Friday, March 16, 2012

The IRM Office.......

Dear Ministry Partners,

I could not wait until the next newsletter to advise you of the ongoing/new events that are happening with IRM in Rwanda. We are currently being registered with the government as an NGO ( Non-Goverment Org.) and we have a small office in the capitol city, Kigali, in a depressed area where there are no churches.

The IRM Office - Pastor Peter, Arlene, Alfred

The IRM office in Rwanda is very busy serving the local community there and it is manned by Pastor Peter Deyali and his wife Mercule who have the office open all week doing the following types of ministry.

Monday - afternoon - Evangelism Outreach, evening - Discipleship

Tuesday - all day - Spiritual Warfare Engagement

Wednesday - all day - Deliverance and Healing

Thursday – Reconciliation through the Word of God applied to relationships

Friday – 2 to 7 p.m. – Care for HIV/AIDS victims, especially widows & orphans

Last June when we were there they were conducting weekly ministry to 40 HIV/AIDS victims and I found out this morning that they have outgrown the office as
that group has now grown to 60.

135 Sunday School children, three days a week

Open air Sunday School classes are currently being held 3 days a week for 2-3 hours for 135 children. These children do not go to school so they as well as their parents are excited for the children to come where they will be taught stories from the Bible and about the love God has for them.

I would appreciate your prayers for the following:

  • The May/June trip in general
  • Open hearts for the Gospel message
  • Travel and health safety for the team
  • Funds for IRM Team ministry
  • Funds for Bibles
  • How YOU might be more involved.
I am currently preparing to leave PDX for Rwanda on May 29, the team, Pastor Al and Kathy Carpenter and Shelly Brown, will leave PDX on June 7 and we will all return to Portland on June 25.
I am
giving God praise for the opportunity to watch Him do mighty things during our ministry time as a team.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

That none would be lost,