Tuesday, July 12, 2022

July 12 - Two more crusades today

Ministry Partners,

A darling girl I got to hold

Breakfast today really was interesting. We sat down at the table, there was not the usual commentary buffet but we had ordered off a menu last night, and they brought me my pineapple juice but no one else got anything. After a wait they brought Aaron his juice the after another wait they brought Edward his juice. We just knew they were going to bring our order one at a time with a wait in between. Edward got his corn flakes and pitcher of HOT milk and then came my regular tea followed by the guys’ African tea. But the real fun had not started yet. I had ordered a waffle and the guys ordered pancakes. When they cam I questioned the waiter about my “waffle” that was definitely 2 pancakes and he said no, mine was a waffle and the guys pancake order that really looked like crepes to me but he assured us they were pancakes. But Edward received an omelet he never ordered. At some point you just have to laugh at the differences in our “wording” and culture.   

I am thankful we stayed not far from the two prisons this morning so it was not much of a drive. As we waited outside the prison as they prepared for us two young boys came by rolling two small bicycle tires. They were cautious of me but I called them over and gave each a pkg of 3 cookies. Well, I might have known as in just a bit they reappeared with two of their buddies. Who knew cookies would be such a hit!

The men’s side was large but they had a nice open sided building for the men to gather in. There were about 1,500 men there and although the faces are different it seemed familiar. As the guys were setting the sound system mikes to the system they already had I walked out among the men and greeted them by shaking hands. It really is an ice breaker so to speak when I do that. I saw one old prisoner whose feet were in pretty bad shape sitting on the floor, they all were, about five rows and I spoke to Edward about bringing him to the front row and Edward said I could so I walked back and took his hand and walked him to the front. You know, us OLD people have got to stick together!

Even though they kept interrupting us to call prisoners to court so very many decisions today for both salvation and forgiveness and the apologies are fun to watch. And when the dinner bell rang, prisoners did not want to leave. Hearts so very hungry for God’s word. The two prison chaplains who were also with us doe both crusades were so very nice and I could tell their hearts to serve God within the prisons is like mine. The elder one had just been in the hospital and yet he came to serve with us today.

Then it was over to the women’s side which was only a short walk. They had the 70+women in a narrow hall but we mad it work. Aaron wanted me to use a hand mic which I don’t like, I prefer the headset, so I opted to just talk loud   and project my voice, it worked fine. I like being close to the women and the number of babies there were not a distraction. Decisions were made but when the women started apologizing to each other it was amazing! Learning to not hold grudges was such an important step for both prisons today.

We ended with handing out the darling crochet caps made by the ladies from Canby Foursquare Church. I wish those ladies could see the faces of the mom’s as they chose a new cap for their child. One child was so darling I asked the mom if I could hold her sweet baby and she said, “yes.” What a precious little one!

Then it was off to town to exchange some US$ that we had obtained from our bank in Kampala. It appears some of the notes had flaws/marks on them and the guys spent over an hours trying to got a bank/any bank to exchange them into local currency we can use for our remaining time here. Then it was an hour and a half to the next location we will stay at. It took 4 trys to find a suitable place to stay and although I have to climb 1 flight of stairs the guys did a great job finally finding us a place. My room is small but nice and I am very thankful to have a clean bed to sleep in.

The dinner menu was sparse so  I decided on Tilapia fish and potato wedges with small salad which I saved for last, for dessert, eyeing it all through dinner. But when I took my first bite it was all I could do not to spit it out. I am not sure of the green peppers they used but it was so HOT that when when the guys tasted it they said it was too hot! How disappointed I was. The waiter said he would have them make me another one but I was too tired to wait so I said no thank you. I wanted to get back to my room, finish this post, shower (there is warm water) and so to bed by 10.

As I finish writing this, all at once, there is a downpour outside and as I looked out the window lighting lit up the sky. I appreciate prayer as I am still not sleeping well.

It is hard to believe that I only have 5 days of prison ministry left and then I will return to Uganda to finalize the trip.

My pry list remains the same. Pray for

  • Open hearts for the Gospel
  • A fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit for the team, good health and rest
  • That we would find favor with everyone we meet  
  • Travel safety 
Thank you for your love and support. 

That none would be lost,






  1. What a joy and privilege it is to be able to share in this time when God "pours out His Spirit on all people" (Acts 2:17), and to see the Word of God come alive as we follow you ministering to "the least of these" (Matt 25:34-40). What a merciful, gracious, loving God we have to send you to Africa to these people He loves so very much and wants to have a relationship with Himself. Thank you for continually saying "Yes" to Jesus, especially through this extremely difficult trip.

  2. Well done, good and faithful servant!

  3. What a joy to hear of changed lives. Only Jesus Christ can do this. The Lord continues to give you strength and the right words to share with these dear needy people. "May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word." II Thess. 2:16,17

  4. I enjoy reading your posts. I was thinking of you tonight when we were reading a devotion that was about Paul and Silas in prison and how the man who took care of the prisoners accepted Jesus as his savior and redemption from sin and his family as well. Acts 16:22-34
    Also--"Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10 Have a good rest of your days in the area and safe travel back home soon. Hugs and blessings my friend!