Friday, January 5, 2024

Jan. 5 "You need to remember how much Jesus loves you."


Ministry Partners,

This beautiful African Crane was 1 of 4 at the prison yesterday and the O.C. gave his permission to photograph it. They really are gorgeous and regal in person.


Today's breakfast; Sausage, beans, potatoes and banana 
It is had to believe that today we will do two prisons crusades and the women's crusade will be the last women's crusade in Uganda for me. We will have one more men's crusade tomorrow.
There were a number of attempts by Satan this morning to disrupt the work God called us to do but I recognized it for what it was realizing that the Holy Spirit was going to do a POWERFUL work in the hearts of the prisoners today and so He did. 
The 1,600+ prisoners filled the large room/hall they took us to and when it was full the remaining prisoners peered though the open screened walls and stood 5 to 7 prisoners deep surrounding the hall for the entire crusade, some so very young. For some reason, hearing their powerful voices respond to each invitation was such an emotional thing for me.
At one point as they were apologizing to each other I looked over at one of the prison officials who smiled at me and shook his head up and down. I had to turn away to keep from crying. Seeing the prison staff acknowledging that they understood the impact that such a choice would have on the prisoners and that it would impact the entire prison was very powerful for me.

Today's security measures at Masaka Main Max Security Prison was familiar as we went through the hoops of guards searching absolutely everything to the extent you just have to laugh but try not to laugh out loud. Some try to show their power as they rifle through even a bag of 4 small very sheer scarves that can be seen through, pulling each scarf out and holding it in the air then dropping it for you to catch, refold and put back in the bag. Taking a Uganda Bible that Alfred uses and rifling through the pages then bending some of them. I could not help myself, when he picked up my big old preaching bible, and started to mistreat it, I said, "Do not mistreat my bible." and I took it from his hands and turned it upside down spreading the pages so he could see there was nothing hidden inside. Then he grabbed the end of the new 170 ft electrical cord that rolls up on a wheel and started pulling it out, about 30 feet, and throwing it in a pile. I said to him and to the woman guard next to me, she had checked my bag, that he needed to roll all that back on the wheel, it could not be left in a pile. He hesitated but the woman guard instructed him to roll it back up. 
When we finished the crusade and we met with the O.C., a very nice man, he was holding my hand and walking me out of the men's prison and around to the women's prison. We walked past a number of guards as we were leaving and we had to walk past the young officer who was so arrogant and said to him, "You need to remember how much Jesus loves you." He looked at me and said,"What did you say?" and I repeated, "You need to remember how much Jesus loves you." 
The 90 women ans 5 guards were all so very attentive as I spoke and they too all responded to each invitation. When we finished the crusade I gave each woman a donated scarf and the children received crochet caps. They were so appreciative of such a small gift.
I just can't let myself think about tomorrow, my last prison crusade in Uganda. Where did all the days go, it seems like we just got started.
We found a place to stay that is clean and has a toilet so it has all I need even if there is no hot water and the windows have such gaps that I am concerned about mosquitos. The mosquito net doesn't meet but the girl asked if I had bug spray. Oh well, there is a bed and we are only here one night . After the crusade tomorrow we will drive back to Kampala to the guest house we usually rent. We will be there for 2 days before going to Kenya.
Please continue to pray for us
That none would be lost,


  1. Oh Arlene, I can think of no other person who would say to a guard in a prison "Do not mistreat my Bible! Roll that cord back up on the wheel! You need to remember how much Jesus loves you!" Between the blood of Jesus, the power of His name and your spunk, the devil doesn't stand a chance! 🤣

  2. The crane is beautiful to see. I am sure it looks better on your side!! Hugs!