Friday, July 15, 2022

July 15 - We have arrived in Busia

Ministry Partners

Today marks the last day to be in this hotel as we will travel to the prison, do the crusade, and then travel to a different area to be prepared for our last day of ministry in Uganda. As sad as I am to see tomorrow come there is a part of me that is looking forward to it. The mountain tops are great but the valleys we sometimes hit are hard and discouraging while everything is a learning experience to praise the Savior for.

Boys from Shikusa Bostal held on for their hugs from Mama Arlene

I awoke at 4 and was unable to go back to sleep so made it to the 7 am breakfast time set by the guys but they slept in with the last one arriving at 7:30, we had a discussion! I am not used to eating breakfast as I do an 18 hour fast at home so decided to take my French toast with me and have it for lunch today. But the hot tea was good as usual. Because the leave for the prison time has changed it has given me an great opportunity to start writing today's blog. There is always a hidden blessing. 

I am reminded of one of the prisoner’s testimonies yesterday. He said that since he had been in prison he had thought of committing suicide but the salvation message gave him hope. It is interesting how the men’s testimonies tend to go one direction and the women’s another but all with an appreciation to the Holy Spirit for the work he has done in their hearts in the time we have been with them. Sometimes so many want to share it is like a floodgate has opened.

Today’s prison was close and we waited for a bit for them to be ready for us, all 60 or so of them. The prisons here in Kenya this year for us have not been as large as I would have liked but I am reminded that the Savior went after the “1” so I was blessed today to have about 60 not counting guards. It was a bit difficult as I had to preach in the sun but I was thankful that a few times God sent a cloud or two over for cover. Other areas where we have been here in Kenya were actually cold but it is hot there today.

The Chaplain was a very nice young man as so many of them are. I am thankful for the decisions that were made and when Moses asked them how many received Jesus as their Savior when I prayed with them, they all responded that they had; and three men gave powerful their testimonies.

When we finished I was so happy that we had delivered enough bibles that everyone got a bible and Discipleship booklet. I love leaving such a treasure with every prison we visit but disappointed that most times we just do not have enough for everyone. Then we just have to leave them with the local chaplains or prison administration where most have “libraries of sorts” for the prisoners to share.  

As we were leaving, the Officer in Charge invited us into his office where he had had his staff prepare some food for us. How very nice that was. Sodas, water, different kinks of tea including African tea, peanuts, boiled eggs and bread and butter sandwiches which we enjoyed along with conversation for about an hour. One of the women guards who had sat through our crusade came with a box of Kenyan Lemon Tea as a gift for me. How sweet!

Then it was off to Busia where we will be doing two prisons tomorrow, our last here in Kenya. Since I woke at 4 this morning I just could not stay awake so I put my seat back and took a nap. I felt sorry for Aaron as I was not able to keep him company and Edward and Moses are driving in Moses’s car. We arrived in Busia safe and sound although Moses is having some issues with his car.

Tomorrow as soon as we are done with the second crusade Aaron and I will head to Kampala which is a 7 hr. drive from here not counting the time issues with crossing the border. We will go as far as we can then stop somewhere but I am pretty sure I will not be able to post on the blog; I’ll just have to see. We plan on arriving in Kampala on Sunday around 2-3 pm.

Today my room is a room but since it is only for one night it is fine and the other places the guys checked were just not all suitable according to Aaron. He says this close to the border there are not many options. Aaron ordered spaghetti and I ordered Hawaiian pizza so we can share but we will just have to see what we get.

Please continue to pray our last ministry day for:

Open hearts for the Gospel

A fresh anointing for the team

Travel safety as we journey back to Kampala, Uganda

That none would be lost,



  1. Good morning Arlene. I'm glad your days are safe and blessed. Prisoners accepting Jesus into their lives is so good and praying they continue to follow Him through remainder of their lives. I didn't sleep the best Wed night and woke up early. Long day with work then getting a new to us car that Phil needed on Thursday. I decided to just put my concern in God's box. A good deal at Hillyers Ford dealership. Phil's other car had a problem 😕 . He was able to drive a loaner car free to work on Thursday. Continued prayers and blessings for your trip in life sharing His word.

  2. Once again, we see God at work in lives. Numbers are not a "thing" for God. We're so thankful for new members in the Kingdom and the Word of God given to them. Praying for your long trip.

  3. Continuing to pray for open hearts and open doors. Safe travels!