Monday, June 20, 2011

June 19.....

Ministry Partners,

Miracles...... now that's an interesting word especially because we say that word so very many times every day.

Yesterday, Sunday, we were privileged to minister to a Christian high school where one of the requirements is that the youth must acknowledge that they have already accepted Christ as their Savior.
But from my past experiences I know that because of their religious heritage many think that knowing who Jesus is and what he did makes him a Christian.
I wanted the team to all be used to do the speaking but told them I felt it still needed to be evangelistic too. Steve, Lovena, and Pastor Roger shared as did Kathy, who had many in tears. Pastor Al also spoke and gave one invitation and later in the day Alfred felt another one was important, so he gave one.

We can only offer the Savior praise for the seven students who receive God's free gift of salvation.
These high schoolers are the leaders of tomorrow and the biblical questions they asked were evidence of hearts that are seeking to understand Scriptures and how to apply those Scriptures to their lives. I for one, was so glad that Pastor Al is a part of our team as he readily answered their questions with the truth of God's Word.

A question-and-answer period that was to last one hour, beginning at three o'clock, actually lasted until five o'clock.

One of the interesting questions asked was concerning IRM. That student wanted to know why I had chosen that name for the ministry instead of using my own name. Of course a part of my answer was that God had given us the name International Reconciliation Ministries but can you imagine how ridiculous it would sound to be saying "Arlene Tatum Ministries". As always, God's design is far better, to say the least.

We had taken with us 130 NIV English Bibles to distribute and then we realized God in fact had done another miracle. As Steve would say it was another "WOW" moment when we were told by the headmaster that they're discipleship materials were formatted for NIV Bibles and they had not been able to get any!!!

The drive home took almost 2 hours and you could tell we were all reflecting on the day as no one was talking much.

Flexibility...........hummmm....... may not be a word we say often here that is one we actually do very often.

Today, Monday, we thought we had our plans pretty much laid out but the flexibility started soon after breakfast at nine o'clock when Pastor Peter arrived and informed us that some of the HIV women's group were waiting for us. We had thought we would see them about 1 PM but we decided to go earlier as Pastor Roger needed some printing done.

What a blessing it is to have Pastor Peter be so gracious in accompany us here and there to do errands along with the Crusades.

Once again we saw God's hand at work as Pastor Peter, Kathy, Lovena and I were at the printers and who should walk in but Alfred to pick up some printing for Plan Incorporated, the company where he works. God had that encounter time just right as he was there to do the dickering for our cost price and as usual he got the price reduced. His appearing at just that time was not an element of chance but once again God's hand of provision. Thank you, Jesus.

Then we were off to meet with the HIV/AIDS women. We expected to see 15 there when we arrived we could see by the numbers of pairs of shoes outside that there were far more than 15 and in fact as we entered the room it was packed. Many women had heard their neighbors talking about coming and also wanted to come and some had just heard their beautiful singing that had started at 9 AM and they wanted to come and join the group.

Allison and the other women seamstresses from New Life Church would be so pleased to know that they're beautiful handmade shopping bags brought such smiles and joy to these women. We could only stay a few moments, our time with them was far too short.

Then we headed back to Moucecore to have lunch with the men and finish packing for our trip to Butare tomorrow. The men loaded Bibles and Discipleship Booklets and Alfred arrived right after we had finished lunch.

At 2 PM we headed off to do a crusade at the 3rd TIG Camp. It was a small camp with men and women and it has only been there about four months. We were warmly welcomed and showed around the camp that is still under construction. Lovena got some great photos of the cooking area as well as some of the men who were eating their dinner. They do road and other construction duties and women in their long fabric skirts work right alongside the men.

We watched another miracle as the Holy Spirit spoke into the hearts of all, except five, who attended the crusade received God's free gift of salvation. Even one man from administration came and pulled me aside as we were about to leave and with tears in his eyes revealed he too had prayed the sinners prayer.
Once again the Bibles made such an impact on each one, their faces and singing told the story.

It's been a most marvelous day.... another day to give God praise. All of us on this team , Rwandan and American, feel very privileged to watch what God does each day.

Tomorrow we travel to Butare for a Prison Crusade, a 3 day Spiritual Leader Training and 2 day Women's Conference. The Women and Alfred will also hold a Crusade at Mpanga Prison.

I am having computer problems and that along with the internet issues please pray that I will be able to continue to post.

The team appreciates your continued prayers for:
  • open hearts for the Gospel
  • safety as we travel
  • health
That none would be lost,
for the team

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