Wednesday, July 20, 2022

July 20 - Dinner with the Commissioners from Uganda Prison Servces

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Egg delivery anyone?

Today was a busy day with a trip to town for shopping and an afternoon willed with fixing gift bags for the Commissioners and the team. Alfred and I tried to finish the finance details but still have a bit to do. And then there is packing, packing, packing.

It is always such a special time to meet with Commissioner Elizabeth and Deputy Commissioner Apollo who has been promoted to Commissioner and it is nice to hear how they appreciate each team member and the work we do within the prisons. After dinner gifts were exchanged so my luggage is full for sure  with a beautiful wooden carved Africa shaped clock, gorgeous fabric and more from last nights banquet like the beautiful gold cuff bracelet. I have been spoiled for sure.  

Tomorrow is our last day together as Alfred and I both fly out on Friday. And it is also a busy one as we have a meeting with someone from Tanzania.

I realize this is a short post but it is already 11 as there was much traffic on the way home from dinner. 

That none would be lost,


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  1. So kind of the people to give you gifts. They've known you and how you've been helping prisoners. I hope figure out how to get your goodies packed into suitcase. Have a safe rest of your week. God bless you and Alfred. Hugs.