Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Jan. 23

Ministry Partners and Friends,

Good morning from Naivasha, Kenya.

After breakfast it was a short distance to this max. security prison, a prison like no other one I have been to in over 185 entrances into prisons in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. The prison was massive, I would say that the wall we drove down was at least 4 city blocks long and we went though checkpoint after checkpoint after checkpoint.......8 in total. After the first  four Aaron drove our van from the parking area into the center area past those huge high walls where everything was checked.

Can you imagine opening boxes of bibles and tearing off the cellophane from each bible then checking through the pages to make sure there was no contrarian? I was the first time for me to be taken to a private room and have a women officer search me!!! We met with the O.C. who seemed to young for such a position and I prayed for him before leaving his office. I was not afraid as I know God went before and behind me but all the extreme security left me "just a bit" cautious, but that disappeared as I began to speak.

Although there where 6,000 inmates there once again only on portion came come due to the security issues.

A lot of different chaplains and guards accompanied our team of Chaplin Edward, Aaron and myself and Bishop Moses. It was thrilling to see so many M______ and ask for forgiveness and receive Jesus as their Savior, one removed his cap as he asked the savior for forgiveness! We were cut short due to counting but I was still able to lead them in the "Forgiveness Prayer". It's difficult when they tell you you have a certain amount of time and then they cut you short but tomorrow I will cancel some of my message to start with so there will be time for the "apologize and asking for forgiveness" portion of our program.

On the way back to our hotel we stopped to exchange some money and purchase more water and bread for our lunches. As we ate our PBJ sandwiches Moses stated how much he liked the peanut butter.

We unloaded the van so I could sort all the remaining supplies, I plan to use most of the remaining donated scarves and crocheted caps tomorrow at the women's prison.

So very hard to think that tomorrow is my last day of prison ministry in Africa.

Please continue to pray:
  1. Oen hearts for the Gospel
  2. A fresh anointing for the team
  3. Healing of the deep cough I have developed
  4. Strength for the team
Thanks so much.

That none would be lost, 

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  1. What a story to share and know God was with you and thankful for the lives given to the Lord. May it linger in their lives for the remainder of their lives and help them through struggles in prison and out, if ever. Have a good trip back...CERT dinner Feb 16, just thought about you when Megan told me about it the other week! Hugs and continued prayers for your health and journey with the team!