Monday, January 28, 2019

Jan. 29

Ministry Partners and Friends,

It is another beautiful sunny day here but I am not really enjoying it.

I was up most the night with coughing and after finally getting to sleep I was awaken at 7 with a knock on the door. Aaron had planned on leaving at 5 but stayed until 7 to give me a message. He had such concerns about the long drive home and yet he delayed just to give me a message. Just shows the dear man he is.

A man from the lodge just brought and hung a mosquito net over the bed. Last night every time I stopped coughing and started to go to sleep a mosquito kept buzzing around my head. The repellent I had did not seem to phase him.

I worked some on the report that will go to the Prison Services of Uganda concerning the 32 prison crusades we did there but Alfred will complete it. Then Aaron will have it printed and bound before delivering a hard copy to the government offices. I will also email Commissioner Elizabeth and Deputy Commissioner Apollo a copy by email.

What wonderful memories came to my mind as I worked on the report and sorted photos.
The gift of a hand beaded bracelet from one of the Kenyan prisoners. 

After a 2 hour rest where I actually slept I made sure my suitcases were the correct weight and prepared for my travel day tomorrow.

I spent sometime during dinner chatting with a woman from California who volunteers here two months at a time. She had an interesting story as to how she got started serving here.

Thank you so much for continuing to pray for my health and my travel home.

That none would be lost

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  1. Praying you have a safe trip home and that you feel better soon! Hugs and see you soon!