Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Jan. 30

Ministry Partners and Friends,

Although I am  looking forward to being at home in my own bed today is a sad day for me as I leave Africa for my 16th time.

Thank you so much for praying for me as I did not cough as much during the night but still feel poorly.

I also appreciated the mosquito net they put up for me yesterday as last night the ones in my room did not keep me from sleeping.

 A very good African proverb!

And this morning I saw this proverb as I was looking for something else and although it made me smile because of the pesky mosquito in my room it also carries a very good message that God can use even the smallest things we do for Him. 

The cook here offered to make my dinner early since I will be leaving to go to the airport but I told him regular time with everyone else was fine. All the staff here is so nice, I forwarded my boarding passes to the man in the office, Charles, and he printed them out for me. Last year I did this before arriving at the airport and it worked well.

8pm is only a few hour away, time for the christian Uber driver the lodge uses to arrive to take me to the airport.

I appreciate each one of you who has partnered with me for and during this trip.
It is has been a special gift to me to know you were praying, please continue to pray for my health and travel home.

That none would be lost,

Monday, January 28, 2019

Jan. 29

Ministry Partners and Friends,

It is another beautiful sunny day here but I am not really enjoying it.

I was up most the night with coughing and after finally getting to sleep I was awaken at 7 with a knock on the door. Aaron had planned on leaving at 5 but stayed until 7 to give me a message. He had such concerns about the long drive home and yet he delayed just to give me a message. Just shows the dear man he is.

A man from the lodge just brought and hung a mosquito net over the bed. Last night every time I stopped coughing and started to go to sleep a mosquito kept buzzing around my head. The repellent I had did not seem to phase him.

I worked some on the report that will go to the Prison Services of Uganda concerning the 32 prison crusades we did there but Alfred will complete it. Then Aaron will have it printed and bound before delivering a hard copy to the government offices. I will also email Commissioner Elizabeth and Deputy Commissioner Apollo a copy by email.

What wonderful memories came to my mind as I worked on the report and sorted photos.
The gift of a hand beaded bracelet from one of the Kenyan prisoners. 

After a 2 hour rest where I actually slept I made sure my suitcases were the correct weight and prepared for my travel day tomorrow.

I spent sometime during dinner chatting with a woman from California who volunteers here two months at a time. She had an interesting story as to how she got started serving here.

Thank you so much for continuing to pray for my health and my travel home.

That none would be lost

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Jan. 27

Ministry Partners and Friends,

It is a bright sunny Sunday morning and a good time to worship God.

After breakfast Aaron and I went to a church close by our lodge for the 9am service.

Ridgeways Baptist Church was a large church with a balcony and security directing traffic. There was worship in both Swahili and English but no sermon today. It was a special Sunday to pray over the many children in the congregation, to congratulate the many who were going to the next level of education and for those who had received degrees.

I must say what an excellent driver Aaron is as we attempted to find the Maasi Market in the Nairobi town center when not knowing the town and the traffic here. We were sent in many directions since there are two and the first one we found was closed but finally with Aaron's persistence we found the second one. Because it was Sunday parking right on the street was easy but Aaron was concerned about leaving the vehicle as two men approached us as soon as we parked. I told him to stay with the vehicle if he though it best but he was concerned about me being in the market by myself. I assured him I would be fine and I was only looking for an African dress not novelty things. So off  I went, it was souvenir overload but I kept focused on finding a dress which I did at the very last booth before leaving. If I come back next year I would like to spend some time checking out the jewelry, it was everywhere.

On the way back to the lodge we stopped at a regular market around the corner from the lodge and I was disappointed to find that it was closed. On past trips I have walked there to purchase packaged Kenyan Coffee beans for gifts.

Back at the lodge by 3, it was time for a rest and then prepare the last things that Aaron will take with him in the morning to store at Afrred's home in Uganda.

After dinner Aaron and I spent some time just going over events of the trip before saying goodby. It's hard to see him leave. He is feeling some better but I am still struggling with the coughing. I sure appreciate your continuing prayers:
  1. For aaron as he travels back to Uganda at 5am
  2. For me and my health
That nonewould be lost,

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Jan. 26

Ministry Partners and Friends,

Good morning from Nairobi, Kenya.

Today has been a day of rest of sorts as we did not go to the Maasai Market since Aaron was not up to it and I am still hacking something fierce.

Heart Lodge, where I will be until Tuesday evening.

I took a nap today but other naps were nonexistent as the coughing caused me to just get up. I tried to catch up on some computer work, repacked and weighed my luggage for home to be sure of how much space I had in case I want to make any other purchases.

There are a couple other people here from the states, Calif. & Tennessee, with different organizations so it was interesting to chat with them during dinner.

We checked the internet so we will be attending a church close by for Sunday services tomorrow.

 Thank you for your continuing prayers for the health of Aaron and myself.

That none would be lost,

Friday, January 25, 2019

Jan. 25

Ministry Partners and Friends,

I woke up sad today realizing that there were no prisons to do ministry in.

I could not help remembering one of the ladies from yesterday. As soon as she got her donated scarf she put it on her head and then the donated crocheted cap on her child's head.

They looked so cute but the little girl was not too sure about the white skinned lady.
After the team meeting with Alfred last night, via the WhatsApp, the team had dinner. New technology made it seem like he was with us and not still in Australia. After dinner we said our goodbys as Moses and Edward were leaving at 4am this morning to return home. Edward must have been in a hurry to leave as he forgot one pair of his shoes.

Aaron and I decided to take our time this morning and did not have breakfast until 8:30. We then packed up the van and pulled out of the hotel at 10 headed to Heart Lodge in Nairobi. I have stayed in a small single room each time I have been here and I love it. It's a Christian lodge with reasonable rates, good food, quiet and restful with NO TV's. I requested 2 rooms, single both, for us but when we arrived they were full and gave both Aaron and I each a suite!!! Aaron's room has 4 beds but mine is HUGE and has a king bed, sm. fridg. and microwave, a sitting area with love seat.

I had a good nap and had just gotten up when Aaron appeared at my door with a thermos of hot water and a dish of sliced lemons to make a hot drink with honey. Alfred and Aaron say it will help make the coughing less. I praise Jesus that I don't have any formal speaking to do with my voice as it is.

This afternoon Aaron and I did a Google search to find how far the Maasai Market is from where we are staying. I have wanted to go there for the last three years but it never transpired but since Alfred is not with me to do some things we planned Aaron and I will go to the market tomorrow. We also Google searched to see if there was a church nearby for us to visit on Sunday and it appears there is a large one just 2-3 minutes away. 

Dinner was great, roasted chicken, potato wedges, fresh buttered carrots julienne, fresh buttered green beans, fruit pieces over ice cream. then a cup of hot raspberry tea.

It's 8pm and I am now showered and ready for bed. Good night all.

That none wouldbe lost,

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Jan. 24

Ministry Partners and Friends,

Today my heart is sad as it marks the end of prison ministry for this trip. It's been an amazing trip with many "down" the enemy has thrown at us but with those "downs" we have see the power of God displayed as we have watched His mighty victorious hand at work. What marvelous peace it brings to know that everything has first filtered through the Father's hands and that He has equipped us as his warriors to stand firm and watch Him win the battles for us, of which there have been many. As we have stood firm we have had the opportunity to watch the Holy Spirit work as never before in the hearts of villagers, chaplains, prisoners, officials and in the team members as well.

It was busy today as we ministered in two prisons, a man's prison in the morning and a women's prison in the afternoon. On the way to the prisons we once again went through a number of security check points but at least this time I was not searched.

At the men's prison  they were divided in two groups and gathered in two sections.
"One group was called "Remand" prisoners. When a person is remanded in custody it means that they will be detained in a prison until a later date when a trial or sentencing hearing will take place. The majority of prisoners on remand have not been convicted of a criminal offense and are awaiting trial following a not guilty plea." Thank you Google search! The Remand group was quite large compared to the sentenced prisoners.
The second group were sentenced prisoners who have been convicted.

There was a walkway between the two groups so that was where I spoke from. The sun was up but not two hot and I had sunscreen on. The Holy Spirit spoke mightily into the hearts of  the men who made good choices for themselves today. Watching the Holy spirit bring them to salvation was a special blessing to my heart as did hearing them pray forgiveness and watching many stand and apologize asking another prisoner for forgiveness.

A few prisoners stood and told what it meant for us to be there today. They said their lives had been transformed by receiving Christ and the forgiveness message.

Then we went next door to the women's section where the women and guards made good choices for themselves in salvation and forgiveness. They did not make the choice to apologize but they saw and heard how to apologize and live in peace in their difficult situation. We gave each of the women one of the scarves you donated and then gave each of the children one of the darling crochet caps you donated. But I could not help but cry as I said goodby knowing this was my last crusade this trip.

When we finished we were told the prison O.C. had lunch prepared for us. Wow, what a special treat that they would do that. The O.C. said some kind things to us and asked if we would please come back.

There was a woman pastor who had traveled some distance to be in the women's section with us and I had the opportunity to pray with her after we finished and went outside 

We ended the day with a meeting led by Alfred from Australia and I gave the team their gifts and  certificates as a thank you from IRM.

Please pray for Aaron he has contracted the same thing I have. I am taking the Cipro I brought with me and Aaron went to town to try and purchase some for himself.

Moses and Edward will leave for home at 4am tomorrow and Aaron and I will leave for Nairobi about 9-10.

We so appreciate your prayer covering:
  1. Health and renewed stregnth
  2. Safety as we all travel
That none would be lost,

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Jan. 23

Ministry Partners and Friends,

Good morning from Naivasha, Kenya.

After breakfast it was a short distance to this max. security prison, a prison like no other one I have been to in over 185 entrances into prisons in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. The prison was massive, I would say that the wall we drove down was at least 4 city blocks long and we went though checkpoint after checkpoint after checkpoint.......8 in total. After the first  four Aaron drove our van from the parking area into the center area past those huge high walls where everything was checked.

Can you imagine opening boxes of bibles and tearing off the cellophane from each bible then checking through the pages to make sure there was no contrarian? I was the first time for me to be taken to a private room and have a women officer search me!!! We met with the O.C. who seemed to young for such a position and I prayed for him before leaving his office. I was not afraid as I know God went before and behind me but all the extreme security left me "just a bit" cautious, but that disappeared as I began to speak.

Although there where 6,000 inmates there once again only on portion came come due to the security issues.

A lot of different chaplains and guards accompanied our team of Chaplin Edward, Aaron and myself and Bishop Moses. It was thrilling to see so many M______ and ask for forgiveness and receive Jesus as their Savior, one removed his cap as he asked the savior for forgiveness! We were cut short due to counting but I was still able to lead them in the "Forgiveness Prayer". It's difficult when they tell you you have a certain amount of time and then they cut you short but tomorrow I will cancel some of my message to start with so there will be time for the "apologize and asking for forgiveness" portion of our program.

On the way back to our hotel we stopped to exchange some money and purchase more water and bread for our lunches. As we ate our PBJ sandwiches Moses stated how much he liked the peanut butter.

We unloaded the van so I could sort all the remaining supplies, I plan to use most of the remaining donated scarves and crocheted caps tomorrow at the women's prison.

So very hard to think that tomorrow is my last day of prison ministry in Africa.

Please continue to pray:
  1. Oen hearts for the Gospel
  2. A fresh anointing for the team
  3. Healing of the deep cough I have developed
  4. Strength for the team
Thanks so much.

That none would be lost, 

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Jan. 22

Ministry Partners and Friends,

Today was our last day in Nakuru, Kenya.

It was an early morning of my own making as I was up at 4 but then I was able to spend time hatting with Alfred, my son, in Australia. After breakfast we headed to the women's prison here where there were also seventeen children.

I was pleased the Foursquare Missionary Kalysa met us there, she and I would be great friends if I lived here. In my head I understand the offenses committed in these max. security prisoners but in my heart still feels compassion for the devastating consequences they find themselves, mostly by their own choices.

The assistant Chaplin from yesterday met us at the prison as well as the women's chaplain. She was ever so thin, tall and wearing a darling dress made of African fabric. After some time we were ushered into the O.C.'s office. She was a round faced women with a broad smile, very much in command of her position. She was gracious to us and we chatted for a bit as Aaron was setting up the sound system in the building where we would be. As we were walking towards the building the woman chaplain met us and continued to walk with us. I could hear the drums and the ladies beautiful singing but as we entered the room there was Aaron drumming away. Goodness was he ever having fun.

A ways into our program the Foursquare Missionaries Pastor Fidelis and his wife Kalysa entered th room wearing bright and beautiful traditional wear. Kalysa also had a flower in her hair, they made for a darling couple.

Although some women made decisions for Christ, forgiveness and apologizing but there appeared to be the same hardness with them that I saw yesterday in the men. Near the end of our time the women with babies all got up and left, it was the scheduled time for them to feed them. We finished and I went to the room where the mothers, babies and some cribs were. I had counted crocheted caps and had enough to bless them with some left over.
What a sweet gift they are for the mom's and little ones.

Then after making our PBJ sandwiches to eat on the way it was off to Naivasha, a 1 4/5 min. hour drive. As we were driving we saw baboons in a number of areas and one group was quite large 50 or so.
And then I saw zebras, what a treat! 

 But right before we arrived in Naivasha we saw a terrible accident, I'm thankful for your prayers and God's hand of protection on our vehicle.

Edward and Aaron took a motorbike around town trying to find us a hotel but can back unsuccessful for one in our price range. So, we headed out of town in our vehicles to see what we could find and God provided one at the first place we stopped.

We ordered our dinners to be ready at 6 and they were promptly ready at 6:30. After catching up the finance book, this blog and showering I hope to be in bed by 10 since I have been up since 4am.

Tomorrow with be another high security prison #12 here with only 2 more to do on Thursday.

Thank you for partnering with IRM and me, I could not do what I am doing without God's leading and your prayers and financial support.

That none would be lost,

Monday, January 21, 2019

Jan. 21

Ministry Partners and Friends,

Today was a beautiful bright morning in Nakuru, Kenya.

I told you I would report on dinner last night, well it was the best pastor Aaron said he had had in a long time and so was my meaty spaghetti with cheese and salad. Moses and Edward also commented that their Tilapia and chicken was very good. But I must say breakfasts hear are interesting today besides the regular cereal, omelette and toast there were also pancakes, diced cooked carrots, lg. white beans in a light tomato sauce, meatballs in sauce, yams, a green veggie like Swiss Chard, donuts, a cookie like biscuit, a variety of fruits and juices. Way too much to even try!!

 We had special guests today as Foursquare Missionaries Pastor Fidelis and his wife Kalysa met us at the prison. They were very familiar with both the men's and women's prison as they do ministry here. Kalysa will meet me tomorrow at the women's prison where I will be speaking and then Aaron and I along with Edward will travel to Naivasha where Moses will meet us. He left after our prison visit today to go and make preparations for us.
 Kalysa, Arlene & Pastor Fidelis

Although we arrived at the prison at 9 we were not admitted until almost 10:30. This was a max. security prison so many of the prisoners were not allowed to come due to security. The assistant to the chaplin did most or the translation for me but Aaron and I still did the object lessons. The men were seated in front of me with some men and the choir siting in chairs to my left. During my speaking time I had to sit and wait for the men to be counted, I have become accustom to that practice.
 Although many made decisions there was a hardness that was evident. It is so sad when people think that because they know "religious" things in their heads that they are OK and going to heaven even though Eph. 2:8-9 says eternal life is not of our own works and a free gift that needs to received.

When we finished at the prison Pastor Fidelis and Kalysa went into town with Aaron and I. They helped me find a shop where I could purchase an African dress, what a sweet couple.

It gets harder ever day just knowing my time here is coming to an end.

Please pray:
  1. Satan would be bound and the spiritual chains around the hearts of men & women would be broken
  2. A greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit
  3. Energy and strength that the team would finish strong
  4. A fresh anointing for each team member
  5. Travel safety
That none would be lost,

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Jan. 20

Ministry Partners and Friends,

Today was an early start with loading the van at 7:20, breakfast at 7:30 and off to the prison by 8:15 so we could be there at 8:30.

I have been blessed with a bathtub, to soak my aching back, the last two night so I will miss that as most places we stay do not have tubs.

We arrived almost on time at the men's prison and as we exited the van I could hear their powerful voices singing praises. The church was large but not large enough for all to men to get inside so about 100 of them sat outside but there were large openings in the wall so many could see me and I could see them. A number of times I exited the church and stepped just outside the doorway so the men and I could see each other more clearly. Aaron had set up our portable speaker just at the edge of the door outside so everyone could hear very well.

So many young hopeless, sad and unsure faces. They seemed relieved when I said that I was NOT there to preach AT them but to share a story from the bible and to share my story with them. I have said before I have never been treated with more respect than when I am in the prisons and that was true again today.
 Salvation, forgiveness and apologizing are important decisions for all of us. I spoke about forgiveness and how choosing not to forgive allows the person who hurt us to continue to control our thinking and Satan to keep us in bondage. We are unable to be the person God created us to be and to receive all the blessings He has for us.

It was so exciting to watch the men apologize to each other and ask for forgiveness, the room was filled with them and so was outside.
This young man asked those in the room and outside that he had had disagreements with to forgive him and then he said he forgave the ones that had made trouble for him before they even asked.
The men today, like other men and women before them, all look at me like a "Mom", they know I genuinely love and care for them. All of us make mistakes and do foolish things, treating them with kindness is so very easy.
This bracelet was a sweet "Thank You" gift from a prisoner.

We were finished by 11am and it was time to head off to Nakuru, a 2 1/2 hour drive, through some more of those beautiful tea fields. Once we arrived it took some time to finally find a hotel that fit our budget but the 4th one did. It's a christian one, very basic but ever so clean.

We ordered dinner for 6 o'clock and all the guys are resting while I am trying to get this blog done so I can get to bed at a decent hour. I will let you know tomorrow how the food was.

Just know, your prayers are working. With all the traveling we have done and the way some people here drive God has kept us safe and with only 4 more days of ministry to do He has kept the team healthy. In 5 days Aaron will take me to Nairobi to catch the plane and then he will return the van and himself to Uganda, I so appreciate him, his good driving and all he does to keep me safe.

Please continue to pray.

That none would be lost,

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Jan. 19

Ministry Partners and Friends,

It was a beautiful morning in Kericho, Kenya.

A friend, Kathy, posted this comment on yesterday's blog:
Acts 13:47 "For the Lord gave us this command when He said,"I have made you a light to the Gentiles, to bring salvation to the farthest corners of the earth." When the Gentiles heard this, they were very glad and thanked the Lord for His message; and all who were chosen for eternal life became believers. So the Lord's message spread throughout that region."
You are in the company of the Apostle Paul these days as you bring the salvation message to the farthest corners of the earth!"

Thanks for such a powerful reminder of our mission and calling.

After a great buffet breakfast ( Spanish omelet with cheese, potato rounds, beans, sausages, corn  on the cob, toast, pineapple, honeydew melon, strawberry yogurt and African tea and there was so much more that I did not eat!) we off the short distance to the first of two prisons today.

Although we follow pretty much the same program at each crusade the outpouring of the Holy Spirit often differs from prison to prison. I am firmly convinced that regardless of what I say the inmates hear just what they need to hear for their personal situations. There were numerous interruptions today as  new incoming prisoners entered right behind me. But the men made good decisions for their lives today and at the end .......
one prisoner came and bowed down, He said he had had disagreements with many of the inmates and he apologized and asked then to forgive him and for those who had done him wrong he said he forgave them.

Then one of the guards, who had sat through the entire crusade, came and insisted I pray for him. When I asked what for he responded that he wanted to receive Jesus as his Savior and then he knelt down in front of me with Aaron and the prison chaplain standing with me.
As I leaned over him I could smell the alcohol on his breath but I led him in prayer and all of the prisoners and guards heard his confession of faith as Aaron held a microphone before him. Following his prayer the prison erupted in cheering and applause. He told Aaron that God rescued him today and that from today he would never have another drink.

It was then was time to go to the women's prison where we met the woman chaplain. I could hear the women's beautiful voices as we arrived and as we entered the building I saw that changes needed to be made. Two third of the 140 women were on one side of a partial wall with the rest on the other side. I decided the best way to do the teaching was to stand in the doorway between the two rooms. Like the men today, the women made good choices for themselves. As we concluded one woman came weeping and said she had told many other prisoners of her plan on killing her husband when she got out because she was innocent and it was his fault she was there. She said she had sent him a letter telling him so. She saw him in court and although he asked for forgiveness she told him she was going to hire thugs to kill him and the others who helped him.
BUT TODAY with tears streaming down her face she made the decision for her heart to be free and she had prayed forgiveness over him.


That none would be lost,

Friday, January 18, 2019

Jan. 18

Ministry Partners and Friends,

I know I have been complaining about how hot it has been here but last night was so cold I had to ask for another blanket and Bishop Moses missed dinner since he was so cold he just wanted to go to bed. All of our bodies are struggling with trying to adjust to the temperature changes. I was thankful for hot water to bathe in but there was no WiFi and mosquito net. After contracting Malaria last year I am doubly cautious about being safe, it was nice of the hotel manager to bring a unit that plugged into the wall that emitted a mosquito repellent. I will have to see about purchasing one of my own to have with me on the next trip.

It was a short trip back to the women's prison this morning and we were in and set up to began at about 10. The two women Chaplains that were with us yesterday met us there today. They set us up in the shade of a long building and the women were sitting on the opposite side in the sun but I told the Chaplains that I would prefer to change side with the women so they would be in the shade but they assured me that it was early in the day and not as hot as yesterday so the ladies would be fine.

We delivered the same program offering them the opportunity to accept Christ as Savior followed by teaching them about the new creation they became in Christ. A child of the King, a Princess and how it affects the person we are inside and our relationship with Christ when we choose to sin after becoming a christian. Then speaking forgiveness over someone who hurt them or forgiving themselves for their past wrong choices,

but forgiving is a difficult thing. The women understood that by not forgiving they were allowing Satan to keep them in bondage! Then there were those who apologized and asked another woman for forgiveness.  
Today they chose to be free. 
 The Holy Spirit did powerful work with these 115 ladies today.

Again, the children's caps crocheted and donated by women from Canby Foursquare Church were a BIG hit. 
Mama's chose but some little one enjoyed choosing their own.

Then after fixing our PBJ sandwiches we were off for a 2 1/2 hour drive to Kabsabet to spend the night and be ready to do ministry in a men's and women's prison there. We passed both tea and sugarcane plantations on the way and finally began to see banana trees.
The tea fields were beautiful and looked like a lush green carpet.

It will be nice to spend 2 nights in the same place.

Thank you for continuing to pray for the hearts of those we are ministering too and for us.

That none would be lost,

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Jan. 17

Ministry Partners and Friends,

I started off this morning just giving God praise and being so thankful for things like a firm mattress, 6 hours of sleep, a good mosquito net, a toilet that flushes and clean hot water to bathe in. As we drive down village streets dirt is flying everywhere and when it rains like last night then mud is everywhere. As we travel down those dry roads we raise a heavy blanket of dust that covers those who are walking alongside and that dirt permeates the houses alongside the road. I think most of us in America take so much for granted, I know I do. Yesterday I saw someone filling a gerry can with water from the most dirty pond where someone else was washing their motor bike.

Yesterday I posted a photo of me hugging a prisoner who I had met last year. Later I found my photo taken with her last year.

I laughed as I was wearing the same top!

As I went for our scheduled 7:30 breakfast this morning the sleepy head guys didn't come until 8. It was an opportunity for lighthearted teasing, I know for sure I will get teased back.

In Uganda we added 1 prison making 30 there and last evening it was decided to add 1 here making 14. That will make a total of 44 prisons visited this trip.

Today we drove about 1 hour to a men's prison. When we entered with the two lady Chaplins the 450  men were already gathering behind a heavy high wire fence and they had us set up on the outside. I told the Chaplin that it would not work for me, I wanted to be inside, closer to the men. After much conversation I was allowed to enter and the team also entered with our equipment. The sun was so hot, I was glad I put my sunscreen on my nose and arms. I have stood many, many times in the sun and preached, sometimes twice a day but today about 3/4ths of the way through I knew I was about to pass out. I turned around, grabbed a chair and sat down. I continued preaching and Aaron gave his testimony while I sat. Then Aaron and I did one of our object lessons and finished the last of the crusade. There were so many young men there, sad and hopeless looking but today they heard how much Jesus loves them.

Edward and Moses found us a place to stay and then tomorrow morning after I preach at the women's prison here then we drive to another town to stay overnight in preparation for ministry there the next day.

What a trip this has been, stories for a lifetime.

Please continue to pray.

That none would be lost,

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Jan. 16

Ministry Partners and Friends,

Another bright sunny day in Kenya to do ministry.

Aaron reported that although a couple of days ago he hit his big toe on a rise in the walkway and knocked his toenail loose...... today God has healed it and he was able to wear his shoes. 

Today I visited two prisons I have visited before which is something I do not do often due to there being so many new prisons to visit but because of the turnover in prisoners Edward assures me that almost all the prisoners I will speak to will be new.

The first prison is a women's prison and it was true only a few women were there the last time I was there. The O.C. that received us was new and ever so nice. We gathered inside a building so all of us were shielded from the sun.

As I gave the invitation it was as the enemy thru a cover over the women's hearts, a hardness that was evident as only a few received Christ and yet almost all prayed the forgiveness prayer and they apologize to each other. PLEASE PRAY that the spiritual chains that would keep the inmates here bound would be broken by the power of Jesus and his love for them and that we would see an outpouring of the Holy Spirits power in the prisoners lives.

I recognized one of the older women who was there as one who was there the last time I was there. I called her up and gave her a big hug which the other inmates applauded. She whispered to me that she goes to court Monday so I bowed my head and prayer quietly for her. I think the other women were a bit confused by our continuous hug as I prayed.
I was surprised she was going to court as the last time I saw her they told me she was a "lifer".

The women were grateful for the Bibles, discipleship booklets, soap, toilet paper and donated crochet caps that they received for their little one ages 1 to 4.

Then it was off to the men's farm prison that was some distance and since Edward was driving his car I made him a PPJ sandwich to eat on the way as I did for Aaron and me. When we arrived he said that he had never had one before and he REALLY liked it. Perhaps it was the pineapple jam that made it so good!

As we were about to enter the prison Aaron said the Holy Spirit told him that someone there had an un-forgiveness issue with his wife that was going to be healed.
We were outside at the men's prison and all went well until almost the end when it began to sprinkle....which is exactly what happened the last time I was here. But Edward told the men to wait and they did responding to asking for forgiveness. That was when the Deputy O.C. stepped forward and apologized to the men saying he had been mean to some of them, he said he was sorry and asked them to forgive him. Then he said he had had an issue with un-forgiveness towards his wife but that he had prayed forgiveness over her and he knew God would heal their marriage even thought they were currently living apart.


Tonight we pack up as tomorrow we will drive to the next town for ministry in a men's prison there and then the next day at the women's prison.
Outside there is a downpour Praise the name of Jesus that he held back this downpour this afternoon and it was only a sprinkle.

Chaplin Edward invited Bishop Moses, the Regional Commandant of Prisons, who joined us this evening and he will be with us for the reminder of the trip.

I can't say thank you enough as you stand with the IRM team, holding us up in prayer, your partnership is invaluable.

That none would be lost,

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Jan. 15

Ministry Partners and Friends,

Good morning Kenya. It was nice to a room that was cool without having to have a fan on me.

It was nice having breakfast with Chaplin Edward and Aaron this morning. After breakfast they left to go buy water for us and the soap that we will take as gifts along with the Bibles to our first prison today.

It was a large prison of 1600 but only 600 were allowed to come, actually I went into their ward to speak. It was cloudy in the beginning but the hot sun came out. Two other Chaplin s were there and a woman Chaplin who said she would see me tomorrow when I go to speak to the women's wing of this same prison.

So today we were a team of six, Edward is taking the photo. 

The prisoners were thieves, smugglers and murderers, such a mix of ages but mostly I saw such young faces that appeared lifeless. I followed the same format but during my time I was stopped 4 different time so they could "count". Then I would start again and after a short time I would be stopped gain for another "count". Somehow their counts were not adding up to the men that were suppose to be there. It became very evident to the Chaplin s and myself that what was going on was demonic, Satan did not want these men to be free!!!!!

I am so thankful I serve a risen Savior who has more power that the enemy and we have the victory in Christ. Despite the enemy's feeble and distracting attempts the men still received Christ, including all the M_____ in the group, they prayed forgiveness and apologized to each other. Two inmates came forward and spoke of how they had had disagreements with other prisoners and were bitter BUT today they apologized to that inmate and then asked for forgiveness. As they shook hands and hugged the other  while the other prisoners cheered.

The rest of the team said how powerful today's teachings were. Edward says I need to come next year and do a training for Chaplin s. I told him I would pray about it BUT as of today I do not feel called to train men. I feel I need to keep the main thing the main thing and that's sharing the Gospel and the forgiveness message so that men and women can be reconciled to God first and then to each other.

Aaron needed to have some work done on the van so Edward took me dress shopping. We went to a myriad of shops with each lady just sure I should buy a dress from her even if it was not what I wanted. I wanted an authentic African dress with embroidery. Finally I found a top with pants, quite different from anything I would normally buy and it's in green!!!! I will keep an eye out for a dress.

During dinner there was a downpour, I pray the women have a room inside for us to gather in tomorrow.

I appreciate your prayers as the enemy's attacks continue. Please pray for:
  1. Open hearts for the Gospel
  2. That Satan would be held back from interfering  
  3. Health, energy and good sleep for the team
  4. Safety for our travels
That none would be lost,

Monday, January 14, 2019

Jan. 14

Ministry Partners and Friends,

I am a bit sad this morning as this is my last morning to awake in Uganda. It has been a whirlwind of ministry with ups and downs for sure, but such a powerful time of watching the Holy Spirit work. Ever day finds Aaron and I saying, “Well, this is a new adventure!” New concerns about our time in Kenya but I am excited to get there.

They did bring me a small fan last night which I aimed at my bed so although I did not sleep well, was wide-awake after only being asleep 1 ½ hours. Although I was under the net somehow I did get a bit on my upper leg, I’m not sure from what kind of bug but I did get some sleep.

This morning as we headed to the prison we went the opposite direction and ended up at the prison district office so we were a bit late arriving at the prison at the 8:45 time that we had hoped to be there for. The OC was such a nice gentleman receiving us into his office we chatted for a little bit and then after hearing that kind of program that we were going to present he said that we had the full amount of time that we needed and he told one of his officers that he wanted them to attend and listen to what we were going to present.

The prisoners were seated in chair two big trees so they had shade and I was able to stand mostly in the shade from the building behind me. A number of the prisoners were not there as we had passed them on the way to this farm prison doing work in the fields. I had never before seen cotton actually growing and the prisoners were long rows going through the field picking cotton today.

I just can’t help but smile when they first see me. They are a bit cautious of me but when they realize that I am not there to preach at them that I’m just going to share a story about Irsrael's choices made out of fear and how Israel dealt with fear, how all of us deal with fear including me, their demeanor towards me changes. Then after so many make not one, not two but three good choices huge smiles and laughter are evident They wanted to know when we will return and as we are putting things away to go these men formed lines around me, pushing each other so as many as possible could shake my hand and thank me for coming. As I shook hands with as many as possible I also spoke blessings over them, thieves, smugglers, rapists and murderers. 

Then it was the drive to Kenya where the process at the boarder took 2 hours. It was so hot  here and so many semi trucks, 

rows and rows and rows crossing from Kenya into Uganda. I was glad there was a man there who took us through the "hoops" although there was a charge.

The drive to Eldorate was on paved road  but we did not arrive until 6:30. Our contact pastor, Chaplin Edward, had car trouble and did not leave Kitale until 6:00 so he called his Chaplin friend to meet us at the designated hotel to make sure we approved and if not he would take us to another one. At one point I told Aaron since Eldorate was so large to just stop and get a motor bike to lead us there (they make for a good GPS). I was happy it was nice and we did not have to look further. Edward's friend arrived shortly after we did and he kept us company until Edward arrived. 

We decided on the days events for tomorrow and then the men unloaded the van and I am writing this blog. It's 11:30 and I am so tired I will say that is enough for now.
Goodnight from Kenya.

That none would be lost,