Thursday, January 25, 2024

Jan. 25 Good by Uganda

 Ministry Partners,

I woke early on my final day here, made myself a cup of African tea and finished zipping and locking the suitcase bags, taping up the sound system box and putting lg. garbage bags around the Jesus Film equipment bag and IRM sign bag, all the things that will be stored at Alfred's.

When the guys got up Alfred invited us to breakfast out in a restaurant in Kampala. After returning home I had Alfred weigh my bags and we finished the final financial book work. 

Then the lady that owns the hotel where we stay arrived with 2 custom made dresses for me, 1 black and white pattern and 1 black, white and pink patterned. So beautiful and they fit, just need to be hemmed. 

I'm not sure where the rest of the day went but time to head to the airport came far to soon. On the way Alfred took me to dinner at a place near the lake before actually arriving at the airport.

 So hard to say good by to the IRM Uganda team and Africa.

Alfred, Arlene, Peace and Aaron


That none would be lost,


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  1. Beautiful picture of the four people who share God's love for all people ❤️. Safe travels to you.