Friday, April 16, 2010

God has poured out His blessing upon us.......

"Thank you".........
Ministry Partners for faithfully praying, believing and expecting, along with the IRM Team, that God would grant our prayers and that the IRM Team would find favor with the Rwandan Government concerning the new ministry we knew God was calling us to do in the prisons on this up-coming May/June trip.

****** ******
I received the answer to our prayers a few moments ago.
This time God has chosen to answer our prayers with a ...."YES".
We applied for a total of 16 Prison Ministry days (twice as many as last year) in 7 different prisons and the government approved 20 days for the entire team. They also approved one visit to Butari Prison, that will be a new one to me.
I am excited to see what new opportunities God will provide for the additional days that are now open for the women team members.

"We give you thanks and praise dear God for answering our prayers in such a wonderful way. Thank you for allowing us to find favor with the government officials in Rwanda. Please, give us direction as we continue to prepare for the ministry you have laid before us to do and continue to prepare the hearts of those we will have opportunity to minister to.
Again, we praise you and give you thanks".

I appreciate the faithfulness of each of you as you continue to hold IRM and this team up in prayer.
Thank You.

for the Team

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Prayer Request........

Alfred Mupenzi, the IRM Operations Supervisor in Rwanda, has notified me that Prison Fellowship Rwanda has just submitted our request to do Prison Ministry to the Rwandan government. The request is to do general preaching and implement two new programs, the "Pilot Program" for training prisoners who are pastors and the Women's Day Conferences for women prisoners.

****** ******

.....that IRM's request would find favor with the government officials who need to give their approval. We should receive their decision within the next three weeks and I will inform you of their decision (positive, please dear Jesus) as soon as I receive confirmation.

That none would be lost,


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Busy days.......

Although this photo reminds me of the work involved in preparing the Kinyarwanda Bibles for distribution, every day here is filled with tasks in preparation for the first IRM led ministry team trip to Rwanda.

Administration duties have now been added to my schedule as IRM's role in Rwanda is expanding.
I am so thankful for all the individuals, gifted in their own area of expertise, that God has brought along side to help. "Team" does not just refer to the groups that will now be accompanying me to Rwanda but to those who so faithfully support me here with their talents.

Two women's sewing groups have stepped up to use their talents to bless the women of Rwanda. The group from Klamath Falls made beautiful scarves and the group from New Life Foursquare church made colorful and sturdy shopping bags. All tangible gifts of God's love.

Norma, my neighbor, has accompanied me to speaking engagements and helped with typing and the packaging of scarves, ties and now the shopping bags that have been so graciously donated by ministry partners. Disposable plastic bags are illegal in Rwanda so purchased or handmade shopping bags are a very useful gift.
My living room and dining room have many suitcases filled with these and other supplies.

My excitement grows as the trip days approach and as I speak with the teammates the excitement in their voices is evident as well.

Hopefully, with God's leading, this is the first of many teams IRM will provide ministry outreach for. Our trip departure date of May 26 will be here before we know it
........48days and counting.