Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Jan. 10 Two crusades at Kisii prison today


Ministry Partners,

Slept fairly well and woke to an overcast day in Kisii, Kenya.

Breakfast found an array of foods that I did not recognize so stuck with chicken sausages, chapati,  yogurt and omelette. It is still a struggle for me to eat first thing in the morning since I do an 18 hr. fast at home but I know I need to eat for energy here to preach. Today we planned to do 2 crusades so that is 4 to 5 hours of preaching.

The IRM Kenya team today was a good one at Kisii Main Prison. Aaron, Edward, Arlene, Alfred and John
Chaplain Edward now also translates for me at times and his powerful voice is a good addition to the team. At times when I need to get really animated for object lessons Alfred and Aaron do as well and now so does Edward. It is so very nice working with these three men, I am thankful for them.
Today we did two crusades at Kisii prison, one for Remand prisoners 1,450 (those who have not had a court hearing yet) in the morning under a covered roof and one for convicted prisoners 850 in the afternoon, in the open. I was thankful for the cloudy cover and God held back the rain although there were a few sprinkles as we finished.
It is such an amazing thing to watch the skepticism on their faces in the beginning but then watch as they began to nod their heads in agreement to what we are teaching as some have a head knowledge about religious facts and principles. In a number of places we include some humor and it is good to hear them laugh. The prisoners fully responded to each invitation and at the convicted prisoner's crusade at least one M..... accepted Christ a Savior.

When we finished and took the above photo outside the prison I noticed a woman with a baby sitting next to a building cross from where we were parked so I got a crochet cap and took it to her. Then I noticed another woman with a baby sitting inside the room so I went and also got a cap for her baby. Both of them thanked me in English. I did not have time to chat as we were headed out but it was nice to see the smiles on their faces.
I also gave Chaplain John two ties the other day and today he chose 2 more to give to one of the young chaplains who was also with us. It's so nice to have the donated scarves, ties, and crochet caps to give away. Thanks so much to everyone who donates, the gifts really are appreciated.

We got back to our hotel before 4:00 and I was so pleased that there were no loud banging construction sounds. The silence is very nice to be able to concentrate on what I am writing. I would take a rest but then I would not sleep tonight so having this blog to write is a good thing. But when we came back from dinner at 6:30 the construction noises began again!!!

I told Alfred to order me the same thing for dinner at 5:30 that I had last night as it was good, pork ribs, potatoes and steamed veggies. Yet when the food arrived at 6 they had decided to give me a severely dried out pork chop that appeared to be leftover from yesterday, it just was not edible.
It is so nice being able to get this blog done early because then Alfred and I can get the book work and finances done so I can get to bed before it gets late. But getting the blog done early may be short lived as tomorrow we start traveling only staying one night per location.
I am giving God praise again tonight that he has allowed me to be here and thank you for your part in it.
That none would be lost,


  1. Another good day you had even though the food wasn't good. I hope you were able to get something better to eat. I am using leftover food from our freezer that are food we got from friends when we needed help with health problems in Nov and Dec. We are thankful for kind and blessed friends from church and neighbors. Megan is feeling better and she actually did a bit of driving in town today! Take care as you travel again!!

  2. Praying for your day now. Lord bless you and keep you.