Monday, December 31, 2018

Dec. 31

Ministry Partners and Friends,

It's hard to believe that today is the last day of the year and I am in Uganda! they tell me that there will be late night celebrations in every town and village, sounds like America.

Today we had an early start and arrived at ______ Prison at 8:30 ready for a morning of ministry but
 the O.C. did not like our documents and would not allow us to enter. It is a large prison and I was disappointed but we returned to the hotel while Aaron and Peace took motor bikes to town to get SYM cards for an extra phone I brought as well as for our personal WyFy system. He had plans to take care of this a number of times but was never able to. He returned to drive us to the prison but left his sister in the long line to try and get this project completed.

While he and Peace are gone I had time to start this blog and take a brief rest. After they returned we went to a different prison who has already accepted our entrance by phone. When we arrived we were told that the O.C. (which we were not allowed to meet) directed that we have 45 minutes. Pretty difficult to cut a 3 hour crusade down to 45 min. I told the Deputy O.C. that Commissioner Elizabeth and Deputy Commissioner Apollo wanted us to do a program that also included the "Forgiveness" portion because no other organization offered that. After further negotiation it was agreed that we could have 1 1/2 hours. Thank you Jesus!

The prisoners sat under a porch and again I stood in the sun but It appears my sun screen is lost somewhere in the van so I had none to put on.

I "clipped" each portion of the crusade and still we watched the Holy Spirit work in power. The prisoners made 3 good choices today. 1- they received Jesus' free gift of salvation, 2- they prayed forgiveness over someone else or themselves, 3- they apologized to each other and asked for forgiveness!!!

Then we handed bibles and booklets to each prisoner and there was enough of each language. Oh, how the inmates celebrated, holding the bibles over their heads singing and dancing. Then they came to me and got on their knee to bow......... goodness I was humbled. I noticed some prisoners behind a screened door that had not been allowed to come so I directed the Deputy O.C. to please give the remaining bibles to those men and he assured me he would.

As Aaron and Peace got things ready to take to the van I quickly found some shade. For the first time in all the times I have preached in the sun I felt myself about to faint. Goodness the sun seemed extra hot today.

All of us were tired from the heat on the way to the hotel. If I have not mentioned it before Aaron is doing a marvelous job, he has such a servants heart. He is doing his regular jobs and the jobs Alfred usually does. He is such a safe driver but says the reason there are so many accidents here is that a large part of the population just buy a car and never get a drivers license so they really don't know the rules of the road.
Driving through villages provides a view of the vegetables and fruit available

Apollo called Peace and she reported to him that ______ Prison would not allow us in this morning, he was not happy with them. Sad thing is we do not have time now to add them to our schedule and we added their blankets and bibles to the prison we went to this afternoon.

After we returned today we emptied the van for me to sort everything and but things back in the box or bag where they originally came from while Aaron took the van to be washed inside and out.

Please continue to pray for:
  1. Open heart for the Gospel
  2. Favor with everyone we meet
  3. A fresh anointing each day for the team
  4. Travel safety and good health
That none would be lost,

Dec. 31

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Dec. 30

Ministry Partners and Friends,

Today after breakfast we had the opportunity to minister at Kampala Worship Centere - Nsambya  where there were about 400 in attendance. The pastor is a women named Mary, her husbands name is Kimera, she is a friend of Pastor Peace.

Kimera, Arlene & Mary

We have been asking the Holy Spirit for an outpouring of His Spirit as never before and today that is just what we witnessed.  After the alter call and discipleship teaching time I focused on the Forgiveness portion of our crusade. Both women and men were weeping as they prayed through the prayer. A man made his way to the platform, he knelt with tears streaming down his face and testified as to what his father had done to him and how he had just forgiven him. He was crying so hard that Aaron went on the platform and put his arms around him.  Aaron knew what the man was going through as he forgave his father two years ago. Two men of the church came and took the man away  to pray with him. Then another came to the platform and another and another and another. I ended by challenging them, as a church, to demonstrate Christ's love to each other and their community by forgiving and loving each other. Aaron and I "role played" and showed them how to apologize and ask for forgiveness. The entire church stood and started forgiving each other! We were there until 2pm.

I tell you I cannot adequately explain to you how my heart sang as I watched the Holy Spirit setting them free from bitterness against each other. I spoke over their church and blessed them.

They asked me to do a Women's Conference for them if God brings me back next year and the blessed be with a money gift which Pastor Aaron whispered, "Don't give it back, just accept it." which I did.

We returned to the hotel to have lunch followed by Aaron and Peace having a meeting to go over possible prisons to visit next summer if the Lord brings me back while I began writing this blog.

It appears there is another party going on here so with New Years Eve being tomorrow it appears sleep will be sparse the next two nights as the windows rattle with the volume of the speakers and music. 😊😊😊😊😊

After dinner I will try and get some sleep with my handy ear plugs as we have an early morning drive to Mukono Prison.

Keep praying for us as God is answering your prayers with a big YES!

That none would be lost,

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Dec. 29

Ministry Partners and Friends,

After breakfast today we took about a 2 1/2 hour drive through tea plantations and sugar cane fields to the village where Aaron is from. Due the the rain people were late arriving since the mode of transport there is ..... walking. The delay provided us the opportunity to go see Ruth, Aaron's mom. Many of you prayed for her recently as she had a portion of her heart collapse. She had been in a comma for two weeks when I sent out the request for prayer and within two days she was up and eating. She thanked everyone for their prayers.

Aaron, Ruth & Arlene
Praise Jesus for answered prayer and His healing touch. Aaron's oldest sister and his sister-in-law live with Ruth and help care for her. I visited with his other sister last night at our hotel and she also came today. What a wonderful family of women!!! They served us tea, chapatis and something like a doughnut with no hole.

When we arrived back at the church they were singing as we entered, there were about 300 there. Pastors from other churches were there as well as some of their church people. I could feel a hardness as I shared and when I gave the invitation no one responded, I waited.......... finally one young women came forward then another and another and another. The 4 prayed and received God's free gift or salvation and the women who had first responded told everyone that she had grown up in church and had become a pastor but she realized today that she only had head knowledge and had never asked Jesus to come into her heart and received His free gift of salvation BUT today she realized that she needed to do that.

Later as I challenged them to forgive it was different. Women wept as I challenged them to forgive their rapist, others I challenged to forgive someone who hurt or offended them and then to forgive themselves, even the pastors responded to that invitation, about 250 in all.

Then they fed us a wonderful meal including the entire church.

It was time for the drive home. Aaron said that one pastor told him that white pastors come there and talk about little of nothing but I gave them much to think on from God's Word. I was too tired for dinner and just decided to get this blog done and then off to bed. I preach at a church tomorrow.

Thank you for your continuing prayers for us.

That none would be lost,

Friday, December 28, 2018

Dec. 28

Ministry Partners,

Today after breakfast we set off for Kapeeka Prison which took us on a 2 1/2 hour drive. The paved roads are one thing but the rutted dirt roads are another.

This was another farm prison with 64 prisoners.although every prison has things that are similar there are those things and officials that are so different. The O.C. at Kapeeka was so very nice and welcoming. We had arrived earlier than expected so he called back workers that had gone to the fields. He told me how they appreciated the things we had brought, Bibles, Booklets and blankets and stated that no one had ever brought them gifts.

The men were seated under a some very used pieces of tarp and Aaron and I stood at the edge but still shaded for the sun. The O.C. took only a short time to introduce Pastors Aaron, Peace and me. We followed the same program for the crusade and I later asked Aaron why they laughed so hard when I said, "A woman could not fill the emptiness in their life only God could. " Aaron admitted that he added, "Not even 15 women!" No wonder they laughed! During the portion on forgiveness Aaron shared his testimony and how he forgave his father two years ago. At the end, once again we watched the men step up and ask each other for forgiveness. One prisoner asked what to do if he asked for forgiveness and the other person refused. I told him if he asked for forgiveness like the Holy Spirit urged him to do then God would bless him for being obedient and he was not to be concerned wither the person forgave him or not. He could fell good because he had made a good choice by asking. I then shared the instance when I apologized and asked someone and number of times for forgiveness only to have them refuse. I told him he was not responsible for someone else's choices or responses only his choice to be obedient in asking.

We had the men separate into English and Lugandan speaking groups to hand  out the Bibles and Discipleship Booklets and once again the Lord saw to it that every man got the language he needed. Oh goodness what a wonderful God we have, caring about even the smallest detail!!!

A few of the men stood and told what it meant to have us there. One man said that he had seen Aaron and I at another prison at another time, that he did not receive Jesus as his Savior then but today he did.

I was so thankful the the O.C. gave us so much time today. It gave us an especially great opportunity to watch the Holy Spirit do His work in the hearts of the men.

Then it the long drive home which a one point we dropped Peace off after discuss the plans tomorrow and the time she needed to be at our hotel so we could set off for our ministry day in a timely manner.

Goodness it's only 6pm and I have the paperwork and this blog done. YEA!!!! For the first time ever I plan on being in bed by 9-9:30.

Dear partners I don't have words to adequately describe what we are watching the Holy Spirit do and the impact of receiving a personal Bible has on the men. How I wish you were here to see for yourself.

Thank you for sending us into the harvest and for providing the bibles that you have.

Continue to pray for:
  • Open hearts for the Gospel
  • Our safety and health
 That none would be lost,

Thursday, December 27, 2018


Ministry Partners,

It's hard for me to believe it's so hot here, I think it is actually hotter than when I come in the summer.
Street Children

Today after breakfast Aaron went into town to see if he could get whatever it is so that we need for our portable WiFi to work but came back empty handed as the shops were still closed for Christmas holiday.

Then we were off to Mpigi Prison. It was a small prison of 110 with 13 women. The told me to set up in a area just under a covered porch in front of where the men sleep. Half of the men were seated under a small tree the rest were seated against the wall in the sun. the women were brought in but sat a distance away just outside the entrance area. It was so hot with the sun beating down that I could not imagine the men sitting there for 2 1/2 to 3 hours so I put sunscreen on my arms and nose. Aaron was setting up the sound system and was not there to translate at the moment but the men understood as I moved my stuff off the covered porch and motioned the ones against the wall to take their place under the covered porch. It was an exceptional opportunity for me to show them the love God has put in my heart for them. Although they are always skeptical of the old white woman and I am not sure they understood the gesture by the end of our time together I think they understood that I was a genuine person with genuine God given love for them. By days end we had laughed, cried, danced and celebrated together.

After the regular crusade Aaron and I added a very brief skit to show them how to apologize to another person and ask for forgiveness. When we watched their response we knew we must do the skit after EVERY crusade.

I gave each woman a Bible and Discipleship Booklet set as well as a donated scarf. There was one baby who received a crochet cap. The bibles had been delivered a few days before and due to an interesting development we did not think we did not think we had enough bibles to give all the men one then Aaron remembered that we had a few in the van and went to retrieve them as the men danced and celebrated. Such excitement knowing they were going o get a copy of God's Word for themselves. As we divided them into two groups, one to receive English and the other to receive Lugandan. I asked Jesus for a loaves and fishes miracle so that every one would receive the language they needed and that is what happened with two bibles left! When Aaron put the music back on the prisoners stood and danced holding the bibles over their heads ....... what a wonderful sight!!!!

It took two hours to drive back to Kampala and when we got back Aaron took the van to be washed while I started writing this blog. After dinner a shower and then to bed by 10:30.

Please pray for:
  • Open hearts for the Gospel
  • Favor with everyone we meet
  • Strength for the team
  • For Aaron who drives, translates, sets up equipment, ect. 
That none would be lost,

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Dec. 26b

Ministry Partners,

I am doing better but black, blue and green is not my color. My shoulder is not as painful so that a blessing.

Dec 26

Ministry Partners,

What a day it has been. We discovered that we had not brought the Jesus Film backpack with us so Aaron had his wife go all the way (2 hrs.) to Kampala to our hotel and pick it up for us.

Today we held crusades in two prisons and visited a women's prison to hand out donated scarves and then crochet caps to the children. Tonight I spoke at a fishing village crusade where we also showed the Jesus Film and since we had to wait until it got dark we did not finish until 9:30 which left us eating a bite at 11.

Today was a day in ministry I will never forget as we watch the holy Spirit pour out his power as never before.

Our first prison today was a large one for inmates with serious crimes, like murder. The Deputy Officer in Charge (OC) was a very nice young man. At the end or the crusade he challenged the inmates concerning "Forgiveness" and the became humble and transparent before the men. OC's and guards have a prestige image before the prisoners and like to hold that position. So what he did was extremely unusual and we knew guided by the Holy Spirit.

As we ate our PBJ sandwich we were off to a small farm prison of 59 where the Deputy OC was a charming lady who was so welcoming as were the two women guards but there were also a few men guards. When Aaron hooked up the sound system and turned on Christian music in their language the inmates started dancing and before long the Deputy OC, Aaron and I were dancing with them, we all had fun! Every prisoner received Christ and prayed the "Forgiveness" prayer. Some of the men were crying as I talked a lot with them about forgiving others, forgiving yourself and asking for forgiveness. Although I have not done it before the Holy Spirit led me to have Aaron and I show them what it would look like to apologize to someone and ask them to forgive you. What the prisoners did next I had never seen before and it brought not only Aaron and I to tears but also the Deputy OC and the two women guards. We knew without a doubt that the Holy Spirit was doing an amazing work in their hearts.

Then because it was a small prison and we had enough bibles and booklets I asked the Deputy OC if we could hand them out and she said yes. Since we had some English and some Ugandan I told Aaron that like the "Loves and Fishes, to pray that each prisoner would get the language he needed.....and they did. then they started dancing again only this time they held the bibles over their heads then brought them down and kissed them then put them over their heads again and yes there were those who were crying at finally having a copy of God's Word for themselves.

I told the prisoners that this has been the best Christmas I have ever had and during my time with them they had given me the best Christmas gift I had ever received.

Before leaving I gave the Deputy OC and the woman guards a scarf and packages of tissue and as we went to the van I noticed a girl with a daring baby. 
 Arlene got this darling child to giggle
As I gave her scarf and the baby a cap one of the guards form inside came out and informed us that the darling baby was hers.

It is now 1am and I am so tired, I must get to bed as we have another prison crusade tomorrow.

We appreciate your continuing prayers, we are watching the Holy Spirit do amazing things.

That none would be lost,

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas Day

Ministry Partners, 

Dec. 24, Christmas Day, what a wonderful day to be in Africa.
We were all busy today as once again the truck needed to be loaded early carrying bibles, booklets, blankets, soap and feminine hygiene products. Today the truck, driver and Pastor Peace will go a different direction dropping off its contents at a number of prisons that we will be visiting in a few days.  

When I arrived at the storage area, Pastors Aaron and Peace were already there but the truck had not yet arrived. Since Peace will not return until tomorrow, it was a perfect time to give each of them the small filled Christmas gift bag I had prepared for them. Since the truck still had not arrived, I decided to go back to my room to get something for Peace.  There was a narrow stone lined shallow ditch where I decided to cross and as I stepped to the edge, my left foot slipped and down, I went. I clenched my left fist and put it down to block my fall but my left shoulder hit hard slamming the left side of my face to the ground. I did not know I could fall so hard. Not exactly the way I wanted to start the day! I was stunned and hollered for Arron who came running with Peace to help me get up. I am so thankful that Jesus was watching out for me as if I had fallen at a different angle my shoulder and head would have slammed in the rock edging of the ditch instead of the dirt.

We had a quick breakfast and then we were off to Butooro Prison about a 2 hr. drive. It is a small farm prison of 110 prisoners.After we finished we traveled a short distance to Buwama Prison another small farm prison. The prisoners make my heart smile. They are so skeptical of this Musungu but after 15-20 minutes of our 3 hr. crusade, their demeanor changes and the smiles and “Amen’s” began. Today was such fun; it was my best Christmas ever. 
When Alfred heard he said, “Close to 200 salvation's for Jesus’s Birthday.”

Getting in and out of the van is difficult with my painful shoulder and I have to hold the seat belt next to my neck and under my chin as it is too painful to rest on my shoulder and by evening even my back was pretty sore. I am thankful for God’s strength that got me through two crusades today. 

We have two crusades tomorrow so I would appreciate your prayers for:

  • Open hearts for the Gospel
  • Safety for all the team as we travel late tomorrow back to Kampala
  • That Jesus would give me strength and bring healing to my body


That none would be lost,

Monday, December 24, 2018

Dec. 24

Ministry Partners,

It's early here, a warn Christmas Eve day. There is just something wrong with it being Christmas with men on the the streets selling artificial Christmas trees but it being hot and there being no snow anywhere.

Pastor's Aaron and Peace are at our rented storeroom loading Bibles, Discipleship Booklets, blankets, soap and products for women. Peace will travel with the truck stopping at 6 of the next prisons we will visit and dropping the items at each one preparation to our visit later this week. Then she will return late today with the truck that was she will not have to ride a motorbike back.
It has been a very long day for Pastor Aaron and I as we left before breakfast to met with the Deputy Commissioner of Prisons to pick up some needed paperwork. It was so gracious of him to take holiday time to provide us what we needed. The we were off to the bank to retrieve the IRM funds that had been wired over. banking here is quite different and it took some time to get the funds then Aaron had to go to another place to get our dollars exchanged into schillings.

Finally we were on to the first prison and I was making our breakfast, a P.B.J. sandwich. But travel was a nightmare as it was a traffic jam of some magnitude. The time kept ticking away and the first of today's two prison was some distance away so we contacted Peace and had her tell the second prison were she was delivering bibles that we would not be able to make it there today but we would be there on Jan. 1st. in the morning before visiting Luzira Women's Prison in the afternoon.

The drive took us 4 hours with us arriving at 2:15. Prisons do not allow any visitors after 4 so I was concerned about getting our whole program. It was a small prison and the Officer in Charge had gone for lunch so we were greeted by a woman officer.

 Only God "fit" our  usual 3 hour program into 2 hours and caused the officer to allow us to go until 4:15. EVERY prisoner received Christ and then prayed the Forgiveness Prayer. Aaron and I know now why there were so many issues with us trying to get there today. There was one woman prisoner there so I blessed her with a donated head scarf as well as the 6 women guards. There was a different spirit about this prison, not sure what exactly but softer somehow, even Aaron commented on it.

The drive home was 3 hours so both Aaron and I are tired, I woke at three. Hoping I sleep well tonight. It's 8 pm and they are fixing our fish dinner as I write this so I will eat, bathe and hit the bed.

We have two prisons to visit tomorrow, Christmas Day, YAHOO, Merry Christmas to me. Thank you Jesus!!!

Merry Christmas to each or you and thank you for sending me into the harvest fields.

Pastor's Aaron, Peace and I appreciate you continuing prayer covering, we are in a battle with Satan.

That none would be lost,

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Dec. 23

Ministry Partners,

Today was a day to worship Jesus here in Kampala.

After breakfast the team headed to Wakiso there I ministered too about 200 people at Life Empowerment International Ministries. It was quite a large church and Pastor Robert, the 38 year old pastor, was a very nice young man, I really liked him.

Bishop Arlene & Rev. Pastor Robert

The service was already going on when we arrived so I had the opportunity of seeing how a couple presents themselves prior to approval is given for them to marry. Yet the proposed bride and her bridesmaids were elegantly dressed in traditional colorful Uganda wear and the men in formal. As they stood in front of the church the church members were asked if anyone knew any reason why the couple should not continue with plans to be married next month.

They gave me 1&1/2 hours so shared the salvation portion on my message where many responded and then shortened up the "Forgiveness" portion to make it fit. Again many choose to pray a prayer of forgiveness over their abuser or person who had hurt them.

After I spoke the pastor did a special offering for some church equipment the church needed to purchase.

The pastor told me that his church needed to hear what I had to say and later in his office he told me he was the chair of the large Pastors Association in the area and then asked if I returned next year would I hold a 3 day conference for the pastors. He gave me all his information and we will just see what God does with this.

As we walked outside to leave the pastor caught up with us and handed me an envelope with some money inside. I thanked him and then asked him how much was inside as I need to made a note of it. It was the equivalent on $20 dollars, a lot for a village church. Without opening the envelope I handed it back to him and said I wanted to donate it to the fundraiser they were doing.

Then we were off, headed to Luzira Women's Prison to meet Apollo. When I told him about the caps the ladies from Foursquare had crochet he said he wanted the babies in prison with their mothers would enjoy such a gift right before Christmas. So 31 mom's chose the hat they wanted from the stack. Pastor Aaron sang a special song to them and then we left as others were there bringing sodas and such.

Pastor Aaron is feeling well again and he said to thank you for praying for him.

Continuing praying for u we visit two prisons tomorrow.

That none would be lost,

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Dec. 22

Ministry Partners,

Oh my such a busy day today and it is going on midnight and I am still up.

It was such a quiet night here that I should have gotten lots of sleep but after going to bed a 10 I was awake at 1and finaly went back to sleep at 4 until 6:30.

During breakfast I gave Peace her gift and last evening I gave Aaron his.......birthday gifts as today was both their birthday. Then I, who is not a singer, sang Happy Birthday to them! 
After breakfast we waited for some of the blankets to arrive then loaded the van with Bibles, Discipleship Booklets, blankets and for the women, soap and famine hygiene products. Peace, Aaron and I were off to do ministry in two prisons. It may be December but it is quite hot here, just doesn't seem right.
Kasangati Prison

At the first prison 200+ received Christ as Savior and then prayed the Forgiveness prayer. There were 13 women and we were able to give each one a head scarf and a Bible & Discipleship booklet set. We left the rest to the men because we did not have enough for everyone.

Then it was about an hour drive on dusty dirty roads until we arrived at the second prison, about the same size as the first but with only 8 women. we saw about the same results. One of the women had a baby and when I gave her one of the darling hats crochet by the Canby Foursquare women's group all the me began chapping and shouting. Thank you ladies for loving the inmate moms.

We arrived back at the hotel to find two wedding parties celebrating so music and celebrating was in stereo. After we ate our delicious fish dinner I we had the opportunity to watch some tribal dancers and drum musicians preform. They were wonderful!

Although it was late Deputy Commissioner Apollo arrived with the rest of the blankets and invited me to go with him to visit an unscheduled prison tomorrow after I speak at a village church.

So with a busy schedule tomorrow and I still need to shower I will call it a day!

Thank you for sending me into the harvest and for your continuing prayers.

That none would be lost,

Friday, December 21, 2018

Dec. 21

Ministry Partners,

Everywhere you look there are darling children.
A village girl

Today has been a day of preparations for our first day of prison ministry tomorrow.

After another buffet breakfast it was time for everyone to set about on their own project. I am concerned as we all need good nights rest and we were all up until midnight last night as there was a party in the courtyard right outside. The DJ and music was so loud that the windows even rattled.
Aaron as he told me at breakfast that his throat was soar and he will be doing all the translating for me.

“From the end of the earth I call to you when my heart is faint. Lead me to the rock that is higher than I, for you have been my refuge, a strong tower against the enemy.” Psalm 61:2-3

At 10 as expected the Man arrived from the Uganda Bible Society with our bible order. There is just something special about watching God's precious Word, case after case, being stacked for us to distribute.

Aaron and Peace set about figuring out how many bibles would go to each prison while I sorted 5 suitcases of supplies and packaged up two small gifts for men warden's at the two prisons we will do ministry in tomorrow. I also pit together a small Christmas gift bag for each team member. I wanted to do something special for them since they will not be with their families for Christmas. I don't have adequate words for how I appreciate them and their heart for the ministry God has called IRM together with them to do.

Apollo did not come at noon so by 1pm Aaron went to do errands. He will pick up the van that is being washed, get Sim cards for the phones and portable WiFi and have some Christian music loaded onto our Flash Drive. Peace has been busy bagging up the Discipleship Booklets that accompany each bible, putting the name of the prison on each bag so distributions will go quickly. Aaron was unable to get the phones taken care of so it will have to wait until another day. The traffic jam caused him to take hours to get back, there's just nothing like Kampala traffic!

We ordered dinner ahead of time to be ready at 6. We have lots of coordinating to do so that we start ministry smoothly.

  • Pray for open hearts for the Gospel 
  • Health for Aaron and the rest of the team
  • Travel safety
That none would be lost,

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Dec. 20

Ministry Partners,

A couple of important things:
  • This blog was created for the benefit of IRM ministry partners and friends. If you are not a partner/friend or have not been approved to view this blog please find something else to occupy your time and treat my request with respect.
  • Because of our rigorous schedule with 42 prisons now and showing the Jesus Film at night along with internet issues I might not be able to post on this blog as much as I have in past years. I would appreciate some "grace" with misspelled words or sentences that don't seem to make sense except to my mind, coming in from a very long day.
  • Please comment on the blog rather then fb if you have a minute. It's such an encouragement to us after a long day ....... longer day ..... and even longer day!

The giraffes are correct I have arrived safely in Africa after a very long two days.

Thanks to John and Linda for braving the rain and not only getting me to the terminal in good time but went in with me to the counter with John schlepping all four of my #50 suitcases! And all my luggage arrived with me.

In Amsterdam I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with the very nice young man that took me in his motor cart from the Delta terminal to the KLM terminal. Although my layover was only a bit more than an hour I arrived with about 15 min. to spare before boarding.

A very nice young christian woman of 27 sat next to me and we had a great time chatting about her 4 adopted Ugandan sons and my son Alfred. She asked a lot of questions about IRM and during the one hour layover in Kigali, where we stayed on the plane, it became evident that the African man who was seated in front of us was also enjoying our conversation. He stood, turned around and said, " Are you ladies Christians?", to which we both echoed, "Yes".

He is a pastor in Kampala and after asking me lots of additional questions about IRM and how I started the ministry he gave me his business card and wanted me to contact him on a future trip that we might minister at his church.
Pastor Aaron and Pastor Peace met me at the airport and I must say their broad smiles made my tiredness melt away. We got to the new hotel we are trying out about 11:30 and I fell into bed about 3:30 only to arise before 7 for our very busy day.

Today we went into Kampala and while Aaron changed dollars into schillings Pastor Peace and I worked to finalize our order with the Uganda Bible Society, with the bibles to be delivered to us tomorrow at 10. We then went to the Uganda Prison Authorities and met with Apollo to give him the funds to procure some blankets for us to distribute to the prisoners, he will bring them tomorrow at noon. Aaron left us to finish with Apollo while he went to pay for and pick up the Discipleship Booklets that Alfred had ordered a few weeks ago from Australia. He has done so much coordinating for weeks and will every day while all of us continue to pray for a miracle that he might still receive his passport and be able to join us.

Arron returned and we went to the grocery store to purchase bottled water and supplies for our lunches. By the time we returned to the hotel it was well after 5 with Peace actually falling asleep in the van as we drove home.

We each tried something different from the dinner menu just to see what we might like in the future and although it took longer that they told us it would Aaron and I thought the food was the best we have had here. Peace's pizza was not something I would order again but the Sweet and Sour Pork and the Cashew Beef was good. You would have smiled watching us as we shared all three meals.

I am a bit weary and need to get to bed so will close for now.

Please pray for:
  • Open hearts for the Gospel
  • Favor with everyone we come in contact with 
  • New unscheduled opportunities
  • Traveling safety in country
  • Health and energy for the complete team
That none would be lost,

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Dec. 18

Ministry Partners,

Goodby friends, I'm off to the airport, Africa here I come..........

No automatic alt text available.
That none would none would be lost,

Monday, December 17, 2018

Dec. 17

Ministry Partners,

Well, tomorrow is flight day so it was time to post the Map Itinerary for IRM's 2018-19 trip. The team appreciates your prayers.

 That none would be lost,

Saturday, December 15, 2018


Ministry Partners,

I apologies for not sending out my Christmas card but due to leaving for Africa in 3 days I hope my Christmas Newsletter will suffice. Enjoy this wonderful season celebrating the birth of the Savior of the world.

 That none would be lost,

Yep......these just fit.

The closer the trip is the more the enemy is creating turmoil, more than I have ever observed which just tells me that on this trip God's power is going to be poured out like never before. I am so thankful for his power and faithfulness.

 Please continue to pray, we need some miracles....BIG TIME!!


Thursday, December 13, 2018

Dec. 13.......

Ministry Partners,

As Chaplin Edward messaged this morning, "The days are running fast." and so they are.

There have been so very many bumps in the road and struggles to be dealt with that it has given me MANY opportunities to thank God for new occasions to be more dependent on Him!

Just today I saw God finalize one effort concerning the bibles we will distribute in Uganda as I received the Certificate of Credit from the American Bible Society which I forwarded to the Uganda Bible Society along with my order for Luganda and English bibles. Alfred has already contacted the printer in Uganda so a Discipleship Booklet will be printed and ready to accompany each bible.
Thank you to each one of you who contributed to the Bibles For Africa Project. Hopefully the process for the purchase of the Swahili bibles for Kenya will finalize within the next couple of days.

Two suitcases are filled, contents itemized and locked, ready for Tuesday with two still waiting for finishing touches.
 I am thankful for the partnership of "The Jesus Film" company who gifted us with a complete filled backpack to take with us. It includes a huge screen, poles, battery charged by electric or solar (solar panel included), speakers and USB in a variety of languages.

There have been so many distractions that I feel like I am a bit behind so I will be happy when I board the plane on Tuesday as what is undone or whatever I have forgotten will just have to remain that way.

The enemy has already been working hard but I have watched God's faithfulness continue for me, the Africa team and for IRM. May everything be done according to his perfect will for this trip.                 There is still a great need for prayer in these area:
  1. Opportunities and open hearts for the Gospel
  2. Safety and health for the team
  3. Courage, wisdom and strength for all members of the team
  4. That we would find great favor with everyone we meet
  5. Alfred is still in need of a specific provision, we need a big miracle here
Thank you in partnering with us in what God has called us together to do in Africa.

That none would be lost,

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Dec. 5 .... 13 days and counting

Ministry Partners,

It's hard to believe that in 13 days I will be headed to the Great Lakes Region of Africa for my 16th. time.

Suitcases in varying degree of being filled and weighed have filled my living room for over a month.
A BIG "Thank You" to ladies from the crochet group at Canby Foursquare Church who presented me with 121 hand made and 5 purchased caps that are mostly for the children who are with their mothers in prison. These new caps will be such a blessing and bring broad smiles to the faces of the mom's.

I am not surprised at the way the enemy has been attacking in many area surrounding this trip and the team members as well and yet it has been/is an opportunity for all of us to watch God work as he provides the victory needed. Pastor Mike from Woodburn Christian Church said, " We need to thank God and praise Him for our struggles for they are opportunities for us to be more dependent on God." Later I will be able to share with you a few of the many ways the team and I are dependent in every area of this trip and ministry.

As I observe the enemies attacks I have known in my heart for some time that it is true what my friend Kathy wrote me, "Whatever is going to happen in this new trip, I believe God is going to show up in ways you haven't seen before, doing things He hasn't done before!" I AGREE!!!

Please pray for:
  • A miracle of provision needed in the life of one team member 
  • Preparations for the remaining trip details to go smoothly
  • Health and a hedge of protection around each team member
That none would be lost,