Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Jan. 27 & 28

Ministry Partners,

Jan. 27 -
I awoke feeling better today, but every time I eat anything I feel worse. Not sure what the issue is but I'm still taking the meds from the Dr. that I saw and taking the Cipro so I'm hopeful I will have this behind me when I leave for home Thursday evening.

Although they are having a large conference here they did not rent out "my" room but saved it for my return. That was a special gift to me for sure, to be close to the reception area and the restaurant as well as being on the ground floor so I do not have to climb stairs is a special blessing.  Aaron was not so lucky, his room has always been in the second floor right above me but he now has a room across the property but we are thankful that they kept a room for him.

After breakfast Aaron left for town to see about getting a new battery for our sound system and take the van for servicing while I am sorting supplies to leave at Alfred's home and do some paperwork as and there is lots to get done.  

I am going to miss these common sights

Jan. 28 -  
It was a rainy day morning here in Kampala and we had errands to do in town.  Pastor Peace arrived and will go with us to have the IRM Report printed that we will turn in to Commissioner Elizabeth and Deputy Commissioner Apollo tomorrow evening at dinner. I needed to go to the bank and run other errands to finalize the trip.

The rain had stopped as we headed home from town but I was disappointed as I could not find the small things I needed to purchase as well as the small bags of coffee beans that I usually give as Christmas gifts. I will have to think of something else to give at Christmas.

Tried to pack up most of the things to be stored and the two suitcases I will bring home this afternoon. Thankful that the suitcases that will be stored at Alfred's can be over 50 lbs like my flight bags have to be. The scale I have used for years bit the dust so purchased a new scale before coming. I don't want to be surprised when I get to the airport and have to pay extra for overweight bags.

Technology is great when it works and frustration when it doesn't. Trying to get posts done and posted when the internet isn't usable is common and when I can get on line it's so weak certain programs just don't work. My personal Wifi finished when I went to Kenya and purchasing a weeks worth here for only a couple of days did not seem cost effective. I am trying to use the one here at the hotel but with only 1 "bar" it's strength is weak. I will be more thankful for the Wifi at my Oregon home when I get there.

I appreciate your continuing prayers for:
  • Health
  • Travel safety
That none would be lost,


  1. Arlene, definitely praying for your health and trip home. Also for all who were saved to be well disciplined too. I especially relate to long travel concerns. I too am on in years and recently traveled to another country. I am always amazed how the Lord meets our needs, even for a bathroom facility when we need it. Praying for good health, strength and safety. May the Lord bless you much. Becky Taylor 🙏🏻💕☺️

  2. I meant discipled not disciplined. Oops

  3. Prayers for your stomach health. No fun as I've had stomach issues as well. Thanks for sharing your journey in Africa. Take care my friend. Hopefully see you in Feb. Hugs!

  4. Safe travels Arlene... proud of you!��