Friday, January 26, 2024

Jan. 26. To Amsterdam then to Portland


Ministry Partners,

What a send off Alfred gave me last night. Alfred took Aaron and I to Lake Victoria to just sit by the water a few hours and then we  enjoyed a dinner of fresh Tilapia from the lake. It was the best I have had since I first came to Uganda. Then we stopped at a random restaurant for the guys to get a cappuccino, and thats where fun things happened. Alfred, who knows people absolutely everywhere he goes saw a friend from years ago and struck up a conversation while Aaron noticed that the waiter was also called "Alfred" and commented to him about our Alfred and he said,"I will fix him something special." When the cappuccino cups came, each one had a special message in the foam.

     Aaron's cappuccino 

I don't remember all we laughed about but the afternoon was filled with it, all of us just having a wonderful time together.

Finally, we could delay no longer and we headed to the airport and when we passed one security check Alfred said something to the security person in Ugandan and he motioned us on and I did not have to get out of the van. I don't know why but I said to Alfred, "What did you say to him? Did you say I was crippled and could not get out?" We all started laughing so hard that Aaron was having a hard time driving. After arriving at the airport Alfred disappeared for a bit and I said to Aaron, "Alfred is having a hard time with me leaving just like I am in going." Aaron said,"Yes". I told him I was so happy Alfred had such a good friend. Such absolutely wonderful memories from yesterday. 


Alfred and Aaron waited with me before I boarded the plane at Entebbe Airport, Uganda

 I arrived in Portland at 11a.m. and home at a little after 12 noon.

Thanks Chuck & Pam for picking me up at the airport and to everyone for the prayers. 

That none would be lost,



  1. What a beautiful, contented smile on your face! 😘💖

  2. The way they lovingly care for you brings tears to my eyes. You are blessed.

  3. I am glad you made it safely home. I am sure there's good memories of your trip. Alfred and Aaron are handsome and so thankful that you've known them for some years doing your ministry in Africa. Beautiful picture of the three of you! Have a good weekend back in Oregon.