Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Jan. 22

Ministry Partners and Friends,

Today was our last day in Nakuru, Kenya.

It was an early morning of my own making as I was up at 4 but then I was able to spend time hatting with Alfred, my son, in Australia. After breakfast we headed to the women's prison here where there were also seventeen children.

I was pleased the Foursquare Missionary Kalysa met us there, she and I would be great friends if I lived here. In my head I understand the offenses committed in these max. security prisoners but in my heart still feels compassion for the devastating consequences they find themselves, mostly by their own choices.

The assistant Chaplin from yesterday met us at the prison as well as the women's chaplain. She was ever so thin, tall and wearing a darling dress made of African fabric. After some time we were ushered into the O.C.'s office. She was a round faced women with a broad smile, very much in command of her position. She was gracious to us and we chatted for a bit as Aaron was setting up the sound system in the building where we would be. As we were walking towards the building the woman chaplain met us and continued to walk with us. I could hear the drums and the ladies beautiful singing but as we entered the room there was Aaron drumming away. Goodness was he ever having fun.

A ways into our program the Foursquare Missionaries Pastor Fidelis and his wife Kalysa entered th room wearing bright and beautiful traditional wear. Kalysa also had a flower in her hair, they made for a darling couple.

Although some women made decisions for Christ, forgiveness and apologizing but there appeared to be the same hardness with them that I saw yesterday in the men. Near the end of our time the women with babies all got up and left, it was the scheduled time for them to feed them. We finished and I went to the room where the mothers, babies and some cribs were. I had counted crocheted caps and had enough to bless them with some left over.
What a sweet gift they are for the mom's and little ones.

Then after making our PBJ sandwiches to eat on the way it was off to Naivasha, a 1 4/5 min. hour drive. As we were driving we saw baboons in a number of areas and one group was quite large 50 or so.
And then I saw zebras, what a treat! 

 But right before we arrived in Naivasha we saw a terrible accident, I'm thankful for your prayers and God's hand of protection on our vehicle.

Edward and Aaron took a motorbike around town trying to find us a hotel but can back unsuccessful for one in our price range. So, we headed out of town in our vehicles to see what we could find and God provided one at the first place we stopped.

We ordered our dinners to be ready at 6 and they were promptly ready at 6:30. After catching up the finance book, this blog and showering I hope to be in bed by 10 since I have been up since 4am.

Tomorrow with be another high security prison #12 here with only 2 more to do on Thursday.

Thank you for partnering with IRM and me, I could not do what I am doing without God's leading and your prayers and financial support.

That none would be lost,

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