Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 16....

Ps. 67:2 "may your ways be known on earth, your salvation among all the nations."

Thank you for everyone who is praying... your prayers are needed... your prayers are being answered.

IRM was the first ministry to hold a crusade at a "Blue Shirt" Camp. These are facilities for paroles who are in transition from prison for the genocide and they are doing community service before they enter the main stream of life in Rwanda.
We were welcomed with open arms by the administration. Many came to Christ. Bibles were placed in their hands and the joy on their faces was indescribable.

Arlene, Kathy and Lovena went today to Prison Fellowship's HIV women's meeting and shared the gospel and Bible teaching and enjoyed lunch with the women. One woman expressed, "When Arlene and her friends come, we are not only fed, but we are full in our hearts as well."

Pastor Al, Alfred, Pastor Roger and Steve went and visited Pastor Peter of the Four Sq. Church. He was in a motorcycle accident in which he injured his back, two weeks later he was returning from his father-in-laws funeral and was in an automobile accident and was in a coma for two days. He had blunt force trauma and severe chest pain. He is at home and doing much better, but is to be resting at home for at least a month. We were able to pray with him, his wife and two beautiful daughters.

We are all finally getting use to the time change and starting to sleep most of the night.

Tomorrow is the Four Sq Women's conference and a village outreach for the guys.

We are seeing God work out details and guide us in places we cannot even imagine. The children of Rwanda are wonderful, the opportunities are limitless and the joy of serving on this team is an incredible privilege.

Grace and peace,

Your IRM Team

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  1. Arlene...thank you for posting and keeping us up to date.... I am lifting you all before the Lord each day. It is so exciting and I am not even there, but a part of my heart is with you. I would absolutely LOVE to hug on those women and children and share the love of Jesus with them.... Blessings to each of you. Grace and peace and wisdom for you all, Terry