Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Jan. 2 - Today Satan’s disruptions did not win


 Ministry Partners,

 Milk delivery anyone

We were told that breakfast was served here at our hotel from 6-10 but when we arrived at 7 nothing was out so we decided to return to our room and pack up our suitcases and get them loaded in the van and then eat breakfast. But when we returned at 7:45 there was still no food out. A waiter then came to us and said since we were the only remaining guests at the inn they would not put a buffet out but we could order, which we did. Finally, our breakfast appeared and we asked for to-go containers, as we need to get on the road to Ntungamo prison where we were to arrive by 10.

We often find that the enemy tries to bring some disruption into our day just to get our focus on the distraction instead of what God has called us to do. Little did we know that he was going to work over time today.

Although because we were on the top of a mountain the fog was so thick that it made it difficult for Alfred to see the road and speed bumps so he drove slow. As we came off the mountain, the fog lifted and the last half of the drive the air was clear.

We arrived at Ntungamo Prison (770 men & 39 women) right at our scheduled time of 10:00 but things did not go as we had planned. Alfred had spoken to the O.C. yesterday but today she would not answer her phone and we were held at the first gate while one guard walked up the hill about 3 blocks to the office to find the O.C. was not there. He returned down the hill saying they could not let us enter. Even the Deputy O.C. who appeared said he could not let us enter because the O.C. had not made ANY of the other staff aware of our coming today and without her instruction, they could not let us enter.

Aaron has a discerning spirit and he said the O.C. had an unfriendly spirit towards ministry and that is why she did not inform her staff we were coming and turned off her phone. As we waited by the 1st gate even her staff could not get through to her. Alfred called the new Commissioner of Prisons in Kampala and allowed the guards here to overhear their conversation. The new Commissioner confirmed that we were given approval to enter and said he would call the O.C. but Alfred told him he may not get through as she had turned her phone off.

With over 325 entrances into prisons we have never had this happen, refusing us entrance altogether, although last year we had to call Commissioner Elizabeth and she straight way called that prison and they let us in.

By 11:30 we were still waiting at the 1st. gate and I am watching 28-30 inmates doing work with their hoes while 8 guards stand or sit around watching them. There are plants of; cabbage, tomatoes, yams and I am not sure what else.

I continued praying for God’s perfect will to be done and for him to intervene for us and that he did. After holding us in the hot sun at the first gate for 2 hours we were finally allowed to drive to the women’s prison.

What a wonderful group of 39 women and 5 officers were there. I had a great time with them as we shared our full program. At one point it began to sprinkle but the women, who were under the porch covering just turned to face me as the team then left the open area in front, in the open, and joined then under the narrow porch. After responding to all the invitations, I gave them scarves and the babies crochet caps. Then we were off to the men’s part of the prison where the men were entering a building that I would say would hold about 300 or so men. However, they kept entering and entering, all 770 of them and 1 officer. I stood on the porch and shook hands with many as they entered. Once inside, when I told them my age, they showed us a prisoner there that was 110. I cannot imagine being in prison at that age. Hearing their powerful voices, asking Jesus to be their Savior and then praying to forgive, made it VERY evident why Satan had worked so hard to disrupt things today.

I do not think I have ever spoken to a more attentive group. And when they started apologizing to each other they ended up having so much fun it took some minutes for them to settle.  

Then it was a 2-hour drive to where we would stay to make us close for tomorrows prisons. But during the drive we hit one of the worst downpours I have ever been in, accompanied by cracks of thunder and lighting. The new windshield wipers had trouble keeping the rain cleared so Alfred could see but he drove VERY slowly for quite some time and then it was quickly over.

I was glad when we got into our hotel although no ground floor room was available and I would need to climb stairs.

Tomorrow we are doing 2 crusades so it will be another full day. And they told us they start serving breakfast 5 but since the prison is somewhat close we will eat at 8.

I am tired tonight so that will be all.

Thank you for partnering with us by your prayers and financial support.

That none would be lost,



  1. I'm glad you were able to go into be with the prisoners even after waiting for 2 hours. A lot of rain going on in Uganda and praying for you and Alfred and Aaron as you continue to travel and bless other people's lives wherever you go to.

  2. Arlene, I was driving down the road yesterday, and felt compelled to pray for you. I am praying again right now.