Thursday, January 3, 2019

Jan. 3

Ministry Partners and Friends,

It was another early morning for me as I awoke at 4:45, breakfast was at 7am and we were on the road at 8am to Makulubita Prison, a two hour drive. I actually feel asleep on the way to the prison, a first I think. But being on the roads in the early morning allows us to see motorbike deliveries of all kinds like this one.......

...... bread or a bun to go with your morning coffee.

Once again, Makulubita was a small prison of 45 with no women and one without electricity so I am thankful for the portable sound system that we purchased years ago that still delivers a powerful sound.

The prisoners in the far out prisons are surprised that we would come so far just to see them. And as Aaron puts on the Christian music in their language they join in with smiles and dancing. Although no one has ever come to visit them before I am blessed and thankful that God sends the IRM team to them with the Good News of the Gospel. Today the Deputy O.C. and some of the guards sat through our entire presentation. One prisoner said he had been a M_____ but today he said he accepted Christ's free gift of salvation and forgave, two of the women guards said they had done the same. At the end of our time some prisoners asked each other for forgiveness. A number of prisoners had questions about different aspects concerning forgiving and forgiveness that Aaron and I tried to answer. The work of the Holy Spirit was evident as prisoners and staff were set free today.

Once again the distribution of the bibles and booklets that you sent brought a celebration you would have to see to believe and again the question, "You mean these are ours, we can take them home with us when we go?" As I answer, "YES!" the celebration begins, I so wish you could see it for yourself.

Before leaving I went to the van and got two of the new shopping bags you donated and gave them to the two guards who had received Christ, the smiles on their faces went from ear to ear. Such sweet young women.

I am so thankful that Aaron picked a van for our trip with good air-conditioning as the long drive home was at least comfortable.

After arriving back at the hotel Aaron took the van to get it all checked out before we head up country on the 7th. on our way to Kenya on the 14th.

Meanwhile I sorted the remaining supplies into two groups, one to take to Kenya and one to store at Alfred's home here. So much to do before we leave in addition to visiting the remaining prisons in the area, two tomorrow and another village.

Thank you for the responses and prayers that you reply to my posts, I appreciate each one so much. They are so encouraging to us after a long day of ministry.

Please continue to pray for us as the enemy hates what together we are called to do here and tries in a variety of ways to disrupt and bring frustrations but we have the victory, thank Jesus!!!

"For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people." 
Titus 2:11

That none would be lost,


  1. So excited to see Him work through you and your team!
    How are you feeling?

    1. I'm doing okay but not sleeping well so a bit tired. We are having attacks from the enemy at MANY corners but we all rest in the fact that we have the Savior before and behind us always giving us the victory

  2. So excited to hear the Prisoners decision to forgive and release that burden. The Bibles of hope and truth God provided will take their understanding of His love and carry that to spread the Gospel in countless ways. We are praying for you daily, your strength, help, and now sleep. Blessings for your Journey, E&R Turula