Saturday, July 2, 2022

July 2 - What an exceptional day today was

 Ministry Partners,

Today we did not need to leave early as the  two Soroti prisons are within a few minutes of where we are staying. 8:30 found us having breakfast and I had some very good french toast and pineapple.

 Anyone need fabric?

How do I ever explain acutely what we saw the Holy Spirit do today.

When we arrived at the men's prison they were already waiting for us and Anne had arrived to translate for me. About 1,200 were there. Hearing that many men respond to the gospel and forgiveness messages was more powerful than I have words for. The prisoners seem to get younger and younger. When we finished and a few prisoners gave their testimony a group of prisoners with home made instruments played and sang a couple of songs for us. What a special time it was to watch them play, sing and dance.

It was nice not to have to travel but to just walk across the courtyard to the women's ares where there were about 70 women. The ladies responded to each  invitation but when we got to the section where I encouraged them to tell each other they were sorry for a past argument it was as if we watched the Holy Spirit actually speak into each head and heart. Some women hugged each other and knelt together and cried. As a few of the women testified one woman called out her Aunt that was also there and they forgave each other. A number of the prisoners surrounded one of the staff to apologize.

Then because of my story one prisoner confessed that she had tried to abort her baby two times but the baby survived. The baby was brought to me, such a cute chubby child, and I was asked to pray for her which I did. The team and I were brought to tears today!

I really wish I could actually express what today was like and all we watched the Holy Spirit do. Even Pastor Aaron said today was like no other on this trip so far. It is such a joy to watch the O.C.'s and staff made decisions for salvation and forgiveness.

I said before I came that we would watch the Holy Spirit pour out his power like never before on this trip and so it has been. 

Tonight's dinner was pretty bad with the beef, they tried to say it was the pork we ordered, being so tough all of us could not chew it. Yet, God always provides something and the veggie's were great!

It is hard to believe that we only have 6 prison crusades left to do in Uganda and then it is on to Kenya.

Day by day I am a bit better but still weak at times, thank you so much for the prayers.

Just so you know, I have been locked out of fb for three days so I have not been able to forward my posts to there. 

Please pray for:

  • Continued open hearts for the Gospel
  • A fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit for each team member
  • Health and strength for each team member
  • Travel safety

That none would be lost,




  1. So good to read stories from prisoners you share Jesus love and tender mercy with. If you have a chance to get fabric I'd like something with purple in it and I'll pay you for it. Cotton 1.5 yards. If you can't no worries. Love and prayers, Becky

  2. I've been waiting anxiously for your next installment of your travels and was not disappointed! I was reminded of the Day of Pentacost when the Holy Spirit poured out His power as I read your blog! Praises to our God! So many angels rejoicing in heaven these days! 😘