Thursday, January 30, 2020

Jan. 29 & 30

Today is flight day and I have such mixed feelings. I will miss sharing the gospel every day and being with people who are making such good choices for their lives that their lives will never be the same. I will miss being with my Ugandan and Kenyan team and not having to drive or fix my own meals. Of course, I will miss the delicious pineapple here which costs about $.50 each according to Aaron.

 I will also miss seeing the darling children and seeing just how much the ladies can carry on their heads. 

Last night we had dinner with the Commissioner of Prisons, Elizabeth, and the Deputy Commissioner of Prisons, Apollo. It was great to see Elizabeth as I did not see her at the beginning of the trip like I did Apollo. It is wonderful to have found such favor with both of them and she says we are family. She is going to retire perhaps in Sept and raise chickens. We have been blessed to work every year with them since we started in Uganda, six years ago.

IRM blessed Elizabeth, Apollo, Pastor Aaron and Pastor Peace with small gifts before we ended our time together.

But I will not miss the traffic here. A 15 min. drive to the restaurant took us an hour and our drive back to the hotel took us more than 2 hours! At one point while we were stopped in a "jam" for over 20 min. an 18 wheeler truck, hauling a container, pushed it's way through, hitting the back corner of a transport van. He never stopped but just kept going as the van drive took a look at the damage. With the traffic almost bumper to bumper motor bikes just do what they want.

They make a lane of their own going with traffic or going against traffic or going cross wise of traffic in a 20" wide space.

Thank you for your prayers concerning my health. I am feeling better and still taking the meds.

I have packed 3 old broken down suitcases to leave at Alfred's home as well as putting the speaker in its box ant taping it up to keep the dust out. After dropping me at the airport Aaron will take the things to Alfred's.

Thank you so much for following this 2019-2020 ministry trip, I hope you have enjoyed the journey.

That none would be lost,

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