Friday, November 27, 2009

Giving Thanks

"Thank You" to the gracious pastors who allowed me to share in their churches and for your prayers while I traveled safely to and in the Klamath Falls, Oregon area. I am so very thankful for partners who pray and support me and the ministry of IRM.

For me, Thanks-giving is not a day but a frame of mind. I am especially reminded of God's goodness in my everyday events and as I see the photos of the recent trip to Rwanda where the faithfulness of God was so evident every day.

Sharing a gospel tract and scarf with this village woman.

In America I get caught up in the pace of daily affairs but in the slower pace of Rwanda the way God orchestrates each day is more obvious. It is a thrilling thing to see Him provide opportunities that stretch and use me, all the while equipping me to do tasks I am untrained to do. At one point in the trip I told God that I needed new words for which to praise Him for what I was seeing Him do. Words like awesome, great, mighty, majestic and spectacular just cannot express what I felt in my heart as I witnessed God work.

The "Core Team", that IRM established in Rwanda on the last trip, had their first meeting this last week in preparation for the 2010 trip. The team is made up of Pastor Deo - Prison Fellowship, Pastor Roger - Foursquare Missionary, Pastor Peter, Pastor Isaiah and Alfred - IRM Operations Supervisor, I am also on the team but function from America. All of us have a unified vision for future ministry within the prisons of Rwanda. They currently are working on a Training Manual for pastors who find themselves in prison.

The main focus of IRM will remain the same - Evangelism and providing Bibles but training these pastors is so very important, teaching them to evangelize and to encourage the other christian prisoners in their walk with Jesus. I feel that teaching them how to be fishers of men is a very good goal for IRM.

I will be speaking at my home church for all three services this weekend and I have one presentation next Friday. If you are interested in having me speak or do a presentation for your church or organization please contact me.

I am continuing to collect much needed scarves and ties for the 2010 trip.

May I ask for your consideration - If you have a person that you need a Christmas gift for and you are unsure what to buy for them or they already have "everything", please consider buying Bibles in their name for the people of Rwanda. It would be a meaningful gift that would help our brothers and sisters in Christ grow in their Christian walk.

Have a wonderful holiday season.


Friday, November 6, 2009

Off to Southern Oregon

Musanze Reconciliation Village,
Always such joy at receiving a Bible

Dear Ministry Partners,
Greeting in the name of our wonderful Savior.
I leave this morning to travel to Klamath Falls in Southern Oregon. I will visit
family and I have scheduled 4 churches to speak in. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would give me the right words to convey what He is doing in Rwanda and the need there.
The road reports say it is snowing in the mountains so I would appreciate your prayers for safe travel as I go and then return on Nov.16. I will be working on my "Afterglow" letter from the Sept./Oct. trip and you should receive it before too long.
Thank you for your continued prayers and support,