Monday, May 22, 2017

May 22

Ministry Partners,

I had the opportunity this morning to sleep in as Alfred ordered breakfast for the team at 9 but wouldn't you know it I awake at 6!!!! 

After breakfast I stayed at home base to pack for the next 4 days. We will actually return to Kampala tomorrow after only one night away but will leave again the next morning so it was just easier to pack for all for instead of 1 and then 3. It is 1pm here and I am all ready so as soon as the guys return we ill load up and be off. The plan is to get to Masaka before dark.
Roadside venders sell mangoes to Pastor Aaron

Alfred is in town with Aaron to see if they can get our Sim card registered so I can once again use my Mobil Hot Spot. It has been so nice to not have to depend on the weak internet in this hotel or other places we stay and I can have my own WiFi whenever I can find time to post on this blog. Mike from New Life picked it out for me last year but we had  bit of trouble last year with the carrier we used, this year has been great.

It was late and dark when we finally arrived at the lodge where we stayed for the night. We have stayed here before and Alfred always dickers and gets us a GOOD price.
After having no appetite with the Malaria I had tonight I was hungry and had a nice meal of stir-fry, salad and young potatoes. It was good and especially the yummy cucumber salad. Pastor Geoffrey said he did not like cucumbers so I was very happy he gave me his salad.
This has been a lovely and quiet place when we have stayed here before but tonight there is also a large group of young people here and they are up past midnight being loud and doing what teenagers do.
So with earplugs in I will say good night.
That none would be lost,

May 21-

Ministry Partners,
Today was a very long day or so it seemed.

We had a very early breakfast at 6a.m., even Pastor Peace said it was to early to eat!
I needed to be at one of churches where the pastors helped Pastor Gerald put together the events of our time in Gulu to speak at both the first service, 7-9, and the second service, 9-11. Both services were in English so I did not work with a translator which I like to do since it gives me time between thoughts to gather the next words I will speak.

After the second service they took our team to the pastors office for pastries and African tea. then it was off to go to two other churches just to leave a few Bibles and thank them for also helping with our time there......or so I had been told. When we arrived I was given the mic and asked to speak so although I cut my regular "crusade" message down a bit, it was my third time to speak today and it was only 1pm. I praised the Lord for the decisions made today and for the strength He gave me.
Today this lovely young woman was added to the Lambs Book of Life
By the time we arrived at the last church we were late for another speaking time for me at the last church that I had not been previously told of and another visiting pastor was preaching. We sat and waited as he preached for a full hour at which point I excused myself along with Peace and went to the pastors house where Alfred and the rest of the team appeared after about another half hour. By the time we changed our clothe for travel and were driving out of the parking area the visiting pastor was still preaching ....... over 2 hours and going strong. Alfred said he was literally preaching from Genesis to Revelation.

I was so exhausted that I put my seat back and went to sleep but left strict instructions that someone should wake me when we got to the baboon/monkey area. As we approached the area the baboons and monkeys were everywhere and I was snapping away getting lots of photos. I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I did not see the dark colored gov. vehicle and the soldiers standing alongside watching the traffic but they saw my camera! They pulled us over and began to question Aaron and he assured them that I was not taking photos of them but of the baboons. At one point the officer/soldier look down at the IRM sign on our vehicle door and then asked Aaron if we were "born again" to which Aaron responded, "yes". He smiled at that and motioned us to go on.

We stopped to purchase mangoes along side the road from a street vendor also buying roasted corn on the cob and a case of water. It was a long 4 - 4 1/2 drive and I took another nap. As we arrived in Kampala pastor's Peace departed to go home and Aaron left us for an appointment. Alfred and I had dinner at a new place before heading to our home base.

Our team of Aaron, Alfred, Geoffrey and I will need to get repacked as we leave tomorrow for Masaka to have a crusade at the prison there, it's also Aaron's home area. As of today we have 3 more prisons to go to here in Uganda and then it is off to Kenya.

Please continue to pray for open hearts for the gospel and for energy, strength and a fresh anointing for the team. I am doing well but struggling with some exhaustion.

That none would be lost,

Saturday, May 20, 2017

May 20

May 20 –

Today after breakfast we headed into town where I was the speaker for a 10am – 2pm conference being held by the International School of Christian Growth where Pastor Gerald is president. This school is a branch of the main school in Kampala. There was a wide age range of 300 adults both pastors and lay people. I had been told by Gerald the many churches in the area were squabbling with each other and with-in the church so I dealt strongly with the subject of forgiveness. People want to be right, to get their way rather than forgive but they don’t realize the by not forgiving they keep themselves in bondage. As I challenged the women to forgive the man that raped them as a young girl I observed women crying as they listened to me.

Almost everyone in the room stood to pray the prayer of forgiveness and many gave testimony as to taking the step to forgive. After we finished one young man came up to me and said he wanted to meet with his pastor & wife that were there, as there was a difficulty between them. I asked Pastor Gerald to facilitate that meeting. 

We arrived back at home base in time for a late IRM lunch and then the guys and Peace went back into town as there is an issue with everyone’s SIM card needing to be registered. They could not do the one for the my Mobil Hot Spot so it will have to wait until we get back to Kampala. I am using Alfred's phone to connect to the internet so I can get this post off to you.

Tonight I spoke at an open air crusade with 2,000 to 2,500  in attendance. When I got to the part about the teaching on "Forgiveness" and gave the call for those who wanted to forgive someone else or themselves ......... the place irrupted with at least 2,000 raising their hands. The young man who was interpreting for me (neither Alfred or Aaron speak Acholi) said later that he saw something in the crowd that he had never seen before. As people raised both hands, praying and speaking forgiveness there was considerable Demonic activity as the Holy spirit was setting people free from unforgiveness, bitterness and resentment. I really don't have words to explain the evening other than to say "POWERFUL!!!!!"
Gulu Crusade
Tomorrow I have two speak at two morning church services beginning at 7am followed by a stop by two churches just to thank them for their efforts in helping with everything since we have been here. Then we travel to Kampala, so I may not get a post done tomorrow. I feel sorry to leave this residence as it has been so clean, nice, with good food AND reasonable -  a wonderful combination.

I am a "bit" tired so I appreciate your continuing prayers for me and for our travel. I am recouping well and feel I am at about 90% recovered from the Malaria.

That none would be lost,

May 19

The first prison today was a women's prison and the women (100+) were already gathered and singing when we arrived. But it was going to be an impact day for the ladies and for me. I just love sharing especially with women as although our skin is a different color we are just women, women that struggle with the same issues, the same hurts. I taught my same basic crusade message but as I did I could a sense the same hardness, a closed-ness that I had felt at the men's prison. Such beautiful women of every age and many babies & very young children. I was disappointed as there were over 10 and I only had 8 of the handmade caps so I was not able to hand any out.

At the invitation many stood but many more stayed seated, then I did a discipleship teaching time about who those new believers were (a child of King Jesus) followed by my the teaching on forgiveness at which one prisoner wept loudly as she prayer through her tears. But the Holy Spirit would not release me to leave as we packed up to go and He led me to do something I have never done right before leaving. I gave a send alter call and the women began coming forward, and more, and more ……. I was crying with then.
After we handed out bibles and booklets it was time to say good-by and drive the short distance to a small men's prison. I will not write much but the Spirit of God worked in the hearts of the men. Praise His name!!

As we were about to leave I saw a elderly woman sitting on a stump outside. I grabbed a tract and scarf and was so very surprised when I sat down on the stump net to her that she spoke very good English. I was thrilled and we had a good chat.

I am still struggling a bit but doing ever so much better. Thank you for your prayers.

That none would be lost,