Sunday, January 27, 2019

Jan. 27

Ministry Partners and Friends,

It is a bright sunny Sunday morning and a good time to worship God.

After breakfast Aaron and I went to a church close by our lodge for the 9am service.

Ridgeways Baptist Church was a large church with a balcony and security directing traffic. There was worship in both Swahili and English but no sermon today. It was a special Sunday to pray over the many children in the congregation, to congratulate the many who were going to the next level of education and for those who had received degrees.

I must say what an excellent driver Aaron is as we attempted to find the Maasi Market in the Nairobi town center when not knowing the town and the traffic here. We were sent in many directions since there are two and the first one we found was closed but finally with Aaron's persistence we found the second one. Because it was Sunday parking right on the street was easy but Aaron was concerned about leaving the vehicle as two men approached us as soon as we parked. I told him to stay with the vehicle if he though it best but he was concerned about me being in the market by myself. I assured him I would be fine and I was only looking for an African dress not novelty things. So off  I went, it was souvenir overload but I kept focused on finding a dress which I did at the very last booth before leaving. If I come back next year I would like to spend some time checking out the jewelry, it was everywhere.

On the way back to the lodge we stopped at a regular market around the corner from the lodge and I was disappointed to find that it was closed. On past trips I have walked there to purchase packaged Kenyan Coffee beans for gifts.

Back at the lodge by 3, it was time for a rest and then prepare the last things that Aaron will take with him in the morning to store at Afrred's home in Uganda.

After dinner Aaron and I spent some time just going over events of the trip before saying goodby. It's hard to see him leave. He is feeling some better but I am still struggling with the coughing. I sure appreciate your continuing prayers:
  1. For aaron as he travels back to Uganda at 5am
  2. For me and my health
That nonewould be lost,

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  1. I am so glad that you are getting some days of rest and relaxation before you make the journey home. I am continuing to pray for you and your health.