Saturday, December 15, 2018


Ministry Partners,

I apologies for not sending out my Christmas card but due to leaving for Africa in 3 days I hope my Christmas Newsletter will suffice. Enjoy this wonderful season celebrating the birth of the Savior of the world.

 That none would be lost,

Yep......these just fit.

The closer the trip is the more the enemy is creating turmoil, more than I have ever observed which just tells me that on this trip God's power is going to be poured out like never before. I am so thankful for his power and faithfulness.

 Please continue to pray, we need some miracles....BIG TIME!!


Thursday, December 13, 2018

Dec. 13.......

Ministry Partners,

As Chaplin Edward messaged this morning, "The days are running fast." and so they are.

There have been so very many bumps in the road and struggles to be dealt with that it has given me MANY opportunities to thank God for new occasions to be more dependent on Him!

Just today I saw God finalize one effort concerning the bibles we will distribute in Uganda as I received the Certificate of Credit from the American Bible Society which I forwarded to the Uganda Bible Society along with my order for Luganda and English bibles. Alfred has already contacted the printer in Uganda so a Discipleship Booklet will be printed and ready to accompany each bible.
Thank you to each one of you who contributed to the Bibles For Africa Project. Hopefully the process for the purchase of the Swahili bibles for Kenya will finalize within the next couple of days.

Two suitcases are filled, contents itemized and locked, ready for Tuesday with two still waiting for finishing touches.
 I am thankful for the partnership of "The Jesus Film" company who gifted us with a complete filled backpack to take with us. It includes a huge screen, poles, battery charged by electric or solar (solar panel included), speakers and USB in a variety of languages.

There have been so many distractions that I feel like I am a bit behind so I will be happy when I board the plane on Tuesday as what is undone or whatever I have forgotten will just have to remain that way.

The enemy has already been working hard but I have watched God's faithfulness continue for me, the Africa team and for IRM. May everything be done according to his perfect will for this trip.                 There is still a great need for prayer in these area:
  1. Opportunities and open hearts for the Gospel
  2. Safety and health for the team
  3. Courage, wisdom and strength for all members of the team
  4. That we would find great favor with everyone we meet
  5. Alfred is still in need of a specific provision, we need a big miracle here
Thank you in partnering with us in what God has called us together to do in Africa.

That none would be lost,

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Dec. 5 .... 13 days and counting

Ministry Partners,

It's hard to believe that in 13 days I will be headed to the Great Lakes Region of Africa for my 16th. time.

Suitcases in varying degree of being filled and weighed have filled my living room for over a month.
A BIG "Thank You" to ladies from the crochet group at Canby Foursquare Church who presented me with 121 hand made and 5 purchased caps that are mostly for the children who are with their mothers in prison. These new caps will be such a blessing and bring broad smiles to the faces of the mom's.

I am not surprised at the way the enemy has been attacking in many area surrounding this trip and the team members as well and yet it has been/is an opportunity for all of us to watch God work as he provides the victory needed. Pastor Mike from Woodburn Christian Church said, " We need to thank God and praise Him for our struggles for they are opportunities for us to be more dependent on God." Later I will be able to share with you a few of the many ways the team and I are dependent in every area of this trip and ministry.

As I observe the enemies attacks I have known in my heart for some time that it is true what my friend Kathy wrote me, "Whatever is going to happen in this new trip, I believe God is going to show up in ways you haven't seen before, doing things He hasn't done before!" I AGREE!!!

Please pray for:
  • A miracle of provision needed in the life of one team member 
  • Preparations for the remaining trip details to go smoothly
  • Health and a hedge of protection around each team member
That none would be lost,

Friday, November 23, 2018

Nov. 23, 2018

Ministry Partners,
 Hope you had an enjoyable day celebrating Thanksgiving with family and/or friends.
I additionally celebrated with Thanksgiving greetings from the IRM co-coordinating team from Africa, Alfred Mupenzi, Pastor Aaron, Pastor Peace and Rev. Chaplin Edward. I am so very thankful for them as individuals and as IRM partners, they each demonstrate such a heart for  the Lord and for the ministry and they have put together an amazing schedule for our upcoming trip.

Meanwhile, I have been busy with details from this side of the globe, working on newsletters, the Bibles for Africa Project as well as printed materials to take with me. I am so thankful for Kristin and the gals in the office at Canby Foursquare Church who do so much to help me, editing and mailing out the newsletters as well as doing any bulk printings like the tracts in different languages. Their help makes it possible to complete the very many "behind the scenes" details that need to be done before I go.
It's hard to believe that I leave in just 25 days!!
I have an urgent unspoken prayer request that we need a miracle for before I leave for Africa. I appreciate it if you would hold up this request to the Lord. James 4:2 says,"You do not have because you do not ask God.", so I am asking you to stand with us in continuing to ask God for this very specific miracle, it's clearly one only He can do. I will keep you informed.
That none would be lost,

Monday, November 12, 2018

Nov. 12, 2018 My Dec. Journey to Africa

Ministry Partners,

In about 5 weeks I will be heading to the Great Lakes region of Africa for my 16th time! Due to some unforeseen circumstances our 2018 ministry trip needed to be rescheduled from our usual summer time to later in the year. This years trip is now confirmed for Dec. 18 through Jan. 30, 2019. It will be a special treat for me to be sharing Christmas with my son and African brothers and sisters. On Christmas day we will hold a crusade at Nkozi Prison, now how terrific is that!

Arlene at a women's prison in Kenya
I was recently informed by our African partners that I have been scheduled, in addition to church crusades, to hold crusades in 25 Ugandan prisons and 13 Kenyan prisons. Those of you who know me know that I am already excited for the opportunities God is providing for us to share the gospel. Recently I was able to share twice at a local women's prison where 13 received Christ as Savior.

Thanksgiving is upon us and it is another day to thank God and give Him praise as I am reminded of his goodness to me. I have said many times before, no one could be more surprised to be doing what their doing than me. I am blessed and thankful to:
  • Have a Savior who not only saved me but opens doors that he then gives me the courage to walk through. A Savior who is ever so patient as He goes before and behind me, giving me grace when I make mistakes.
  • Watch the Holy Spirit work in the lives of villagers, prisoners and team members.
  • Have partners that see the value in working together for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and support this ministry with their prayers and finances.
  • Have African partners that see the value in working together for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and support this ministry by sacrificially giving their time as they not only make preparations for the ministry trip but travel with me during the trip doing whatever needs to be done.
I will only post once a week or so to update you before the trip but once in country I will "try" and post every evening as the internet allows. Please pray for:
  • Open hearts for the Gospel
  • That all team members would arrive safely and be ready for ministry on Dec. 18
  • Safe flight and in-country travel
  • Good health for all team members
  • That we would find favor with everyone we meet
That none would be lost,