Wednesday, July 20, 2011

14,732 received God's free gift of salvation..........

Ministry Partners,

Sharing the Gospel Message, tracts and scarves

It's hard to believe I have been home for 3 weeks. I miss Rwanda so very much but as I look through the photos from the trip I am reminded of the powerful work of God that the team saw Him do there. We all followed suit as Steve would say every day, many times a day, "WOW".

We were not approved to enter two of the prisons that we had applied for due to reconstruction we were told but God, himself, opened the opportunity to do ministry in 4 of the 49 TIG Camps. Actually, we were asked how many we would like to visit for ministry but our itinerary time constraints would only allow 4. These transition camps are small, 100 to 400, in comparison to the prisons but we were always warmly received just like we are in the prisons. What a wonderful and exciting opportunity.

We saw God bless your generous giving as He increased the value of the American dollar and we were able to receive 5,450 Bibles, putting us over our goal of 5,000.


There were so many miracles of God on this trip, things that left us absolutely speechless, things that were amazing, things that only He could do. For the 14,732 souls that asked God for forgiveness and were added to the Lamb's Book of Life ..... I do not have adequate words with which to give Him praise.

There are many exciting new things that I will be blogging about soon.

One of which is.... I have been invited to be the main speaker at a crusade in Kigali, Rwanda next March. It is for the Great Lakes area of Burundi, Tanzania, Congo, Uganda and Rwanda with 100,000 expected to attend. This is WAY to big, I am so praying about this and would appreciate your prayers.

God provided ministry opportunities:

3 churches

1 Secondary School Crusade

1 Village Crusade

2 HIV/AIDS groups

3 Prison Pastors Training

4 Prison Crusades

4 TIG Camp Crusades

5 Days Prison Women’s Conferences

Distributed 1,000 Gospel Tracts

Partner donated scarves (400), ties (400) & shopping bags (60)

5,450 Partner donated Bible & Discipleship Booklet sets

God gave the “ Harvest ”

  • 50 - Re-commitments to Christ
  • 775 - Forgive Your Enemies Decisions
  • 14,732 Salvation Decisions (decision counts are given to us by the Prison Fellowship Representative, prison pastors and/or other Rwandan partners)

Please continue for pray for:
  1. The 2012 Ministry trip in March or June
  2. Open hearts for the Gospel
  3. Funds for Bibles
  4. Wisdom for the IRM leadership concerning the "next step" in ministry
  5. How YOU might be more involved.
Thanks again for your continued partnership with prayers and finical support.

That none would be lost,

Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4........

Ministry Partners,

It's 1:30 am and I am sitting in my living room, safe and sound, after a long 2 days travel, having left Rwanda on Saturday.
Steve returned last week and the rest of us flew out of Rwanda to Belgium together. Pastor Al, Kathy and Pastor Roger flew home on another flight and Lovena flew home with me arriving at PDX at 11:30.
Sorry I was not able to blog more as the internet was down and I had computer issues.

for your continued prayers. We saw the power of God move as never before. The team gives Him praise for what he did and for allowing us to watch him work in such amazing ways.
That's all for now, I'm off to bed.

That none be lost,