Thursday, June 30, 2022

June 30 - Counting the prsoners every hour

 Ministry Partners,

it was nice to sleep in today until 7:00 AM as breakfast was not until 8 and  then at about 9:00 we were off to Lira Men's Prison with the women's prison being in the afternoon. Breakfast was a variety of foods according to what we ordered. For me it was plain tea, bacon, french toast and pineapple. The guys had  coffee, African tea, juice, omelette, chapatti, beans and watermelon.

We often see animals like this baboon as we travel

No matter how many prisons I go to it still is a heartbreaking thing to enter and see the faces and conditions the prisoners live in. It is nothing against the prison administration it is just housing so many and having so little. It does make me wonder though why with nothing much to do why the prisons are not in pristine, clean conditions. As I looked t the uniforms to day it was clear that there is a meaning behind each different one. Some yellow and some orange and some yellow with blue collars while others had blue collars and sleeves.

Today was interesting as the stopped us twice and we had to wait quite some time as they counted. I am not sure if they were missing someone or what he issue was. Watching the men crouch in rows in the hot sun for quite a length of time was had to watch. Neither Alfred or Aaron speaks the language here so an inmate translated for me.At the end of the buildings center where we were the were cooking in gigantic pots with the fire flame licking at the bottom and sides of the pots. The sicking smell of smoke filled the air and burnt or eyes. I cannot imagine breathing that every day.

The O.C. was a younger man with a broad smile but every bit in authority.

At the women's prison there were some children and the women were a bit scattered with some sitting on the ground at the side of the covered area where we were and others along side an adjoining where we were. Once again a woman prisoner translated for me.

After the rutted dirt roads we traveled yesterday but the time I finished 2 crusades today my hips were very sore so I laid across my bed for a bit when we got back to where we are staying. On the way home we stopped at a market so Alfred could pick me up more yogurt. Eating some every day is helping my tummy. I had spaghetti last night but am not sure what tonight will bring.

I am VERY disappointed as yesterday after writing on the blog it would not let me post to fb. and although I just tried again it will not.

Tomorrow is another travel day plus 2 prison crusades so we appreciate your continuing prayers for the prisoners and for us.

That none would be lost,


Wednesday, June 29, 2022

June 29 - Our GPS

Ministry Partners,

Today the first prison was close so we were able to sleep in tell 7:30, then after a huge buffet breakfast we were off to the first prison. It’s funny that although the faces are different they seem so familiar as they sit looking at you with that hopeless look in their eyes.

Each day as I look back on the day’s events it seems that I am looking add someone else’s life and yet I was there, and yet I saw those men and women make good decisions for their life today. Receiving God’s free gift of salvation and then praying forgiveness over someone else or themselves followed by them apologizing to each other and learning that they can live lives of peace and not turmoil

We traveled a few hours to the second prison today and at one point the roads were so bad and rutted we actually took a wrong road and had to back track. I was beginning to be concerned that we were ever going to find the prison. The OC was ever so nice and ended up staying through the complete crusade. In the beginning we found there was a large group of women that they said could not come to the men’s section so I would be doing a third crusade today. But I’m so thankful that God intervened and the decision was made to allow the women to come into a fenced section right next to the Men’s section. I was thankful that I could speak to both groups at one time and not have to preach two crusades this afternoon. It was hot today and my strength is still not at top level.

Once again neither Alfred nor Aaron could speak the local language so an inmate translated for me period of course I’m not sure but it appeared that he did a very good job and kept up with me. It’s difficult when they keep stopping and looking at me and wanting me to repeat what I said so it’s nice when they can keep up. It is specially makes me laugh at the section when I holler about my conversation with God, the young man today actually hollered and kept up

It was especially interesting when we got to the part of the crusade that the men were apologizing to each other. I turned and looked at the OC and he was smiling from ear to ear and as I looked at him he shook his head up and down, appreciating what he was watching. At the end he thanked us and told us that he really wanted us to return again.

Then we were off to the next town and trying to find a place to stay. 

Following our GPS

We finally hired a motorbike man to take us to a motel. Sometimes they act as a local GPS and that’s fine but other times they just get you lost like the man did today. We were driving around in the middle of nowhere and it’s certainly was evident that he didn’t know where the motel was that we had given in the name of. He stopped and asked a number of times about the location and once we had to backtrack because we had taken a wrong turn as we followed him. The motel is not that great but since it is 6:30 at night we will make it do until at least tomorrow.

We ordered dinner at 6:30 and it is now 7:30 and dinner has not yet arrived. Somehow I feel this is going to be a long night.

Continue to pray for:

  • Open hearts for the Gospel
  • Health, strength and rest for the team
  • Travel safety
  • That none would be lost,
  • Arlene


Tuesday, June 28, 2022

June 28 - The tears fell as she shared that she had forgiven her rapest

 Ministry Partners,

It was wonderful today to sleep in until 7 am. 

The long buffet of local foods just was not enticing to me for breakfast so I ended up eating some noodles with some beans (similar to "pork & beans" just with out the pork) along with a rolled piece of dough that seemed somewhat like a biscuit. I had a couple of pieces of pineapple but am being really careful of the fruit for now.

 I had Alfred take a photo of the gifts I received at the prison yesterday.

It appears the the cord for the new sound system is missing so we made a stop in town to purchase another one, luckily we were able to find one. Then we were off to the two prisons for today, Gulu Men and Gulu Women. It is always a treat when the prisons are close.

They had a very large tent for me to preach from today while the prisoners sat in the sun around three sides of the tent. An inmate translated for me and I THINK he did a good job but it always makes me nervous when so I am not sure what they are communicating to the prisoners. After our time with the prisoners we met with the O.C. which was an interesting endeavor. I am always so thankful for Alfred who reads between the lines and knows just how to respond and/or lead the conversation.

Then it was off to the women's section and again a woman prisoner to translate for me. One lady sitting in the front seemed to be the "boss" of a large section of the young women, not allowing them to respond to the invitation. But in the end Alfred addressed the rosaries many were wearing and received a better response to another invitation. It was thrilling to see the women set free from religious bondage!

At testimony time 1 prisoner wept as she stated how she had forgiven the person who raped her when she was a young child and another said she had been planning to take revenge on the person who brought her to prison but today she forgave her.

I forgot to tell you yesterday that on the was here we came to a bridge where there were some baboons and the water was a torrent and beautiful. I was taking some photos of the rushing water and saw no signs posted concerning "NO PHOTOS". A young officer pulled us over and threatened me for taking the photos of the water and bridge saying he could take me to the Minister of Defense because photos of the bridge were not allowed! He told me to delete the photos and then tried to bribe us. Alfred chatted a bit with him the gave him and his buddy a bottle of water. That small bribe seemed enough because we were allowed to proceed on our way.

Because we started early this morning we were able to finish and return to our motel by 3pm and the guys then left to do some errands while I got this blog done. That means I can get to bed early tonight. A tall young beautiful young woman is cleaning our rooms as I type, I wish I had her at home with me. 

I appreciate your prayers as I still am still weak and need strength as well as intestinal issues crop up day by day. 

Please pray for:

  • Open hearts for the gospel
  • Travel safety
  • Rest & health for the team

That none would be lost,



Monday, June 27, 2022

June 27 - 1650 beautiful dark faces were very intent today as they listened to me

 Ministry Partners,

Today we left Kampala at 8 am for the long drive to Masindi Main Prison and to Masindi Women's Prison.


We arrived at noon and the men were already gathered in a very large courtyard and they had the IRM team under a porch overhang. It hurt my heart as I looked out at the men sitting in the very hot sun and yet I have never had men listen more intently to me as I spoke. I really am blessed to be doing what I an doing. About an hour into the 2 hour program the heat began to get to me as I am still weak but eating yogurt to improve my gut health.

And as I finished 6 prisoners appeared with gifts for me. A flower "trophy" made by the men and a large woven tray to place the "trophy" on. Oh my goodness, it was all I could do to not cry. The gifts though did not compare to the response I saw to the salvation message, it was thrilling to watch.

Then it was off to the women's section where we spent 2 hours with 58 women who danced for us at the end of our time with them.

Then it was off for a 2 1/2 hour rive to Gulu where we began the process of trying to find a place to stay. Two hours and 4 hotels later Alfred finally found us a place. I was so tired that I was ready to sleep in the van.

Tomorrow we have 2 more prisons to visit and since it is 9:30 already and I need to bathe and fall into bed. I am so very tired. I think the guys are tired also as they currently are discussing the translations today and they both have the giggles!!!!

Your continued prayers are so appreciated.

That none would be lost,


Sunday, June 26, 2022

June 26 - Leaving Kampala

 Ministry Partners,

This morning at 8:00 o'clock we left the town of Kampala and the lovely place we have been staying. The owners of the hotel were kind in allowing us to keep a locked storeroom for the things we will not need on our remaining Uganda prison travels or when we arrive in Kenya. The also packed us a variety of breakfast drinks and foods since we were leaving so early. I am still having trouble eating so was happy we stopped yesterday on the LONG drive home and picked up a variety of yogurt for me. The pineapple Greek yogurt is wonderful and i am trying to help my gut health.

We had bible booklets for Kenya and other things too much for the inside of the van so my bright fuchsia suitcase was wrapped with a tarp and tied down on the top of our van. Now, we looked like locals!

We were on a 4 hour drive to get to the two prisons in Hoima. I am still feeling weak so I slept most of the way there at least as best I could with the myriad of speed bumps, 1 large, 4 small, 2 small, 3 med the 4 small again. Of all the things I love about Africa those nasty speed bumps are not one of them, they just jar and shake everything to bits including my back and hips.

The O.C. was a tall pleasant man with a broad smile and as we went inside the prisoners were all gathered in a "U" fashion with a few sitting under the roof hangover and the rest sitting in the HOT sun.  My heart went out to them and yet they never moved for the 2 + hours I taught. I was able to do my preaching from a narrow strip of shade but made the bad mistake of stepping out in the sun for a a few minutes. I quickly retreated to the shade but within a few minutes it was as if my strength was stripped from me. I quickly sat on the steps as I told Alfred I thought I was going to pass-out from the heat. After explaining to the prisoners that I was dealing with some issues with my blood the Holy Spirit helped me finish. It was amazing watching so many make decisions for Christ including the O.C. and as we were walking towards the car one guard asked Aaron the pray with him so he could receive Christ as Savior. 

Then it was off to the women's section were we found 20 women. When we finished we were able to give each one a bible & booklet along with a headscarf. Each of the babies there received one of the crouched caps made by the group from Canby Foursquare Church.

Then it was off to find a place to stay for the night. After we got our rooms we headed to the restaurant where I actually felt like eating for the first time.

After working on finances with Alfred and I finished this blog I will take a hot bath in the tub here, unusual for sure and get to bed early, another first!

Your continuing prayers are appreciated.

That none would be lost,


Friday, June 24, 2022

June 24 - 12th Prison Crusade today


Ministry Partners,

Today we completed 12 prison crusades and I can tell you that has only happened because of God’s faithfulness to us and the ministry He has called us to do here. We have been in Jinja and have not had internet services but quite frankly I have been too ill to do a post. 

 Jut how much can you carry on your head?

I have a wonderful team with Pastor Peace traveling with the Bible/Booklet and supply off-loads so that those things are ready for us when we arrive at each prison. Then there is Dr. Alfred and Pastor Aaron who travel with me and do absolutely everything for me leaving me only the sweet task of preaching and the Holy Spirit has equipped me at every crusade to do just that. As I find it difficult to put one foot in front of the other and the issue of coughing until my throat is raw creates as well as having intestinal issues and the addition of fuzzy thinking makes for quite a picture of me. But it is the FACT that I know my Savior has the victory in all we try to accomplish that gives me the energy to stand when I feel so weak and frail and having the shakes does not help either. Then the transformation takes place as a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit clears my mind and gives me focus and strength. At every crusade I know when all I can do is stand I know He will give me all I need to share His love with those dear souls looking at me.

But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” 2 Corinthians 12:9 (ESV)

Then as soon as the crusade is over I am at the van laying back in the seat sleeping as we travel over bumpy African roads and doing the same as soon as we arrive back at our hotel. My energy has been completely zapped and exhaustion has been my ugly companion, very unusual things for me but today when we finally got back to our motel in Kampala and we had internet this is the Bible Gateway verse that appeared in my email, “But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.” 2 Thess. 3:3 Isn’t it just like our dear Holy Spirit to bring just the right verse to remind me of his faithfulness.

I also want to thank each one of you who have taken the time to pray for me. It was a sweet balm to my heart to know that I have such precious partners.  I have never not wanted to eat before so having to force myself to eat when I did not want to has been a chore. I am eating yogurt every day to try and build up what the antibiotic destroyed in my stomach.

Today is the first day that the fuzziness in my brain has subsided enough so that I could construct some sentences that make sense.

Today when we got up it was raining hard but by the time we had arrived at the prison it had stopped. We only had 1 crusade at a small prison and it was quite different from the maximum security prison that we were in yesterday. Three stories tall and me preaching from the center courtyard with men peering down from every level. But it’s great when I can be close enough to the prisoners to look them in the eyes and so precious as I hear them asking Jesus to forgive them and be their Savior like the Muslim prisoner today and today we also watched as the staff made decisions. It makes every second of my discomfort so very, very worth it.  

And today like every prison we have been too we heard, “When will you come back? We invite you to come back any time.”

That’s it for today. Please pray:

  • That the Holy Spirit would prepare the hearts of the prisoners
  • For a fresh anointing for the team
  • That my energy continues to improve and that the coughing completely dissipates 

That none would be lost,



Wednesday, June 22, 2022

June 21 - Two prisons today

 Ministry Partners,

I'm sorry that I have not been able to post recently due to my continuing hearth issues and very sketchy internet service.

Yesterday we did two services and today will be another two. I can tell you without the anointing from the Holy Spirit I could not be doing what I am doing. I am pretty weak but as I stand to speak He helps me deliver the message.

The Officers-in-Charge I am meeting this trip are ever so nice.

Somehow I have now developed intestinal issues as well as a racking cough that keeps me awake at night.

Alfred and Aaron are doing a great job in ministry and taking care or me.

It is 8am and time for breakfast, never thought I would see the day when I don't want to eat but do just for my health.

Please continue to pray for open hearts for the Gospel, Health for the team, safety as we travel, favor with everyone we meet.

That none would be lost,