Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Jan. 23 Finalizing the trip


Ministry Partners,

Although I was up and working on the computer I did not go in for breakfast at 8:30 as I waited to hear the sounds that the guys were in the dining room but all of a sudden Alfred was in my doorway greeting me and saying he had made me a cup of tea. I am going to miss such acts of kindness when I leave, I will have to drive myself, cook for myself, clean my own house and make my own bed! As hard as I work here I still appreciate all the regular everyday things that are done for me.

Breakfast was simple today, an omelet, crepes (here called pancakes) juice, banana and tea, somehow there was no pineapple today.

Aaron worked on getting our Jesus Film equipment going as we are "planning" on using it tomorrow evening. Not sure that will happen as he was having some trouble getting it to work. He and Alfred left to get some finalizing errands done and I was left to finish some computer work.

Harriet came to clean my room but I asked her not to worry about the floors as the suitcases I am bringing home are not quite packed and weighed and "stuff" is still in dis-array, she usually cleans the tile floors in the entire house every day while working barefoot. I just went to the dinning room and found barefoot Priscilla, a new hotel employee, cleaning the tile floor there. I had a great opportunity to talk with her yesterday about Jesus and she assured me that she knew Jesus as her savior; Harriet received Christ as her savior last trip when I was here. They both work so quietly that unless you hear the mop bucket moving on the tile floor you would never know they are around.  I am packing them both a gift bag to say "Thank you" that they will find on the dining room table after I leave.

Alfred called about 5 and said he was 30 min. away and for me to get ready as he was taking me, his Mama, out to dinner and what a good dinner it was. He had chicken curry with mashed potatoes and I had tacos with green rice and beans. The tacos were delicious but with 3 of them it was too big a serving so I brought one home. What a special time to spend with my son.

 Alfred took me to dinner.


Traffic was busy so we did not get home until 9. It is hard to believe that the day after tomorrow is travel day.

That none would be lost,



  1. It would be so hard living in "two worlds". Leaving part of your heart in one to go to another. Praying for you as you wrap up. Hope all the techie stuff goes well. Safe travels. Lord bless you!

    1. You have that so right. Thanks for the prayers

  2. Another good post to read. I am glad you had a dinner with your "son" Alfred. He seems so nice and helpful. We prayed for you today at bible study for your safe trip back to the USA!!! I have enjoyed reading your posts of your trip in Africa! Enjoy your time left there with some packing and other things to be done. Praying the the movie will work to show to more people in Uganda! God bless you my friend!