Monday, March 29, 2010

Remembering All He Did......

You freely suffered, shed your blood and died so that the debt for my sin and the sin of others was totally paid for. It was your free gift to us and then you rose from the grave to conquer death and give us HOPE for an eternity with you.

Thank you, Jesus
Praise you for everything.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Answered Prayers.........

Ministry Partners and Friends,

Your prayers were answered.......

My trip to Southern Oregon went very well and the Lord's hand was with me as I traveled safely over snow covered roads.
It was a wonderful time meeting with those who will be going with me on the May/June trip.
How exciting to see God speak into the hearts of these brothers and sisters in Christ as they desire to serve others half way around the world, most being obedient in going on this, their first mission trip. These ambassadors for Christ are beginning a new adventure.
Visiting Malin Baptist Church is like being with family. Pastor Hagerty allowed me to have the entire morning service so I was able to share about how God called me to prison ministry in Rwanda, an interesting journey for sure.
I started one day sharing with a women's Bible Study and the rest of that day with a women's sewing group that makes quilts for other women with cancer. They took time out from quilting to make over 150 scarves for the poor women of Rwanda.
I drove home today with a thankful heart for God's goodness in giving me former friends and new friends who bless my life.
Thanks again for your support and prayers,

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Traveling Again....

Ministry Partners,
On Wednesday I will once again be traveling to the Klamath Basin in Southern Oregon. As I prepare to go I am working on a new Power Point Presentation that will help me share the story of how God directed my steps to doing ministry in the prisons of Rwanda.

Sharing the Gospel Message at Nsinda Prison.

As I look at the photos I am reminded of the kindness of the Rwandan Government as they approve for me to enter the prisons and of the gracious wardens , who do all they can to allow our ministry time to bring glory to the Savior.

While I am in the Klamath Falls area I will be speaking to:
  • the team that will be accompanying me on the May26-June18 trip
  • numerous groups
  • A Women's Bible Study at Evangelical Free Church on Thursday, March 11
  • Malin Baptist Church's Sunday Worship Service on March 14 at 11am............... remember to change your clocks Sat. night or you will miss the service.
I would appreciate your prayers for my travel and that I would have the anointing of the Holy Spirit and bring honor and praise to the Savior everywhere I have opportunity to share.