Saturday, January 5, 2019

Jan. 5

Ministry Partners and Friends,

Today was a long day for sure as our drive to the Tanzania boarder took 5 hours and arrived at our destination about noon. It's not necessarily the distance that takes so long but the road conditions. I continue to take the electrolytes and managed another nap as we traveled which is very unusual for me. It must be working as I have not had any further leg cramps.

A few years we were at a different area of this boarder to do ministry in a prison there but today we did a crusade in a village church. This area has such history. It is  area where HIV first broke out in Uganda and when the Genocide in 1994 in Rwanda happened these beaches at the village are where dead bodies from Rwanda floated to. They have a Memorial at the village to commemorate what happened.

The church was small with about 80 there but we were told that many parishioners were working and could not attend. With metal sides and roof the church was ever so hot inside. After the crusade many testified to praying the forgiveness pray and how they forgave others or themselves. Like every church people struggle with the same things, one woman said she was going through divorce and as I was leaving a woman came up to me and thank be for coming and the things I taught saying she had 9 children and her husband beat her every day!

 Arlene with this sweet lady who received Jesus as her Savior

They blessed us with a wonderful lunch bur they put far more on my plate than I could ever eat. And the fish, the fish caught right there in Lake Victoria was WONDERFUL.

We finally were on the road back to Kampala at 4pm. making a quick stop in Lukiah to leave a few bibles with the pastor there that we did a village crusade for and showed the Jesus Film. He just held baptismal services for the 45 the  people who made decisions as a result of The Holy Spirits work in their hearts and our time there. The pastor made me smile when he said I needed to come and do a training for Evangelists.

It was 10pm before we arrived back at our hotel after being caught in one of Uganda's famous traffic jams.

I was thankful for a good bed to sleep in when we finally arrived back. Tomorrow will be a busy day as we need to get everything packed up as we leave here Monday morning and head to Kenya doing prisons along the way.

That none would be lost,


  1. Love reading your newsy reports! And you are Beautiful as ever! Thank
    You for all of your Giving.

  2. Sweet, so glad you legs feel better. Remember taking minerals/electrolytes are also providing the calm to your nervous system needed. If your sleeping on the road in the van I would say back off some and use as needed now. Good to have enough packages though, maybe only pour 1/2 in the bottle instead of full bag. Blessings, Hugs E&R

  3. Again a good update and thanks fro sharing God's word in our world. Glad you had lunch after the church service. Always fun to eat with others there as well as here!
    A lady from our church gave Vera W. a prayer shawl in our Israel class before it started. So nice of her to do it and it's going to be a ministry starting soon. Maybe I'll knit one later this year. Another thing to put on the list! Glad you're sleeping well. Hugs!