Thursday, January 18, 2024

Jan. 18 What a wonderful day!!!


Ministry Partners,

I had a bit of a tough night but awoke excited for today as I will be doing two prisons crusades today, Kibos Med Security and Kisumu Max. Security.

         Aaron, Kibos Med. Security O.C., Arlene, Alfred

We had another huge variety of foods for breakfast but as usual the guys all ate many of the "local" foods and also ate some like I ate: Granola, yogurt, beans, potatoes, tea and today's new item a waffle.

We had everything packed up before breakfast so as soon as we finished we were off at 9:30 for the 30 min. drive to the first prison. Because it was morning and this was a farm prison many of the prisoners were out working but there were 200+ there. We were in the open but under the cover of trees. It had rained all night and things were muddy but I was thankful there was no rain today. And also thankful that most of the prisoners sat in plastic chairs or on big buckets with lids.

As soon as we started the crusade a tractor with a wagon load of dirt pulled close behind us and the inmates there started shoveling out the dirt. I was pleased that the shovels hitting the bottom of the metal wagon did not last long before they finished and drove away.

The inmates were so attentive and responded to all the invitations and the testimonies spoke clearly of the Holy Spirit's work in their hearts.  One prisoner said he was sentenced to death but had it commuted to life then had it commuted again to 20 years. He said as soon as he was released from prison he was going to kill the complainant and he told him so in court as well as telling his wife that she was going to be a widow. BUT today after receiving Jesus as his Savior he has chosen to forgive his complainant and his heart is free.

Then it was off for the short drive to Kisumu Max. Security were the O.C. warmly greeted us and then as we were starting the crusade he appeared and started entering the long line of wards to our right. We could see/hear him chasing the inmates that remained inside, outside telling them they needed to listen and having the guards lock the door. The 3,000 men were in front of me and on both side of me and no matter which direction I turned to their eyes were focused on us as we shared the gospel message, the forgiveness message and the apology message and responding to each one. 

It is so exciting to watch the Holy Spirit work!!!!

You and I, ministry partners, cannot change the world but the work God has called us to do here is changing the lives of 1,000's. Thank you for your partnership.

The we were off for a 1 1/2 hour drive to Siaya where we will do two prison crusades tomorrow, the last crusades of this ministry trip. That is so difficult for me to think of, I am not ready to finish and come home.

We found a place to stay at first try and dinner has been ordered but it's 8:30 and they have not called us yet to eat. Will we wen to eat and only two of the guys could have fish because it was all they had, two had some kind of beef that was too salty and my pork was uneatable since it was burnt and hard. I am thankful we are only here for one night. We all laughed when we tried to guess what they might offer us for breakfast.

Continue to pray for our last day tomorrow and then we will leave for Uganda as soon as we finish at the last prison.

That none would be lost,


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