Thursday, July 14, 2022

July 14 - Some prison officials are extra ordinary

Ministry Partners,

Wednesday morning in Uganda opens a busy day with two scheduled prison crusades. They are a short distance from where we stayed last night. It has been nice to stay in the same hotel for a couple of nights as living out of my suitcase in not my first choice.

Deputy Officer in Charge, Joan & Bishop Arlene

The food issue for me has brought laughter at times and last night was no different. I had ordered the same name/style and kind of spaghetti that I have ordered many times since I have been here but when it came tonight I did not recognize it. The flat plate was filled with spaghetti noodles that had small pieces if veggies throughout and in the center was a bowl of tomato/meat soup. Interesting to say the least but the flavor of the “soup” was pretty fair. It is probably what I will have tonight since the Talapia I had the other night was far to dry.

Last night Bishop Moses arrived and will be with us through the remainder of our time here. Bishop Moses has been prompted and now hold the office of Ass. Director of Chaplaincy Services Kenya Prisons. Although you can tell he is a man of position, he has a great laugh that always make me smile.

Actually getting in to speak sometimes is quite a process and takes some time, 30min. to an hour. The men’s area of the prison was a difficult one to see as, again, some men had their “beds” on the wet ground and some were sectioned off, isolated from the general population although I could clearly see them. I was thankful that there was a cover for most of them and for me so I did not have to stand in the sun to preach. After I spoke Bishop Moses shared for a few minutes. It was a good morning with many decisions.

Then it was a very short walk to the women’s section where I met the nicest Deputy Officer in Charge named Joan. At every prison it does not take me long to make a personal decision about the Officer in Charge. The Deputy Officer in Charge, Joan is a wonderful christian and combination of firm and business like but compassionate as she dealt with the inmates, I REALLY liked her. We stood for quite some time outside the building where the inmates were gathering and Aaron was setting up the sound system then she entered with me, took a seat and stayed for the complete crusade. She also had some of her staff sit behind the inmates so they could listen.

We met the two woman chaplains who were also so very nice. I must say the women’s prisons are the ones that capture my heart and today was no different. They are bold in their decisions and prayers of commitment and their testimonies tell that the Holy Spirit did a powerful work in their hearts in salvation and forgiveness decisions. One inmate spoke of having an abortion and my heart broke for her and I hugged each one after they gave their testimonies, one person later said don’t let go of me as she firmly held on to me.

As we drove back to the hotel I wondered how did I ever get so blessed to be part of what God is doing in the prisons here? We only have 3 more prison crusade to do here, 2 for men and one for women. Tomorrow we will be doing one men’s prison then driving to a different location to find a place to stay in preparation for our final day of prison ministry. In the beginning of the trip it seems like a daunting task and now I can’t believe it is going to be over so soon.

Thank you for praying for me, I slept better last night.

  • Please continue to pray for:

  • Open hearts for the Gospel

  • A fresh anointing each day for the team

  • Travel safety

That none would be lost,                                                                  



  1. The smile on your face is so beautiful!!! 💞

  2. I'm glad you slept better. The time has seemed to go by quickly. Continuing to pray ...