Monday, January 21, 2019

Jan. 21

Ministry Partners and Friends,

Today was a beautiful bright morning in Nakuru, Kenya.

I told you I would report on dinner last night, well it was the best pastor Aaron said he had had in a long time and so was my meaty spaghetti with cheese and salad. Moses and Edward also commented that their Tilapia and chicken was very good. But I must say breakfasts hear are interesting today besides the regular cereal, omelette and toast there were also pancakes, diced cooked carrots, lg. white beans in a light tomato sauce, meatballs in sauce, yams, a green veggie like Swiss Chard, donuts, a cookie like biscuit, a variety of fruits and juices. Way too much to even try!!

 We had special guests today as Foursquare Missionaries Pastor Fidelis and his wife Kalysa met us at the prison. They were very familiar with both the men's and women's prison as they do ministry here. Kalysa will meet me tomorrow at the women's prison where I will be speaking and then Aaron and I along with Edward will travel to Naivasha where Moses will meet us. He left after our prison visit today to go and make preparations for us.
 Kalysa, Arlene & Pastor Fidelis

Although we arrived at the prison at 9 we were not admitted until almost 10:30. This was a max. security prison so many of the prisoners were not allowed to come due to security. The assistant to the chaplin did most or the translation for me but Aaron and I still did the object lessons. The men were seated in front of me with some men and the choir siting in chairs to my left. During my speaking time I had to sit and wait for the men to be counted, I have become accustom to that practice.
 Although many made decisions there was a hardness that was evident. It is so sad when people think that because they know "religious" things in their heads that they are OK and going to heaven even though Eph. 2:8-9 says eternal life is not of our own works and a free gift that needs to received.

When we finished at the prison Pastor Fidelis and Kalysa went into town with Aaron and I. They helped me find a shop where I could purchase an African dress, what a sweet couple.

It gets harder ever day just knowing my time here is coming to an end.

Please pray:
  1. Satan would be bound and the spiritual chains around the hearts of men & women would be broken
  2. A greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit
  3. Energy and strength that the team would finish strong
  4. A fresh anointing for each team member
  5. Travel safety
That none would be lost,


  1. Lord Jesus, we ask for Your will that none should perish continue to be fulfilled. We bind Satan's power and break the chains he has set up over all of the hearts that will hear Your word, and we ask for a mighty out-pouring of the Holy Spirit to bring the hearts of these men and women to Jesus. Cover this beloved ministry team with Your love, protection and safety. Thank you for Your word that You will "refresh the weary and satisfy the faint." Jer 31:25 Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  2. Good report and thankful you're safe after being in a maximum security prison. Can be scary but God's with u always! Take care.