Wednesday, July 6, 2022

July 6 - Crossing the border

Ministry Partners,

July 6 is our day to enter Kenya after two of our team of three had a restless night. We were lucky to finally find a place to stay last night on our 5th try and we were all very thankful for it but I was not a 3 star that is for sure. I wrote enough about the dinner last night so will not go into that here. Although I had a tub the water was so brown even Alfred said he refused to bathe in his room. I had a mosquito net that looked amazing until I went to go to bed and found the track had some issues rendering the net useless. I heard a mosquito during the night and decided to try and sleep with the sheet over my head but it was so hot even with the fan that I finally gave up and just asked Jesus to protect me. Not sure trusting the spray. I did have amazing internet so that was one benefit that I could get the blog posted.

Pineapple and African tea ....... Yummy!

Crossing the border is never easy and we had to return to Tororo to get some paperwork on our van so by the time we finally got to Eldorate it was getting dark and raining. We were fortunate to stop at a convenience type store, called Chaplain Edward and he found us quickly. He took us to a hotel we had stayed at before and although the rooms were few we were able to get ours. The sweet and sour pork dinner was good and I appreciated getting a meal I could eat. This is July and it is COLD here, I wish I had brought a warmer coat!

It has been a VERY long day with adventures too numerous to write here. There are times when I am not sure about what God has before me or what he is doing behind the scenes but I am so at peace knowing He goes before and behind me and that He is in charge. You will have to have me share with your group or personally when I get home.

There is some kind of issue with the water in my bathroom, like there is none, but they say I will have some within 30 min.

I need to get this posted so please pray for:

  •  Open hearts for the Gospel 
  •  A fresh anointing for the team 
  • That the team would all have restful sleep 
  • Favor with everyone we meet 
  • Travel safety

That none would be lost,




  1. Yes, the Lord is going ahead of you, protecting you on all sides, and getting hearts ready to hear the Good News. So glad you made it to Kenya, as we prayed for that this morning. (God gets the time change figured out). Praising the Lord for the fact you are eating and it sounds like decent food.

  2. I'm glad you were able to drive Kenya without much trouble. I'm glad you were able to eat some delicious food. Not having water isn't the best but hope your tub gets clean soon. Hugs and blessings in Jesus' name. 🙏 looking forward to hearing your stories later. Stay warm.