Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Jan. 3 We added another prison crusade


Ministry Partners,

I did not take this photo, it's off an internet News program

Yesterday as we were driving in that downpour a similar vehicle with police in the back,  like this, were sitting sideways except for the guy in front who was standing and never sat down. They passed us with lights on and I could see part of a girl officer's face. They had rain gear on and had put their Ak47s  under their rain gear. We follower them for quit some time until the rain stopped. Then the rain gear came off and out came their guns.

Last night I slept well for the first time, from 9-6, only waking up one time at 2:30. Thanks for the prayers. I have 2 windows in my room with great screens, to keep out the mosquitos, so I had lots of fresh cool air in my small room that has a nice big bed. Although they provided a fan, I never used it. Because there are a number of prisons not too fan away, we will stay here two more nights. At least that was the plan as of today.

We have added another prison crusade before we end our time in Kenya so we are now at 37.

Breakfast buffet, which always come with your room was very good this morning with sausage, omelet, potatoes, beans, wheat bread, 2 dessert breads, matoki, steamed veggies, bananas, watermelon, pineapple, passion fruit, African tea, plain tea and coffee. For the first time to see not only corn flakes but also chocolate Coco Puffs, cereals that you eat with hot milk. There was morn than enough for me to choose from so I took my omelet and mad a sandwich with wheat bread along with a banana for my lunch.

When we arrived at the men's prison we found a Deputy O.C. that had seen us before at another prison, so we found favor with him. But we were not allowed to enter as they were having an issue with contraband in the prison and were having to check all the wards. The decision was made and he called the O.C. for the women's prison to see if we could go there then instead of in the afternoon. She approved us to come so we loaded the sound system and all the other things and drove the short distance to the women's area.

Some women were seated under a tent while others sat outside so I stood outside so I could address both groups. I was thankful that it was overcast today but also praying that it would not rain. Responses to all the invitations were evident of the work of the Holy Spirit in their hearts. We finished in the time given to us and then it was time to return to the men's prison where almost 2,000 inmates waited.

There they were seated in a 180 degree design in a sloping area so everyone could see me. Again they were so intent on what we were presenting, no one moving around or talking and eyes that follow every movement I make as I preach. At one point I felt a few rain drops on my arm and I pleaded with the Lord to please hold back the rain until we completed what he sent us there to do. I am so thankful he answered that pray with a "yes". Watching the acknowledgement in their eyes and faces as we present each object lesson is something I don't have words for and the powerful way they follow me in prayer as they admit they are a sinner and ask Jesus to forgive them, only the Holy Spirit can bring them to such an important decision.  

One inmate giving his testimony said, "Today, I told the inmates in my ward that I had a dream last night and I  was going to have a fight with my friend, whenever I see him because he has never cone to see me since I have been here. But as I listened to the message today about "Forgiveness" it was like cool water to my soul. I knew I had to forgive my friend and anyone here that I have offended I ask you to forgive me and those who have offended me, I forgive you."

I am so sad that our time of doing ministry in the prisons here in Uganda is almost over.

We stay within our modest budget and stay in nice but very moderate places but yesterday God blessed us and provided a very nice place within our budget for us to stay. Alfred says because it is the holidays that people are home with their families so hotel are all but empty after the New Year. So today when we got in from the last prison Alfred and I went for a swim, then we joined Aaron in the sauna and finally the steam bath. It was a special treat from the Lord for all of us as we have not had any time off and have been working so many long days.

Dinner too was good as Alfred had Curry, Aaron had a hamburger (he saw the one I had last night) and I had pizza and shared some pineapple coleslaw with the guys.

I am really ready for bed and asking the Lord to give me another good night of sleep. I want to finish well my time in Uganda.

Please continue to pray for us.

That none would be lost,



  1. What an incredible honor and privilege for you all to be witnessing the move of God in these people's hearts day after day!

  2. I am glad you had a good day and it wasn't raining as much as yesterday. I like testimony of the man in prison. Good to know you have good hotels to stay in that aren't expensive and you got to swim in a pool and have good sleep for nights. God bless and enjoy your days ahead!!!