Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Jan. 30

Ministry Partners and Friends,

Although I am  looking forward to being at home in my own bed today is a sad day for me as I leave Africa for my 16th time.

Thank you so much for praying for me as I did not cough as much during the night but still feel poorly.

I also appreciated the mosquito net they put up for me yesterday as last night the ones in my room did not keep me from sleeping.

 A very good African proverb!

And this morning I saw this proverb as I was looking for something else and although it made me smile because of the pesky mosquito in my room it also carries a very good message that God can use even the smallest things we do for Him. 

The cook here offered to make my dinner early since I will be leaving to go to the airport but I told him regular time with everyone else was fine. All the staff here is so nice, I forwarded my boarding passes to the man in the office, Charles, and he printed them out for me. Last year I did this before arriving at the airport and it worked well.

8pm is only a few hour away, time for the christian Uber driver the lodge uses to arrive to take me to the airport.

I appreciate each one of you who has partnered with me for and during this trip.
It is has been a special gift to me to know you were praying, please continue to pray for my health and travel home.

That none would be lost,

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  1. Hopefully you can get some sleep on the plane as you travel home with less cough. Lots of cold weather on the east coast where flights have been cancelled because below zero weather. I'm thankful there's people who help you in your time away from home. God keeps his love flowing everywhere we are situated at the moment. Hugs and blessings my friend!💜