Monday, July 4, 2022

July 4 - I just never get tired of watching the prisoners make good choices for their lives.

Ministry Partners,

I am so thankful for the air conditioning in my room, I can’t explain how smothering hot it is here.

Breakfast was good today with beans, potato wedges, pineapple and the lady chef agreed to make me French toast instead of an omelet. I have a scarf I will give her tomorrow as a thank you.

We went to the women’s prison first today because this afternoon most of the staff will be gone to attend a funeral of the child of one of the officers. 65 women with 14 babies was a small group but that allowed us to be in a room and not outside in the heat. The O.C. was a very nice young woman and she stayed with us the entire time which was great, she said her baby was due the end of Aug. but she looked like as if she could give birth at any time. At testimony time one woman said how she had caught her husband with another woman and she ended up with a broken arm. She said her 6 children fought him too but ran away so they would not be arrested. But she was arrested for fighting her husband!!!!! Something seems wrong with that picture.

When we got to the men’s side it was called sit and wait and wait move to another room and wait. It seems they were missing a prisoner and they kept calling for a head count. Watching the inmates obediently get in their row and crouch down time after time was had to watch but I know it was necessary. Then I watched as inmates walked past us carrying big rocks on their heads, they disappeared around a building so not sure what they were used for. We were finally released to do our crusade and were able to complete it without being interrupted again for a count. It NEVER gets old and I just never get tired of watching the prisoners make good choices for their lives. It seems the same as men and women weep when we teach through the “Forgiveness” message. Perhaps in heaven I will get a chance to sit and chat with each one!      One inmate said that he forgave the inmate he had had issues and then called that inmate up to identify him.

Everyone carries water

When we arrived back at our hotel I worked on my computer and sat by the pool as Alfred swam. I remember teaching him to swim a few years ago. I was so sick when I arrived in Uganda that I did not think I would want to be swimming even if we found somewhere that had a pool, they are few and far in-between, so I left my suit in Kampala. They are having some kind of a conference here so lots of people are around.

It is hard to believe we have only 3 weeks of ministry left as tomorrow will be our last two crusades in Uganda before heading to Kenya where we will meet with our partners Bishop Moses and Chaplain Edward.

Thank you for taking the time to hold the prisoners and us up in prayer.

That none would be lost,




  1. So good to read your trip is being blessed by God as prisoners turning their hearts to Jesus and sharing their thoughts of life. I pray that they will remain rooted in Him for the rest of their lives. Do you see some prisoners that you've seen a few years ago in same prison you've visited? Hugs anprayers, Becky

  2. I look forward each day to hear of your wonderful testimonies! Praise God for all of the new sisters and brothers we get each day! πŸ’•πŸ™

  3. I eagerly look forward to your blog posts and reading your testimonies of what God is doing. Praise the Lord for his great faithfulness. Continuing to pray for you.