Friday, January 25, 2019

Jan. 25

Ministry Partners and Friends,

I woke up sad today realizing that there were no prisons to do ministry in.

I could not help remembering one of the ladies from yesterday. As soon as she got her donated scarf she put it on her head and then the donated crocheted cap on her child's head.

They looked so cute but the little girl was not too sure about the white skinned lady.
After the team meeting with Alfred last night, via the WhatsApp, the team had dinner. New technology made it seem like he was with us and not still in Australia. After dinner we said our goodbys as Moses and Edward were leaving at 4am this morning to return home. Edward must have been in a hurry to leave as he forgot one pair of his shoes.

Aaron and I decided to take our time this morning and did not have breakfast until 8:30. We then packed up the van and pulled out of the hotel at 10 headed to Heart Lodge in Nairobi. I have stayed in a small single room each time I have been here and I love it. It's a Christian lodge with reasonable rates, good food, quiet and restful with NO TV's. I requested 2 rooms, single both, for us but when we arrived they were full and gave both Aaron and I each a suite!!! Aaron's room has 4 beds but mine is HUGE and has a king bed, sm. fridg. and microwave, a sitting area with love seat.

I had a good nap and had just gotten up when Aaron appeared at my door with a thermos of hot water and a dish of sliced lemons to make a hot drink with honey. Alfred and Aaron say it will help make the coughing less. I praise Jesus that I don't have any formal speaking to do with my voice as it is.

This afternoon Aaron and I did a Google search to find how far the Maasai Market is from where we are staying. I have wanted to go there for the last three years but it never transpired but since Alfred is not with me to do some things we planned Aaron and I will go to the market tomorrow. We also Google searched to see if there was a church nearby for us to visit on Sunday and it appears there is a large one just 2-3 minutes away. 

Dinner was great, roasted chicken, potato wedges, fresh buttered carrots julienne, fresh buttered green beans, fruit pieces over ice cream. then a cup of hot raspberry tea.

It's 8pm and I am now showered and ready for bed. Good night all.

That none wouldbe lost,

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  1. It's nice to have good sleep in a better room than expected. Hope your cough goes away soon and you're feeling better each day. Enjoy shopping at the market. Hugs and as always prayers for you!