Thursday, January 4, 2024

Jan. 4 A pastor's heart was touched


Ministry Partners,

  Last night was another good night of rest for me and as I look outside I see an overcast sky, Alfred says we are to be at the men's and women's prisons today by 10 but we were a bit late setting off so we arrived at 10:10.

Roasted corn anyone? No butter, no salt!

Even though I think we are almost the only ones staying here breakfast was another buffet but this time they also served plain fried liver which only the guys ate. We all saved our omelets and wheat bread for our lunch to go with some leftover yummy pizza from my dinner last night. 

It was about an hour drive to Sheema Prison today where there were 250 men who sat under a covered porch in front of me as I stood in the open so I was happy that the sky was overcast. Then there were 15 women that sat behind a wire fence above me to the right. This team is so blessed to watch the Holy Spirit do His work in front of our eyes as they responded to all the invitations today. Then as men inmates gave testimonies I went around the fence and gave each woman a donated scarf.

Although the sky threatened rain it started before we arrived as it was muddy but we finished before it started again  I just love God's perfect timing and care for us.

Then it was off for an hour drive to Kakika Prison. I tried to share my left over pizza with the guys but they had eaten a bigger breakfast so weren't interested, oh well more for me.

We arrived at Kakika way early and although they told us to be there by 2 we sat in the Deputy O.C.'s office as the clock ticked past 2. The schedules at every prison is different, some eat at 12, some 1 and some 2. If they know the prisoners will be eating at 2 it is hard to understand why they would tell us to be there at 2 to start our crusade. 

The problem is that then they still want us to finish at the original time and do not allow us to then go over to compensate for them not letting us start on time. All that means is that I then have to decide, with the Holy Spirit's help, what to delete from my messages. It really is an amazing thing how He helps me do that and at times the official sitting with us realizes the impact on the prisoners because of what is being taught so they allow us more time.

Today we were not allowed to start until 2:15 and with the Holy Spirit's help we finished right at 4. But He has been doing something very special and out of the ordinary with the last 12 or so prisons as we watch prisoners crying as their hearts are impacted by what they are hearing.

When our supplies were delivered a few weeks prior the O.C.'s also received a letter from me telling them we were coming and that because of the content of our crusade we would need from 2 to 2 1/2 hours to complete it.

One inmate testified to day that he was a Catholic leader but today's message impacted him and he would never be the same. Another said he was a pastor and this was the second time he had heard me but this time was different as his heart had been touched. And for the second time a prisoner said he had a dream the night before concerning forgiving and then today's message confirmed that he needed to forgive. 

When we finished we were taken to the O.C.'s office to meet him and so I could get a photo with him to put in our report that goes to the Commissioner of Prisons, we do that at every prison. But I had a special request for him. I told him I noticed that they had some beautiful African cranes there and could I please take some photos of them. I was pleased when he gave me permission.

Then it was back to the hotel where we arrived about 5 but not before the guys stopped for a roadside purchase of roasted ears of corn. Not like the corn we are used to because it is tough and more like the field corn we feed cattle.

Tomorrow morning will be early as breakfast needs to be at 7 so we can be packed up and on the road by 8 for the 2 hour drive to Masaka Prisons. We will do both the men's and women's.

It's been a long day and my back is sore so I'm looking for ward to getting to bed early.

 That none would be lost,



  1. In His love, keep looking for them, my friend. Prayers and love overflowing for you all on this mission. Amen.

  2. Thankfully you made it through the day with the Holy Spirit helping you! Continued prayers!!