Thursday, January 11, 2024

Jan. 11 "I will sing the Lord’s praise, for He has been good to me" Ps.13:6 NIV


Ministry Partners,

"But I trust in Your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in Your salvation. I will sing the Lord’s praise, for He has been good to me.” Psalm 13:5-6 (NIV)

It is another overcast day here in Kisii but there is no concern if it rains as we will be leaving after breakfast for an hour drive to Migori where we will do 2 crusades at Migori prison.

A photo from yesterday at the prison when I gave the lady a crochet cap for her baby.
Breakfast offerings were about the same as yesterday with a huge variety of African favorites that the guys enjoyed. I had beans, sausage, potatoes and strawberry yogurt and then a small bowl of cornflakes because I saw that they had COLD milk. It was my first time to see cold milk usually it is hot which for me means mushy cereal.

The drive went quickly and it was decided that we would visit the women's prison of 75 first. Some of the prisons are so similar in some way and yet so different in others. Mary, one of the chaplains made this prison very different, although she was very much in charge she was also very kind and dynamic in her own unique way. She said that this was not a women's prison but a high school as the women were all learning.
About half way through the rain began hitting the metal roof which signaled that the women had to leave to gather in the corn that they had drying outside as well as cloths. When they returned it was like a cloud burst and the tone of the metal roof made it almost impossible to hear. But Edward just increased the tone of his voice and so did Aaron as the invitations were heard by the women and responded to. Especially when they were directed to apologize to someone they had had a disagreement with. Followed by laughter and huge smiles. They reported that their hearts were now peaceful and happy. As the women were giving their testimonies one of the darling girl child came and sat on my lap and patted m face. What a special treat as all to often my white skin frightens the children and the scream.

After leaving the women's section there was much discussion because although it had stopped raining the ground was too wet for the 750 men to set on. But the decision was made that they would get the benches from the women's section and elsewhere so the men would have a place to sit other than the ground. So many young faces in this men's area of convicted inmates and yet as I was speaking I observed them bringing in more inmates in handcuffs. One young man named Brian was sitting in the front and although almost all other inmates responded to each invitation, Brian did not respond to any. As we were handing out some bibles I stopped in front of him, asked his name and then said to him,"Brian, you need to remember just how much Jesus loves you." Please pray for Brian, I asked the chaplains to keep an eye on him.

This is a special group of chaplains, who showed such kindness throughout, asked us to have a bite to eat with them that had been prepared. I try as best as I can to adapt to the culture here when I can so Alfred quite enjoyed watching me eat with my hands. Even a guard came in and fixed a plate for himself.

Then one of the chaplains went with Edward and us to try and find a place, to stay. The first place didn't work out as there was no internet and the room suggested for me had no seat on the toilet. But we finally found a place down the road about 6:30. I don't prefer being separated from the guys as I am on the ground floor next to the reception area and the guys are on the 2nd floor.
We have ordered dinner but no telling when it will be here, the first two things I picked off the menu were not available. I ordered sweet and sour pork and got a pork chop with some sauce on the side. Alfred and Aaron ordered fish curry and got a whole fried fish and some curry sauce in a dish. I can't tell you how much we laughed. It was a fun evening.
It's been a really long but great day.
That none would be lost,