Thursday, January 17, 2019

Jan. 17

Ministry Partners and Friends,

I started off this morning just giving God praise and being so thankful for things like a firm mattress, 6 hours of sleep, a good mosquito net, a toilet that flushes and clean hot water to bathe in. As we drive down village streets dirt is flying everywhere and when it rains like last night then mud is everywhere. As we travel down those dry roads we raise a heavy blanket of dust that covers those who are walking alongside and that dirt permeates the houses alongside the road. I think most of us in America take so much for granted, I know I do. Yesterday I saw someone filling a gerry can with water from the most dirty pond where someone else was washing their motor bike.

Yesterday I posted a photo of me hugging a prisoner who I had met last year. Later I found my photo taken with her last year.

I laughed as I was wearing the same top!

As I went for our scheduled 7:30 breakfast this morning the sleepy head guys didn't come until 8. It was an opportunity for lighthearted teasing, I know for sure I will get teased back.

In Uganda we added 1 prison making 30 there and last evening it was decided to add 1 here making 14. That will make a total of 44 prisons visited this trip.

Today we drove about 1 hour to a men's prison. When we entered with the two lady Chaplins the 450  men were already gathering behind a heavy high wire fence and they had us set up on the outside. I told the Chaplin that it would not work for me, I wanted to be inside, closer to the men. After much conversation I was allowed to enter and the team also entered with our equipment. The sun was so hot, I was glad I put my sunscreen on my nose and arms. I have stood many, many times in the sun and preached, sometimes twice a day but today about 3/4ths of the way through I knew I was about to pass out. I turned around, grabbed a chair and sat down. I continued preaching and Aaron gave his testimony while I sat. Then Aaron and I did one of our object lessons and finished the last of the crusade. There were so many young men there, sad and hopeless looking but today they heard how much Jesus loves them.

Edward and Moses found us a place to stay and then tomorrow morning after I preach at the women's prison here then we drive to another town to stay overnight in preparation for ministry there the next day.

What a trip this has been, stories for a lifetime.

Please continue to pray.

That none would be lost,


  1. Yes...another day and more people hearing God's word. Glad you had a comfy sleep. It's been chilly here these last couple weeks. I won't complain much as you've been in the heat too long and praying you stay healthy Arlene. Have a blessed and safe rest of your trip!

  2. So glad you got inside those prison fences. I am sure the humidity there combined with the heat makes you dehydrated. Please keep taking those minerals, drinking lots and eating !!! I know those long trips are hard to find BR but you need to keep hydrated. Ok enough of the nurse talk. Hugs and Prayers, E&R

  3. Arlene, you are such an inspiration! I’m a better person today just after reading what you just wrote! You are amazing, loved, and prayed for!