Sunday, July 3, 2022

July 3 - A wonderful Sunday service at Kumi Prison

Ministry Partners,

Well, breakfast this morning was quite interesting.

The “spinach” the guys normally like they said it was bitter today but there were chapattis and chicken wings along with seasoned potatoes which I tried a few and they were good. Instead of bringing me the French toast Alfred ordered for me they brought me plain toast and said they were out of eggs for French toast but sometime later they appeared with omelets for Aaron and Alfred. I decided I needed to eat something so I made myself a PP&J sandwich which I had just about finished eating when they appeared with my French toast! I asked them to wrap it and I would eat it for lunch. Alfred and Aaron never got the coffee they ordered but decided we had best set off for Kumi Prison. Every breakfast is comped and it is a guess as to what there will be so I have learned to just make due with what I can and appreciate whatever there is.

Imagine my surprise when we arrived at the prison and the O.C. was outside with some of the prisoners having them sweep and spruce up the road for our arrival. I was happy when they said they would bring the 7 women, and 1 baby, over to the men’s area so I would only need to have one crusade today. It actually was nice to have a short day.

The prison faces are different for sure but so very much is the same with sadness, hopelessness and ever so many young faces. I never want to know but I can’t help but wonder at times what their crime was. They spoke yet another language so a very bold prisoner translated for me but he was stopped at one point by Pastor Aaron who said he was NOT translating correctly. Aaron picked up on a word the prisoner was wrongly translating saying “They COULD work to pay their way to heaven” when what I was actually saying was “They COULD NOT work to pay their way to heaven”. It was evidence of the Holy Spirit revealing to Aaron that the translating was not correct even though Aaron does not speak that particular prison language.

I was so pleased with the response the prisoners gave to the Gospel and the Forgiveness message and then as they apologized to each other some even apologized to the O.C.. We were able to give each lady a bible and booklet as well as a scarf and the one baby received a new crochet cap. The following testimonies brought tears and then the prisoners homemade band and choir sang a couple of songs for us as a thank you. Before leaving the O.C. gave me a handwritten letter of appreciation. What a wonderful Sunday morning! 

Anyone need a room?

Then it was off to travel to the next town where we will have 2 more crusades to do tomorrow. We had difficulty finding a place as one was far to expensive and another had no screens on the windows and it is far too hot to be in a closed room with no air-conditioning. So the third try was where we settled although the Wi-Fi seemed only good at the reception area and not my room. But I was thankful that I was able to get my posts from the last few days forwarded to fb.

We only have 4 Uganda crusades to do and then we are off to Kenya.

Please pray for:

·       The hearts of the prisoners and prison officials

·       A fresh Holy Spirit anointing and health for the team

·       Safety as we travel

·       Nights would bring the sweet sleep we need to be rested

That none would be lost,


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