Monday, January 15, 2024

Jan. 15 Kibos Max. Security Prison


Ministry Partners,

It is a cloudy morning here in Kisumu, Kenya but because the prion we are visiting today is scheduled for this 1:30  this afternoon. That means everyone got to sleep in and breakfast was later at 8:30 and I got a good nights rest last night and slept until 6.

Breakfast was wonderful with too many items to remember but the favorite thing I chose was yogurt with granola, it was very yummy.

Alfred and I spent some time going over the bills and what our final days in Uganda will look like, there is so much to do to finalize this trip. Our final days here in Kenya are coming far too soon.

"I will not kill my complainant when I am released as I have planned, I have forgiven her."
 Kibos Max. Security Prison was only a 30 drive from our hotel but the drive took us through some street merchants that showed the weight of the poverty here. At one point I noticed a young girl (13 or so) made up and standing in the doorway of a shanty with a garment on that told what she was selling. I can't imagine growing up with no options. Some things are just the way of life here, according to Alfred that is why there are so many in prison.
We got stopped by a bunch of vans offloading a group of people as a defected Orthodox Bishop (in all his fancy ragalia?) started marching down the street in front of the group as they were being videoed. I was  glad that the round about gave us an exit.
One woman guard told me not to be concerned as a separate male guard was going through our object lesson bag. I told her I was familiar with the process as I had entered over 350 prisons. Then I handed the male guard the brown bag with 2 ties in it (a gift for the O.C.) which he looked in and then put in the object lesson bag. I then handed him my bible in it's zippered case. I watched as he unzipped the case, looked inside and then zipped it up, handing it back to me. It was nice to see him handle my old bible with respect.
When we got inside about 900 men filled the area in front of where they told me to preach and I had the opportunity to shake hands with a few of them. I was happy to see many of them had chairs to sit on and did not have to sit on the ground. But part way into the crusade all the men that had originally been seated against the walls moved in, coming closer. It's interesting to watch many of them nodding their heads in agreement with some of the things I say. There was a wonderful response to the salvation, forgiveness and apology invitations. It was so good to watch/see/hear. Bishop Moses said there was a powerful move of the Holy Spirit today.
We were unable to get any testimonies as they were already a bit late for their dinner. But before leaving the area the local chaplains had us go the nearby protestant church for a bit to eat. It is really something that those who have little always want to share what they do have. When we finished and I walked outside I saw a little boy playing nearby so I went to the van and got him a cap, then a little girl appeared so I found a cap for her , another boy appeared so he got a cap too.
I am tired tonight but feeling better,  thanks for praying. I'm looking forward to hitting the bed early.

Thanks for holding us up in prayer.
 That none would be lost,


  1. Another good day for you and I'm glad you're feeling better. Thanks for sharing your daily news on your trip as you're spread out God's love and salvation to people ❤️ 🙏

  2. I'm so glad you're feeling better. Please take care.