Wednesday, July 13, 2022

July 13 - A youth prison today

How do I ever write about today?

Breakfast was fine and I got my French toast, pineapple and tea. The dry beef sausage and peas veggies long with the other local foods did not hold interest for me.

Then we were off for a short drive to Shikusa Bostel youth center. It is for boys 15-18 who have committed every kind of crime. They are there for three years, regardless of their crime and then released. 

Chaplain James, Bishop Arlene, Youth Center Chaplain 

We met with local Chaplain James and I REALLY liked him, he was a tall thin man with a gentle face. He told me that when I led in the ‘Forgiveness” prayer that he had some in his life that he forgave. What a fine man of God willing to share what the Holy Spirit did in his heart.

The boys were not quite sure what to think of me as I greeted many of them but they were so very attentive. The hall we met in left plenty of room for all the chairs they brought in. I hugged those who gave a testimony concerning God’s work in their hearts today. It was clear to see that they are not used to being hugged as they held on to me.

After we finished with the youth we went to a room and Pastor James had African tea and bread sandwiches served to us. How very thoughtful to have a noon snack before we went to Shikusa Farm Prison where we found about 470 convicted inmates. Although there were so many that were so very hard looking there were also so many that looked young. I was glad that we were able to meet in a large covered hall and I did not have to worry about standing in the sun. It is so interesting the way their eyes keep glued on me even as I walk around preaching, I am always thankful when I have enough space to do that and the object lessons keep their interest for sure for the 2 to 2 ½ hours of the crusade. I was so glad some of the officers stayed for the complete program.

As we finished they started to distribute the toilet tissue we had brought and they got in line and crouched down. Can you imagine, for something (T.P.) we take so for granted?  

As we were on our way out to the van we were stopped by the Deputy Officer in Charge who had us come to his office where he provided a soft drink or water for each of us. It was a great way to end our time there.

I had a few neckties left so I gave them to Pastor James which he said he would share with the other chaplains.

I was so tired on the short way home that I almost went to sleep like Pastor Aaron did today during the crusade at the farm prison. He and Chaplain Edward take turns translating during different parts of the crusade and he was very tired. I was preaching and I looked back where he was sitting where the sound system was and there he was dozing. I would have let him sleep but the object lesson part that he was to translate for was only a few minutes away. I was walking around the room anyway so I walked by and just tapped him on the leg. Edward said later he did not think but a few even noticed. All of us had a good laugh about it later.

As I sit here typing it has started raining just like it did yesterday. God blesses them with rain but he also blesses us as we have not had to be outside in the open for our crusades. Praying this holds true for the next four days until we conclude our prison ministry.

Yesterday I requested Spaghetti for dinner but will have to wait and see if it happens.

 Your faithful prayers are being answered as we watch the Holy Spirit bring so many to salvation. It is a thrilling thing to be a part of.

Pray for:

·       Open hearts for the Gospel

·       A fresh anointing for the team

·       Favor with all we meet

·       Travel safety

That none would be lost,



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  1. Praying for you. Lord bless you. I hope you have sweet sleep as well.