Monday, January 1, 2024

Jan. 1 Ndorwa Prison today

 Ministry Partners,

Your motorbike can be confiscated by the police, bread carrier and all

2024 has arrived with loud music, partying and fireworks here and although I was in bed by 10 sleep did not find me until after 12:30am. I had hope that because my room was on the far side of the hotel that it would be FAIRLY quiet but the booming fireworks sounded like the were right outside my room.

We are staying at White Horse Lodge in Kabale, Uganda. I found the name of this lodge interesting as I have never seen a horse here in Uganda, there may be some but I have never seen one. My room is nice and I actually have a bathtub/shower instead of a shower head and drain in the floor. A hot soak before bed is just what my soar back needs. I am pleased that we will be here 2 nights. It's hard to believe that we only have 4 more day of ministry here in Uganda , finishing on Jan. 5, before heading to Kenya.

Pastor Aaron has some of the funnest sayings, yesterday when Alfred was walking to the prison gate we could see the back of his shirt that had not been ironed and Aaron commented, "Alfred did not iron his shirt, it looks like it came out of the mouth of a cow".

Ndorwa men's and women's prison is close so breakfast was later at 8:30. I am hoping that they will put them together so I will only preach once today but we will see what the Lord has planned for us.

And so it was, they were all together. There were too many to fit under the shade cover so they stood around the edge in the sun which turned hot. The Deputy O.C. who welcomed us was very nice and put another young officer in charge of us who was ever so quiet but also very nice. He was so interested in what I was saying that he had a staff person film me on their phone. That makes me nervous as I do not know where that video will show up. As I finished and was standing outside the young officer came up to me and thanked me for the message on "Forgiveness" and he said it meant a lot to him.

As the inmates responded to each invitation so did the many officers that were also present. As some were giving their testimony as to how God had worked in their hearts during our time there I had the opportunity to give the children caps. I was so pleased that the children came right up to me and were not afraid. I then handed out donated scarves to each prisoner.

Tomorrow wee have a 2 hour drive to Ntungamo prison for men and women so we will need to be on the road by 8. I hope they put them together like they did today. 

I spent some time this afternoon sorting the remaining supplies. I want to give them all away, if I can, before we return to Kampala on Jan. 5.

Dinner was .......... oh, well thankful for something to eat, God is good.

Thank you for your continuing prayers.

That none would be lost,



  1. Happy New Year, dear friend. Looking forward to what God has for all of us in this new year.

  2. Another day and now into 2024. Quite the motorcycle picture you shared. I like the photo of you, Aaron and Alfred that I saw the other day. May God continue to keep you safe and blessed as you help those in prison and others you meet. I'm glad you had a good hotel to be in for 2 nights. There were fireworks 🎆 in our area as well. I did get my earplugs put in finally and did sleep most of the night.