners here as we stand firm together even though just like Gideon's army we don't have the weapons we "thought" we needed but we know, without a doubt, we have just the right God given weapons we will need. We are giving God praise for His goodness and faithfulness to us.

Yes indeed we have seen and will continue to watch God pour out His power as never before as we stand firm and focused.

Late tonight plans changed and tomorrow I was invited to speak in a new church for me. We were told it is a Pentecostal church called  Kamashashi Parrish of about 700. Pray for open hearts for the Gospel as well as understanding the challenge to forgive.

Please continue to pray for the IRM team and the ministry God has called us to do here and for me in getting restful sleep. Our team appreciates knowing you are standing with us in prayer.

Blessings to you from the land of a 1,000 hills and a 1,000 smiles.
That none would be lost,


Friday, June 13, 2014

June 13 .......

Ministry Partners,

Today really has been a one of a kink day although It started out easy with another traditional breakfast.
Please pray for me as I am having a hard time getting over jet-lag this trip as evidenced by waking at 2:30 this morning. Of course I could think of lots of things that needed to get done today and ended up getting up and making a "Gift Bag" out of some of your donated items to give to Commissioner Dativa when we go to her office again.

Alfred called and was informed that Dativa's schedule was too busy and we would not going to be able to see her. We decided to go by her office and leave the gift bag and ask if the new request letter for IRM to enter the prisons had been signed, But when we arrived we were asked to wait as Dativa wanted to see us. As we waited in the outer office there was a mother there with her 3 week old baby boy.
 Oh what a cutie and of course I had to ask if I could hold him and the mother graciously let me do so.

Without a scheduled meeting we spent 2 hours with the Commissioner and too many God breathed things happened to write here not the least of which was to be told we now have direct access to her office. We talked much about how IRM could support the prisoners who just had a fire in their prison and lost everything!!! Dativa of our arrival. has given us one of her staff people to accompany us to each prison in an effort to expedite our entrance and having them prepared ahead of our arrival time.

We left her office to run errands and I told Alfred that if there was a chalk line showing how
many times we criss crossed Kigali it would look like a spider web. I was so very thankful for Pastor Peter's wife, Merculie, and his son, Abraham were so very helpful today. Because of their help we were able to finish our errands much quicker.
During our errand running I had the opportunity to meet a lady from the Rwanda Twa tribe. I was happy to give her a donated scarf and a tract.

Upon returning to the Commissioners office we found certificate to enter the prisons was signed and waiting and we found that the 5 prisons we requested had now grown again,,,,this time to 8 !!!!!

Before we returned to Moucecore we made a quick stop to the printers and they said they would deliver the Booklets to us at Moucecore, which they did.

It's 10 and I will retire early so I can be rested for tomorrow crusade.

Thank you again, your partnership makes this ministry possible,
That none would be lost,


Thursday, June 12, 2014

June 12 - Bibles

Ministry Partners,

Today, we had a traditional breakfast and headed to the Bible Society of Rwanda to contact Octave and purchase the Rwandan Bibles.
After we found out the cost and exactly how many Bibles we could purchase the next step was to go to the bank, write a check on our account, get the money and then deposit the cash in the Bible Society account followed by taking that slip of Deposit back to Octave to prove that we had actually paid for the Bibles. If we had just given a check to Octave we would have had to wait at least 24hrs. for the check to clear before getting the Bibles.

 Over the years I have found Octave to be such a helpful person to work with and it was a bit sad for me to find out that he is being promoted to another position in the same office. I am sure the new person I will order from will also do a great job but I will miss Octave. He told me that when I notified him before I came and informed him that I was sorry but I would not be able to purchase as many Bibles as prior years that he and his staff made it a matter of prayer every morning. As I said I am going to miss working with him!!!!

At one point Pastor Peter arrived looking, as they would say in Rwanda, "very smart" in his usual suit and tie. He and I have some of the most fun discussions where we continue to learn from each other. Having wonderful friends, family really, like him and his sweet wife Merculie is a treasure given to me by the Lord. 

Next was a stop to order Discipleship Booklets to go with the Bibles. As seems to be the norm, the young man Alfred dealt with was a friend of his........I have ceased to be surprised!!! Alfred dickered well and procured a very good price for us.

We went back to Moucecore and Alfred sent our driver to get 32 cs. (12 bottles ea.) or water for the team as we do ministry. We had the traditional IRM lunch, a peanut Butter and jelly or honey sandwich, also making one for Philbert when he returned. Lest I forget everyone then had the customary water with a flavor packet from the states. I didn't realize how much they would like them when I started bringing them a few years ago. Sugar free and so much better than the glass bottled sugarie sodas here.

The water had no more than been unloaded than the beautiful Bibles arrived and were also unload.

Then it was an opportunity to sort suitcase items while Alfred went to get a Modem so I, hopefully, will be able to access the internet easily without trying to use the in house internet access. We'll see!

We ate dinner early for locals here, 6pm, fish, fries, fresh gr. beans with onions and carrots, rice with red sauce and of course pineapple.

As I was about to finish this post the man I met yesterday that is forming a Biblical Institute here with a number of local churches stopped by my room to say, "Lady, you better get ready to preach! My pastors want you to come to their churches and preach. When I return from Uganda in a couple of days we need to talk. OK?" Interesting, I just love the way God does things. He told those Baptist pastors about the story of this Foursquare Evangelist Pastor and they want me to come to speak to their churches!!!!! I am smiling at God's great goodness, I hope you are smiling with me.

Before closing this blog for today and getting to bed by 11 (I promised myself) I would like you to see the photo I was trying to post yesterday concerning the guys working hard at setting a new prison itinerary after the current requests from Correction Services Commissioner Dativa. My first prison crusade is Saturday, I will try and notify you here of the changes as they are about to happen .
Bishop Alexis, Pastor Peter and Alfred

I'm so excited I don't know what to do with myself. Thanks again for your faithful prayer covering.
That none would be lost,


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June 11 - Prayer changes things

Ministry Partners,
I am living proof that exhaustion and earplugs (that silence the barking dogs and EARLY morning rooster's crowing) were a very good combination as I slept until 8:40. I probably would have slept longer but by overusing my earplugs last night ( :-) ) they were worn out and did not conceal the loud talking next door.
We had a rushed breakfast of an omelet, French toast, fresh pineapple and Rwandan tea and headed into towm.
Today we watched God provide for us in ways that can only be called miracles and I know they are only the first of many!!!
Alfred called the Commissioner of Prisons (Dativa)  and asked if she was in and if we, Pastor Peter, himself and I,  could have an impromptu meeting with her today? Such a thing is unheard of here, meetings must be requested,  in writing, FAR in advance.Yes she was in, be there at 11:30. When we arrived she was already in a meeting so we waited about 10 minutes before a tall beautiful woman in African dress exited.
Dativa gave me a huge hug and asked how I was while asking us not to sit at her desk area but rather the area reserved for "conversation with friends".
She asked us not to go to one prison as the area I would preach from is under construction but approved us to go to a Youth Prison and then informed us that they had closed one (new to me)  prison I had requested to go to and they had dispersed the prisoners to Butari and Mpanga Prison. Because she wanted those prisoners to also hear the Gospel she asked if we would consider going there. Although I had not planned on going back there this year I told her we would be happy to comply with her wishes.
She is also setting up a huge day event for us at the prison that caught fire, having herself and lots of other Gov. officials there. Because of that new request involving the participation of other offfficials she asked if we would write up a NEW request to enter prisons document for her to sign, promising we could pick up our new stamped/signed document on Friday.
No time to explain here, the event will be one of my great stories to blog later or when I return. Please pray that not only would the prisoners have prepared open hearts for the Gospel but so would the Gov. officials. A meeting worthy of praise to the Savior.

We were in her office about an hour and when we left there sitting outside the inner office was the lady who had left Datvia's inner office earlier...........waiting to go back in to finish her meeting with Dativa.

Alfred informed me, last Sat., that he found out that although the money would be received by the bank here on Monday we would not have access to the money until Friday!!!!! Being here for a week with no funds was not something I would ever choose so asking that you pray that we would find favor with everyone we encountered was a very important request, for sure, as our funds were released to us while we were there today. Praise to Jesus again!!!

Then Pastor Peter, Alfred and I met with another IRM partner, Bishop Alexis, at his office as we discussed a new itinerary according to Commissioner Dativa's requests. We took the new document to the printers and then took it back to Dativa's office for the official stamp and her signature.

Pastor Peter had other errands so he left us while we stayed in town to purchase some supplies for the Welcome Dinner and the IRM lunches. It was so late we decided to have dinner in town before heading to the airport to check on my luggage situation. They told us some had just arrived and we could go in and see if mine was there. The luggage was everywhere so Alfred got a cart and I began looking, yes there was 1 bag, I kept looking, yes the 2nd & 3rd bag but the 4th bag appeared to not be there. I went through the myriad of bags from the plane again ..... and there was the 4th bag. As we were heading for the final security checkout I could see others were not a fortunate as me because they were back at the "Lost & Found" office with an empty cart.  
The bags had been in Brussels so long that you would see that the TSA had plenty of time to go through everyone's bags as I observed suitcases partly unzipped and although mine were not unzipped the zip ties were cut off. In every bag I had a printed sheet of the contents with the bag weight inside and on the top of the contents as well as I carry a copy with me. In checking the inventory sheet of one bag it appears the TSA personal that checked mine either liked Peanut Butter OR they we not sure what it was and wanted to try it ........ 2 jars were missing. I think I am fortunate and blessed that they left 3 for me!!!!!! Another reason for praise.

I met a man, from the East Coast of U.S. who is staying here that is starting a Bible Institute here and his church affiliations is large in the U.S. and here. He want's to distribute our Discipleship Booklet and whenever time allow this year or next perhaps he has invited to have me speak to some of them. An unexpected praise to Jesus.

So as you can tell God has poured out His grace and faithfulness in the 1st day. For some reason it will not let me add any photos tonight. It is 1:30 am so it's way past time for bed.

Thank you so much for praying for us, words cannot tell you how much your partnership is appreciated.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

JUNE 10 - Please pray........

Ministry Partners,

Praise the Lord I arrived safe , sound and ever so tired tonight at about 7PM..........but I did not leave the airport secured area until 8 o'clock.
The officer who checked me in said I needed to apply for citizenship when he found out this was my 11 time to visit. :-)
It was sure really wonderful to receive my Rwandan greeting and hugs from Philbert,  Pastor Peter and Alfred.

Although I arrived safe and sound none of my luggage (4 pieces) did not. In fact no one on the plane received their luggage. We were informed that the the Brussels airport employees had gone on strike just prior to our boarding the the plane and they had not loaded a single bag!!!! 


And that every one will get their bags in good order. I met 3 other team doing everything from children's ministry to soccer ministry to medical ministry and every one has such needed supplies in their bags.

Please make sure Pastor James and Annette Paulsen get this message as I have not been able to bring up their number in my Viber app.

My bed here at Moucecore looks very inviting, it's 10 o'clock and I am so tired I will make this short.
I am happy they gave me the same room I have almost every year, first room on the right as you go down the hall for those who have stayed here with me before.

It is a wonderful blessing to be here and for my feet to touch Rwandan soil again. Thank you for your faithful support that makes this possible.

That none would be lost,


Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014

Ministry Partners,

Today has finally arrived................................. 
Flight time is 7:25, I'll be posting soon......... hopefully.

The LORD is my strength and my shield;
   my heart trusts in him, and he helps me.
My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him. 
Psalm 28:8

Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 8. 2014

Ministry Partners,

It's hard to believe that my 11th trip to the Great Lakes Region of Africa begins tomorrow. It will be my 11th time to the beautiful country of Rwanda and my 2nd time to the beautiful but much larger country of Uganda.
I am excited to once again be involved in ministry with our wonderful Rwanda Partners and meet the new Partners that Alfred has brought on board in Uganda.

A couple of days ago I received the following update from our ministry Rwanda Partner, Rev. Peter:

"Praise and glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ. It has been confirmed today morning that the certificate authorizing you to enter Rwandan prison facilities given to you last year is still valid and there is no need of processing another one all that remains is for you to come. Wishing you a safe flight next week warm regards. Rev Deyali Peter and Merculie"


 Thank you Jesus for this "YES" answer to our prayers and thank you to all of you that have been praying concerning our application to enter the Rwandan Prisons. Please continue to pray concerning our application to enter Ugandan Prisons and for our complete trip in general but especially that the Holy Spirit would prepare their hearts for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that we would watch God pour out His power as never before. 

The following Itinerary will help you follow our ministry journey.

 As the internet is up I will try and post so you can follow the events of the day. Please leave comments we love to here from you.

That none would be lost,