Sunday, January 7, 2024

Jan. 7 Preparing for Kenya tomorrow


Ministry Partners,

Today started out busy as Alfred left before 6 to go to the Entebbe airport to retrieve his Kenya visa and Australian passport. Later Aaron and I had breakfast before he left with the van to get it completely serviced before we head out in the morning.

 I then begin going through every bag and container of supplies to decide what we could use in Kenya,

Yesterday, as we arrived at the prison these two ladies, in traditional Ugandan dresses, came walking by. They weren't sure about me taking their photo until Alfred told them how beautiful they looked. Although I love African clothing this particular style with it's high peeked shoulders and wide sash is not something I would wear. No problem here with friends wearing the same fabric and style dress.

The very sweet lady, from the hotel, that took care of us last trip and brought our meals and cleaned, was ill when we first arrived and I have missed seeing her. But yesterday evening she brought our dinner and I received the biggest hug ever. When she arrived this afternoon she had two young cleaning gals with her and it's amazing how quickly they can clean the tile floors, make the beds and straighten everything up. She always asks if there is anything else she can do for me and then is quietly gone. But she returned a second time this afternoon saying she thought I would like some tea. What a treat to be treated so special. Last trip I had the opportunity to hear her ask Jesus to be her Savior so we have a special bond.

The house seems so quiet now with everyone gone but I have gotten lots done. I just had to take a break from sorting things so decided to write a bit here.

Well, I finished everything I needed to do today and they just came for my dinner order, it's 7:30 which means I won't get dinner until about 8:30, at home I never eat after 6 and don't like to et late here but time just got away from me. Alfred just called and he is with Aaron, they are still at the shop. Our van really takes a beating with the roads we have to go over.

I will get bathed before dinner comes then I can just wait for the guys and go to bed.

Please pray for us tomorrow as we cross the boarder into Kenya, that there will be no issues and we would find favor with everyone we encounter. Thanks.

That none would be lost,



  1. I am glad you were able to see the lady that knew you from last year and she is healed. Nice dresses the ladies wore. Praying that you, Alfred and Aaron go safely into Kenya on Monday and have blessed and healthy days ahead!!