Sunday, January 14, 2024

Jan. 14 Rachuonyo Prison & staff church service


Ministry Partners,

I am thankful that it did not rain last night but that never means rain is not on the horizon.

I am still struggling with this cold and although food has no taste I ate breakfast because I am preaching at one prison today. It is close to a fishing village and upon arriving I realized that I have been here some years ago. Because this is Sunday I was speaking at their church service. There was a small tent with 30 prison staff already gathered with 1,320 inmates gathered close to the front of the tent, across a grassy area and to the right of me in front of a building. It was if I was preaching in the round today. I was thankful for a bit of an overcast sky but before I was finished I was not sure I had enough strength to do so. But the Lord was faithful to me once again and I was able to finish.

"I can do all things through him who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13 ESV


Officers Alfonse and  Desmond reconcile.


I finally realize today that I have a problem that I need to address with myself, even when I do not feel well I keep pushing to get done whatever is before me. Preaching in the sun today when I knew I was not feeling well was very foolish of me!

When we arrived there were also children in the tent with their parents but I pulled Bishop Moses aside and told him I was not comfortable with sharing my full testimony with children there. I felt bad doing that but my testimony just isn't appropriate for children. I was thankful the parents sent them home.

It is an interesting thing how in the beginning there is such distrust in the eyes of the prisoners even though a bit of it is dispelled as I enter and shake hands with some of them. They will never remember all  the words I say but the object lessons make an impact that they cannot dismiss. Today they responded to all three invitations as well as the prison staff, salvation, forgiveness and apologies.

Alfred did anther good job again as he helps teach the discipleship part of the crusade and Edward and Aaron did a wonderful job translating.

And the 4 testimonies were so powerful, it takes courage to stand in front of everyone and tell how God has just worked in your life. Especially when they admit that they have been planing on taking revenge on their complainant by killing them BUT after hearing the message today they have chosen to forgive them. I never get tired of hearing how the Holy Spirit works in their hearts.

As we were standing to leave the inside area Moses said one of the officers stated he wanted to share his testimony but not until we got outside the prison gate. He told about having a specific disagreement with another officer who had been his close friend and that today he chose to forgive him. Then he pointed out the other officer who was also standing in the group and the other officer admitted that what had been said was true. They both stepped forward and hugged each other saying,"I forgive you." I am telling you, watching reconciliation begin does not get any better than today. Inmates and officers are being set free and choosing to live lives of peace.

I then got a couple of bags of ties out of the van and let all the chaplains and officers pick two before I got into the van while Alfred gave the women present a scarf. They invited us to stay for tea but I knew it was just not something I could do, I was just done. So Alfred, Aaron and I headed out for the 1 1/2 - 2 hour drive to Kisumu where we had been a few days ago. We will do a number of prisons in the area before finishing the Kenya trip. Moses and Edward remained behind but followed shortly after.

  •  Alfred wrote in our WhatApp team communication:  Today was great, thank you all!! I was touched by the testimony of one who had a life sentence and upon appeal he was given 20 years - Now he is remaining to serve 4 years but has forgiven all the people he was intending to go back and harm … God is good !!
  • Chaplin Edward wrote: I agree with you Dr. Alfred, the day was indeed great. Every day is becoming unique with unique confessions. More grace, strength and blessings to Bishop Arlene as the Lord continues to use her to transform lives.

 I took more cold medicine, put the seat back and slept all the way back to Kisumu where Alfred found us rooms at the same hotel where we stayed before. As I am now writing this blog there is a hard rain storm outside and I am glad for a warm room. And then it is over as quickly as it started.

Sunday is buffet night at this hotel so that was our dinner selection.

Please continue to pray as we only have 5 more days of prison crusades here in Kenya. 

That none would be lost,



  1. I love you and pray for you continually, dear sister. Please take care of yourself - most of us need to push ourselves away from the table now and then. But, what a joy it is to share your joy! You always amaze me. The Lord bless you and keep you, and make His face shine upon you and bring you rest and peace.

  2. I enjoyed reading your post and thankful for forgiveness of two men and others who accepted Christ Jesus for their salvation and forgiveness 🙏 ❤️
    I pray that you will continue to heal and be safe and blessed by God our father who cares for his children, including Alfred and Aaron and others who are working with you.

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  4. Removed because I tried an emoji that didn't work out. Our prayer group met this morning and prayed for you. Everyone wanted an update. I do so enjoy reading your posts. Lord bless you!