Friday, January 11, 2019

Jan. 11

Ministry Partners and Friends,

It has been nice to spend two nights in the same place but today we are on the road again and it found us packing the van at 6:45.  
Once again we passed through some road construction but I am not sure why man after man was sweeping a grey/white sand(?) from off of the top surface of the new road and Aaron did not know.
A nice 4(?) lane road, no potholes or speed bumps .....yet!

Today was a long day as we visited two prisons and then drove to another town to find a place to stay as at our last prison area there was not a place to stay. Living out of a suitcase is not my first choice especially when I know I have something but not sure where it is now.

We were scheduled to visit two small prisons today but yesterday when we visited the women's prisons we found that there was a large men's prison there also so we went by this morning just to see if they would allow us in........ and they did and we ministered to over 400 men. The Chaplin, David, did most of the translating for me. He was great to work with, he was tall, good looking and with a huge smile just like my son Alfred. The men had different musical instruments that they played, sang and danced to. It was an enjoyable time to start our ministry time where we watched the Holy Spirit work as in other prisons.

Then we drove on dirt roads to the second prison arriving there earlier that expected but the guard who welcomed us set this in order so we could began. The room was ever so small and all of the men could not get in which was disappointing. The prisoner who translated for me had trouble following at times which brought laughter from the other inmates, some of which knew English, and at one point he went off on a preaching tangent of his own. Small or big prisons, the men are all the same, lost and hopeless but when our time is over and they have made three good choices for themselves I ask them how their hearts feel? The broad smiles and clapping tell the story of the inward changes.

Oh, dear partners and friends I am so blessed to be here, thank you for sending me into the harvest fields. I can only imagine the singing that is going on in heaven over the lost who are now saved.

My father became a Christian at age 45 and then went to bible school at age 50 followed by becoming a pastor whose  gifting was in winning souls. He is in heaven now and I know he is celebrating every day along with me at each one who makes a decision to become a child of God by receiving the free gift of salvation Jesus offers to each person.

God gave me a special blessing tonight as we found an "iffie" hotel but it had one room with a bathtub!!!! Unheard of in the bush where we are. My back and legs will enjoy the long soak it will provide.

We only have 2 1/2 days left in Uganda with 5-6 prisons to minister in and then it will be off to Kenya.

Please continue to pray for us:
  1. Open hearts for the Gospel
  2. Favor with everyone we meet
  3. A fresh anointing for the translators, Aaron and me
  4. Heath and strength for the team
  5. Safety as we travel
That none would be lost


  1. I remember when your dad accepted Christ! Then your mom. I'm sure my folks are rejoicing in heaven as well. Precious memories. Now look at how the Lord is using you because of your folks coming to Christ. Heaven is rejoicing!

    1. All because John and Betty came to Grenada. I'm thankful for their obedience in serving and sharing the Gospel.

  2. Finally caught up with all your posts. Thankful for people help translate your messages. Thankful that the holy spirit is with u and your team on the trip.
    We were able to see our friend's photos from South Africa last nite. She was there for 6 weeks and great way she helped other people, including children. Hugs and prayers my friend!